A Few Steps for a Carefree Summer Vacation

A Few Steps for a Carefree Summer Vacation

Every year we count down the months, days, hours until we set off. A summer vacation that finally, after nine months in the office and possibly a few short breaks, provides an opportunity to take a break from everyday life and unnecessary stress that is just accumulating.

We dream of days when we will walk carefree on the beach while the waves splash at our feet, and then we are greeted by the reality in which we have not yet even bought a suitable swimsuit or hat, nor have we scheduled an appointment for pedicures and manicures.

These are all little things, but little things that can drive us crazy because we almost never start planning in time what needs to be finished before the trip.

To prevent this from happening to you again, these few items and tips will remind you what you must not forget before the trip, and will help you have less of a headache, so your vacation would go as you planned.

For a start, put down on paper the basic items before the trip

To be as efficient as possible, write down basic items you need for preparation, food, clothes, beach equipment, board games, cosmetics and more. From there, ideas will come to you on their own, plus you will have records and scribble fulfilled obligations.

To begin with, see what needs to be done before the summer vacation, whether it refers to waxing, an appointment with a hairdresser, leaving a pet with a relative or simply completing some obligations at work, it is important that it stays behind you when you go on vacation.

Be sure to check how all home appliances work and empty the fridge so that some food left does not spoil. If you own some house plants, ask your neighbors to water them a few times while you are away.

Shopping is food and medicine for the soul

No matter what some women say, we all love shopping. However, even those clothes, interesting swimsuits or sandals at a discount can become an obligation, if you leave all this for the time immediately before the trip.

Plan your shopping on time, because by saving money, you will also save your nerves. Browsing the magazine or just surfing the sites and fashion pages on the net, which I believe you do anyway, should be enough of a guide to current summer trends, or promotions and discounts in some stores.

Shopping is food and medicine for the soul

Although it is very important to feel good in your skin, if you already want to lose weight, do not wait for the last minute to start dieting and losing weight before the summer vacation, and then whine about how you can not get into your swimsuit. Probably nothing can ruin a summer vacation like stress about your weight.

You should reduce your clothes to a couple of clothing combinations for the day, the beach and going out, the same goes for shoes. A pair of ballet flats, flip flops and sandals should cover all combinations. Plan eventually a cloak for colder sea nights or don’t take anything with you and maybe some gentleman will come to your aid.

From the accessories such as jewelry and underwear, bring more pieces in various bright colors. Summer is the most colorful time of the year, so allow yourself a little wilder spirit.

As for vacation food, it depends on whether you plan to bring ready meals or do not bring anything. In the first case, try to adjust your diet to the heat and be sure to pack it well in cooling bags or portable refrigerators.

I know that every year we tell each other how we will completely abandon the idea of ​​bringing food on vacation and how the only concern will be which sandy beaches and bays to visit, or which restaurant to visit first, but if you still find yourself in a situation where you need to bring food, plan it in time.

Also, the choice of destination and accommodation itself plays a role in whether food will be brought on summer vacation. For example, if Costa del Sol is your chosen holiday destination, you are less likely to stay in an apartment and prepare food for yourself. Hotels in Costa del Sol are what you want, if you have already headed there.

Beach equipment, cosmetics and makeup for summer

Beach equipment should not be a big concern, a pair of towels or a beach mat, a hat, sunscreen and board games. Or anything else for pass time like an inflatable ball, rackets, yamb or books and magazines for a slightly calmer variant.

Cosmetics are an important item for every woman, and in addition to things to maintain daily hygiene, you will need a few more things like after-sun cream, hair mask or hair drop-serum. As this is the period when your skin and hair will go through their best phase, you don’t have to put on too much make-up, but indulge in as natural look as possible.

Under the rest of the items would be the inevitable medicines for emergency situations, probiotics, aspirin, antihistamines against allergic reactions or some repellent to fight mosquitoes.

And from the more practical things, a camera and a mobile phone charger, possibly a laptop. This item is almost never overlooked by the male part of the family, so if you have someone to rely on, don’t worry too much about it.

If you go alone or with your friends, it is not a bad idea to check once again if there are all the necessary chargers, external batteries and cameras, so that headaches before the trip do not turn into headaches after the trip, when there are no photos from the summer vacation.

Follow some of these items and let us know how you spent your summer vacation, where you spent it, and whether any fear of forgetting has unfortunately come true. We hope it will not.

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