Tomato Juice and Its Incredible Power to Melt Fat

Tomato Juice and Its Incredible Power to Melt Fat

Did you know that tomato juice can be your ally on a journey to a slim figure? When you read this text, it will become your favorite juice!

How often do you drink tomato juice? Certainly not to the extent that you drink other fruit juices or some less fresh, less healthy carbonated variant. But think about it – tomatoes are actually fruits, aren’t they? Since this is not good enough reason to start drinking it, read the rest of the text, and find out more about the benefits of tomato juice.

Vegetable juices are becoming increasingly popular, as well as the diet known as “Juicing”. It is actually a great way to get the necessary vitamins into the body, especially if you are not a fan of fruits and vegetables. Where there are fresh fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are also unavoidable.

All the Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Whether you like them or not, tomatoes are healthy and you should eat them as often as possible, or make juice from them. And what’s inside?

These are some of the reasons why it is good for health and some of the vitamins and minerals that are part of its composition, contributing to the health benefits of it:

  • Rich in vitamins A and C. These vitamins have many benefits, but let’s single out the ones that are known to everyone such as good eyesight, bone and tooth health as well as generally better immunity.
  • Vitamin B3 and B6. Tomato juice is rich in these vitamins, which are considered important factors when it comes to stabilizing cholesterol levels. A glass of juice a day has a significant effect on reducing bad cholesterol. Vitamin B6 breaks down homocysteine, a compound that damages blood vessels and leads to heart disease.
  • Tomato is also rich in magnesium, which moves our muscles, including the most important one that pumps blood. All in all, it is a great food for the heart!
  • Chlorine and sulfur support better liver and kidney function, which is crucial in the process of detoxification of the body.

Tomato is a great source of antioxidants and if you want to be healthy and full of energy, there is almost no better fruit than tomato. No wonder it is considered a paradise fruit. It is considered to be so good that it prevents the appearance of certain forms of cancer.

Not only does it stimulate health and immunity, but also beauty. Tomato juice can also have its external application.

  • If you apply it on the skin, it will help treat pimples in a similar way as strawberries do. The richness of vitamin C heals the skin, brightens and reduces the visibility of scars.
  • If you apply it on the hair, it will affect its shine, improve the appearance of dry ends, and solve the problem of dandruff. If you also occasionally use castor oil for hair, you have made a winning combination.

Tomatoes do not have many calories, but still can keep you full, so that was a good basis for the so-called tomato diet.

And yet, the secret is not only in the calories but also in something else….

How Does Tomato Juice Melt Fat?

Maybe the fact that it is healthy is not inspirational enough for you to try the juice from this fruit. And how does the fact that this juice melts fat sound to you? Whence such an ability of tomatoes?

First of all, it is about the number of caloriesA glass of tomato juice has about 60 calories, and you also get a great amount of calcium, vitamin C, iron, and it is the perfect drink that you can implement in your healthy breakfast.

How Many Calories Does a Tomato Have?

It may seem that tomato juice is less caloric and therefore a better choice than a fresh piece of tomato when your goal is to make your waist thinner. There are about 60 calories in the juice because other ingredients are added to it.

Tomato itself has much fewer calories if you eat it raw and without spices. 100 g of tomatoes have about 18 calories, or one piece of medium size has about 22 calories.

Not only is it low in calories, but tomato juice prevents hunger pangs and cravings. Namely, a team of experts in the field of nutrition found that food that has a sharp and sour taste has a stronger effect on our sense of taste and in a way overloads it, making us stay full longer.

Therefore, we are less inclined to reach for food even when we are not hungry.

How Many Calories Does a Tomato Have

Tomato juice stimulates the work of the intestines, and if you want a flat stomach and less fat on the waist, then this is one of the necessary conditions for success.

Tomato juice prevents constipation, partly because you are ingesting the necessary liquid in this way, partly by speeding up the work of the liver, which in its own way prevents constipation.

Tomatoes are rich in fiber, and they are the ones that allow us to feel full. A portion of salad contains more fiber than juice, but juice is also a good option if you do not enjoy the salad.

Tomato juice does not literally melt the fat on your stomach, but only allows you to eat something that is less caloric as a meal or part of a meal, and gives a feeling of satiety.

The claim that this really works is not random but a consequence of a study done in Taiwan, where scientists from the Chinese Medical University observed 25 women aged 20-30 whose task was to drink a glass of tomato juice a day.

This project lasted 8 weeks and all women lost about 2.5 cm of fat deposits in the waist, and the level of cholesterol decreased by about 10%.

Other scientists in Japan have found that tomatoes activate the human body to burn more fat because they contain the specific fatty acid 13-oxo-ODA, which allows this to happen, even without physical exercise.

The secret of tomatoes as allies in melting fat is also in lycopene. It is an ingredient that gives it a specific red color. Not only does it have a powerful color but it is also a powerful antioxidant and fights free radicals.

