Can a Liposuction Diet Melt 20 Pounds in 10 Days?

Can a Liposuction Diet Melt 20 Pounds in 10 Days?

Have you heard that a liposuction diet successfully melts fat deposits? The author of this diet claims that this is a great way to lose up to 20 pounds in a short time, mostly fat deposits.

Ten days is not a long period of time, and it really sounds great to lose 20 pounds of fat deposits in such a short period.

Are you planning a vacation in a month, and you don’t look like a model on the front page? You need to go to a wedding or plan your own, and you are not sure that you will look fit in the dress you have chosen for that day? Isn’t it good to know that there is a diet program like this that can solve your troubles in 10 days?

This sounds almost ideal for those who have a relatively slender figure and excess belly fat. If you haven’t managed to get rid of it with exercises, tricks or some popular diet that celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by, then this may be your last straw for salvation.

In other words, if you are not overweight, with this liposuction diet you will very easily bring the body line to perfection for your perfect day in just 10 days.

Want to know its secret?

What is a liposuction diet?

It is a weight loss diet that is especially popular in the Western Balkans region, and is basically very similar to a protein diet. The essence is the intake of a lot of fats and proteins and reduced intake of carbohydrates, so the type of LCHF diet.

However, this is not only done with food, but certain supplements and additions in the form of protein drinks are also included in the diet.

The liposuction diet has several treatments that last for different periods of time, and which treatment you will need depends on how much extra weight you have and how much of it is fat, water, and how much muscles.

All in all, before you start your adventure with a liposuction diet, you need to consult an expert who will, in direct consultation with you, tell you which treatment is right for you.

As with the protein diet, what actually happens here is that due to reduced carbohydrate intake and increased protein and fat intake, the body begins to consume fat reserves as fuel and thus occurs a weakening and loss of fat deposits.

n this way, the author of this diet claims, you can lose 7-10% of body weight within 10 days.

Why is consulting with a nutritionist important?

It is very important to provide the body with the right source of energy.

If you arbitrarily eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, and do not provide the body with enough protein, you will lose fat but also muscle mass, and thus a good part of your health. That is why you should be careful with your diet and choose a good diet plan tailored to your needs.

Liposuction diet is a nutrition program that is not intended for everyone, but only for those who can physically endure it, and that is why consulting a nutritionist is an unavoidable step.

You will receive advice on how to eat after completing the protocol, and you will be prescribed a protocol which, depending on your obesity that can last 10, 14, 21, or 30 days.

Liposuction diet vs liposuction – which is better?

We all know what liposuction is, so there is almost no doubt what is better. Liposuction is an invasive treatment to remove subcutaneous fat deposits, one of the methods after which the results are immediately visible, and the skin is not stretched, which can cause another additional aesthetic problem. Some find it easier, some the harder way to a nicer look.

For those who can afford it, who do not mind a little pain and discomfort and who find it difficult to adhere to strict rules of behavior at the diner table and exercise, liposuction will come as a great solution.

However, one should be very careful. The price of one treatment of stomach liposuction varies greatly and ranges from 1,100 – 4,500 dollars.

The question is what difference in the result, such a big difference in price, brings and how safe liposuction is. It is not permanent. Fat returns with bad habits, so without an adequate diet, you will soon have to undergo a new liposuction treatment.

Is it worth the pain?

Not if there is a way to get rid of fat with a diet very quickly in which you will not be hungry, and you will lose fat and cellulite. Some other natural options will additionally help with cellulite.

Liposuction diet is a healthy diet for weight loss, gives slightly slower results than liposuction itself, but they are not physically painful. It is also called non-invasive liposuction or knife-free liposuction.

What are its rules? Here’s what it’s about.

Menu in liposuction diet

What this weight loss diet is based on is Dr Kenan Mandra’s claim that we eat poorly and that we should return to real food, leaving the one packed in bags, foils and boxes. The Paleo diet is also based on this.

He also believes that a large number of diets for healthy weight loss are based on completely wrong principles and there is a misconception that to lose weight you only need to eat cereals, salads and fruits.

It does not give us enough energy, so we feel hunger and craving for food. We have a need for sugars, and then we reach for the wrong things that are actually the cause of the formation of fat deposits.

Like any other diet, this one aims to get you on the right track when it comes to nutrition.

When you are on a liposuction diet, you do not live on salads and cereals, but eat real food meat, fish, eggs, cheese, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. Fats are not avoided because they play an important role in our body, but the right ones are chosen.