By eating tomatoes for at least 6 months, you will notice a difference both in your energy level and your appearance, you will feel better, and your skin will be more radiant.

Tomato Juice Recipe

This is a seasonal fruit, but you can consume it in the form of juice all year round.

Of course, it is best when the juice is freshly made, so use the time in front of us when there is plenty of it.

For fresh tomato juice you need:

  • 2 large tomatoes
  • 1 celery
  • 1 cucumber
  • a little parsley leaf
  • half a teaspoon of salt (optional, you can try without it)

Pour the ingredients into a blender and make juice. Drink immediately!

Do you want a sweet variant of tomato juice, because only such a juice is juice for you? Try this recipe:

  • 3 apples
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 tomatoes

As with the previous recipe, blend the ingredients in a blender and consume immediately.

You can prepare a similar weight loss drink for the winter, and then you need to cook it before pouring it into bottles.

The recipe for cooked tomato juice includes the following:

  • about 40 pieces of medium tomatoes
  • celery stalk
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salt

Mix the ingredients in a blender. Cook the liquid obtained in this way over medium heat. It needs to be boiled and cooked for half an hour after starting to boil. Pour the juice into sterilized glass bottles.

For all those who love to eat tomatoes, there is also a diet with this great ingredient.

What Is a Fast Tomato Diet?

This is a way of eating that allows you to lose 6 pounds (3 kg) in 5 days, and the essence is that you have tomatoes for every meal, except breakfast.

Other meals during the day have other ingredients as well, and to get the expected results, you need to strictly follow the rules. During the day you have 4 meals – three main meals and a snack. Since it lasts only 5 days, it is worth considering. Especially if you like to eat tomatoes.

What Is a Fast Tomato Diet?

What to Eat When You Are on a Tomato Diet?

Here is just one example of a menu you can apply:

Breakfast: Slice of black bread toast with margarine and honey or a slice of wholemeal bread with low-fat cheese

Lunch: Large tomato salad. Combine 350 g of tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, herbs, and prepare a large portion of salad that will satiate your hunger.

Snack: A piece of fruit, preferably some water fruit, such as peach, kiwi, or similar.

Dinner: Roast 100 g of beef in a pan or on the grill, without fat. Make tomato sauce by frying an onion in a little oil (preferably olive oil), add 400 g of finely chopped tomatoes and spices to taste.

Tomato is not good in combination with all foods. Avoid it with eggs, starchy vegetables, and bread, because it increases the chances of kidney stones.

Of course, 5 days of dieting will not make a disaster, but you should know that if you plan to eat like this for a longer period of time. It is best with cheese, cucumbers, garlic and onion or olive oil.

Did You Know That There Is a Night Tomato Diet?

Unlike the previous diet with tomatoes, this is certainly not a fast diet for weight loss, but it is therefore much easier to follow. It is desirable to eat tomato for every meal, but it is required to eat it before going to bed.

How long does the night tomato diet last and how does it work in general?

It is best to be persistent and follow it for 6 months, although for some, 3 months may be enough. The results of this diet are not fast, but you will still notice them at the end of the season.

The essence of this diet is in stimulating growth hormone, and it is released when we sleep. Tomatoes have components such as 13-oxo-ODA, which stimulate the production of growth hormone. Then, when it is released, fats are broken down faster in the body and thus there is a gradual weight loss.

The night tomato diet does not mean that you will lose weight overnight, but that by consuming tomatoes before going to bed, you stimulate the body to gradually burn fat at night.

Experiences With the Tomato Diet

You can lose weight fast with a tomato diet, but that is more a consequence of reduced calorie intake than its fascinating properties. However, it helps to lose weight and melt fat.

Just as research has shown, experience with the tomato diet shows that it gives slow but sure results. It will not help you when you need to lose many pounds in short time, but even without some major changes in life, a glass of tomato juice a day can make you start to slowly melt fat, just like Sassy water for weight loss.

How many tomatoes do you need for that?

It is enough to eat or drink 2 large pieces a day every day for 6 months.

Medical experiences speak in favor of this. Namely, the cycle of human metabolism lasts 6 months and that is the reason why the tomato diet should last so long.

When the body finds its own rhythm, the pounds will not return, unless you replace your healthy habits with some other that go to the other extreme. Then, after 6 months, you will probably notice those results.

Vegetable juices are a great way to get certain nutrition into your body, without losing vitamins due to heat treatment during preparation. Vitamin C is especially sensitive to this.

Of course, you should not feed entirely on juices because they do not have enough fiber and that has its consequences for health.

You can easily add tomatoes to every meal, either as a salad or a type of sauce, as an addition to a meal, and you should eat it as much as possible. Or drink, anyway!

Try it, be persistent all summer and let us know in a few months which your favorite fruit juice is!


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