Liposuction diet is based not only on food, but also on dietary supplements, i.e. supplements that are actually a kind of protein drink based on whey. In this way, satiety, muscle strength and immunity are maintained.

How long does this diet last?

There are several variants.

The 10-day treatment of a liposuction diet involves the use of only the prescribed protein drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Exercise or a special diet program is not recommended, but consultation with a nutritionist is definitely recommended.

If he finds that you are not physically able to endure this regimen, then you go for a slightly milder variant that lasts longer. Depending on the excess weight you have, he will prescribe you a treatment that lasts 14, 21 or 30 days.

Liposuction diet that lasts more than 10 days means that in addition to dietary supplements, you also take 3 regular meals.

What to eat in a liposuction diet and are there any special recipes that melt fat deposits?

The only important thing is to avoid sugars. You will compensate for the need for energy with a diet based on fats and proteins.

What to eat in a liposuction diet and are there any special recipes that melt fat deposits?

An example of a menu in a liposuction diet:

You start each day with a glass of lemonade.

Breakfast is light. It can be an omelette with cheese or some smoothie.

Lunch can be fried white chicken meat and some fresh vegetable salad.

Salad should be only from those vegetables that grow above the ground, because those under the ground have a lot of starch.

Dinner is not skipped and you are encouraged to have it, which is contrary to all expectations and everything we think we know about diets. Dr Kenan Madnara believes that the best time for dinner is between 6 pm and 10 pm, and then about 200 g of meat or fish can be consumed – pork is not allowed.

You shouldn’t be afraid that you are going to gain weight, because this food has no sugar, only proteins that are responsible for building our muscles. And they grow especially when we sleep.

The following rules must be followed in the liposuction diet:

  • Drink lemonade without sugar every morning
  • Drink a cup of digestive tea every evening
  • Be sure to drink 2 liters of water a day
  • You can drink coffee, lemonade or tea without sugar between meals
  • When you are starving, the only food you can satisfy your hunger with is fresh cucumbers. Be sure to read how to make Sasi cucumber water, which can also be included in this diet.

In addition, it is recommended that you obtain the following dietary supplements:

  • Probiotic that will maintain a healthy bowel microflora
  • Multivitamin tablets, up to 2 per day
  • Omega 3 fatty acids

After the treatment, you will have 20 pounds less, and the results are 100% guaranteed if you follow the rules of the liposuction diet.

Liposuction diet – experiences and price

The big disadvantage of a liposuction diet is its price. It is certainly much cheaper and less painful than liposuction, but you should keep in mind that it is not only about the plan and program of what you will eat, but there are also dietary supplements that cost around 200 dollars.

However, that is not all you eat, unless you are on a ten-day protocol. Otherwise, you should set aside money for meals, but also for probiotics, vitamins and the like. But well, it is definitely worth investing in your health and good looks.

And are there any negative side effects?

The author of the diet himself claims that this diet for weight loss can have its negative side effects. Fatigue, general weakness and low blood pressure, tingling sensation in the fingers and dizziness mainly occur. Abrupt getting up and sudden movements are not recommended, least of all physical activity. You can compensate for the energy drop with soup, when necessary.

It is good that this diet has an option to combat hunger, if it occurs. The whey-based supplements you get will do a lot for your satiety, but if you are a gourmet and love to eat, you will surely be tempted.

In that case, you can always reach for a cucumber that you can eat all day. Do so for 21 days, and you are definitely on the right track to lose weight, and then a liposuction diet can help you really lose 20 pounds in 10 days.

In addition, the consequences you can expect are constipation, bad breath, bloating.

Is Liposuction Diet a Healthy Way to Lose Weight?

If you read what a protein diet or, say, a keto diet is, you will see that what you will lose by eating a lot of protein and fat and a little carbohydrate is mostly water, not fat deposits.

In a short period of time, you can really lose 10 pounds. The rest will go away thanks to the fact that you start eating healthier and eating fewer calories, and what you eat is of protein origin.

Is Liposuction Diet a Healthy Way to Lose Weight?

In a very short time, you will notice how much you used to eat and what bad choices you used to make when choosing meals for yourself.

Is a liposuction diet a diet you should try at all?

Don’t make a menu on your own, but give it a try. With a good diet plan in accordance with your physical abilities and build, you can be a completely new person in a few months!

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