Sex in a Car Is Amazing, but You Have to Know Few Things

Sex in a Car Is Amazing, but You Have to Know Few Things

Do you fantasize about sex in a car? Great, you really have to try it. It is the first association for sex out of bed. Here’s how to make it so memorable.

There are 4 main reasons why sex in a car comes into play at all:

  • You are impatient and you both have a strong desire for sex – you can’t wait to get to the room! You think the car offers a certain amount of privacy and that seats can replace the bed.
  • You have no other choice because your boyfriend still lives under the same roof with his parents, younger sister, older brother… and you are not in a better situation either. The hotel room is far away or too expensive, and friends will not lend you their apartment or have already occupied it.
  • You are romantic and your friends have convinced you that sex in a car is a wonderful, exciting, somewhat dangerous, and movie experience that you must not miss.
  • You are eager for change and excitement, sex in bed has become your routine and you want to try something more exciting, with a dose of caution.

After all, they say that sex in a car is a great way to get out of the comfort zone in this field. And you can be sure of that – there will certainly be no comfort. So, no matter which spark ignites your desire for sex in a car, you must keep in mind some of the following facts.

Sex in the Car Is Exciting

Whether it’s impatience and the fact that your arousal has reached a boiling point, or some other reason for sex in the car, it can be really exciting.

Whenever you find yourself in an unusual situation, your heart starts pounding harder and your adrenaline rushes. Add to that the danger of being caught in the act and sexual desire, and arousal will push all boundaries.

Sex in a car is an intoxicating experience that feels like drunkenness. Expect to be prone to nonsense too!

Should you stop? No, on the contrary, use that excitement and try to do everything to make it even better! Use a couple of tactics.

  • Follow the first and basic rule – dress simply, something that is easy to take off. This is one of those occasions when the pants on you are completely undesirable, and the skirt is at a high price.
  • Try the movie tricks – tie him to the front passenger seat. Use a seat belt to tie his body and something you can use to tie his hands over his head to the headrest – a hairband, your nylon socks, your own or his belt. It is even better if you can close his eyes with something and give him pure physical enjoyment, without visual experiences. Maybe you can relax more easily when you know that he is not looking at you and that everything is in your hands. Dominate and take the initiative – men love it.
  • Play with mirrors. Besides allowing you to see who is driving behind you and to fix makeup at a traffic light, they can play a great role when it comes to sex in a car. Position them so that during your game, you can observe your bodies in the mirror and ignite passions even more.
  • Enjoy out loud if there is no one around.

Relax and you will see, sex in the car will really be an unforgettable experience for you. But only if you don’t expect too much…

Sex in a Car Is Uncomfortable

No matter how romantic and exciting it may sound, the fact is that sex in a car is uncomfortable, unless you have the privilege of making love in a luxury limousine. Realistically, the chances of that are slim, because if you had the money for a limousine, you would have money for a hotel room as well. Be prepared for small and not so insignificant inconveniences.

In the average car, you will encounter a million obstacles. There is no lying position, not even in the back seat, and the missionary pose is just a pale attempt to perform the same. Whichever way of making love you choose, you will be convulsed, something will scratch you, hit you, and bother you.

The inconvenience can be an obstacle to spontaneity because you always have to find the right position, interrupt the foreplay to move to the back seats, to move something, adjust, to avoid the steering wheel, gearbox, lower the seats.

The seats themselves can be rough and friction during sex can jeopardize the strength of your sexual desire and increase the desire to finish it as soon as possible. It is very possible that you end your sex adventure in the car with scratches and bruises.

The cold in the car during the winter days can be another obstacle to comfort. Rapid breathing and your warm bodies and sweat will blur the windows. This is good because you are less likely to be exposed to the gazes from the outside, but by breathing faster, you are consuming more oxygen at the same time. So you have to open a window. That leads you to the beginning of the story again – you may not notice in your passion that you are cold, but you will certainly not be able to relax because you will have the impression that someone can see and hear you. These are harmless obstacles to comfortable sex, but there are also serious dangers.

Spending too much time in a closed and idling car with heating on increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It’s not exactly romantic to be a star in a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, is it?

Sex in a Car Is Fast or Well Planned

It is unlikely that you will enjoy several hours of cuddling or tantric sex. Write it off immediately. On the contrary, sex in a car is fast and lively, usually spontaneous and with a short foreplay. And such spontaneous situations always turn out to be the best experience.

If you have been dreaming about sex in a car for some time because you are tired of the bed, then you must have partially planned this event. You packed protection, CD with good music, but is that all that is needed?

Bring a blanket. There are several practical ways to use it. Fold it and put it under your hips, don’t miss the opportunity to activate your G-spot in the car. Put it on the windows and hide from possible accidental glances or spread it on the hood and finally enjoy sex freely, free from all barriers imposed on you by the car interior.

The truth is, there is more space in the back seat than in the front, and maybe you can make more space. Lower the rear seat backrest in the car if possible. In case you make love in a station wagon – it can happen that you have enough space to stretch out your legs entire length.

Bring wet or plain wipes. Sex in a car can be a messy experience. Either you dirty yourself on something, or you two get the car dirty, leave hand or footprints on the glass, or similar. Handkerchiefs may not be enough, but they are certainly a better option than a cloth he uses to wipe his hands when making repairs under the hood.

The Best Poses for Car in a Sex

By now, it is quite clear to you that sex in a car still limits your possibilities, so it is not a bad idea to know immediately what the best poses for sex in a car are. It’s not that you have to start studying the kama sutra, although that’s not out of the question either. Just try the following poses in the car:

  • A half-lying missionary position in the back seat. In most cases, there is little chance that you will be able to lie down and stretch. In fact, most of the time you will maintain balance in a semi-reclining position so that there is room for both of you, with your knees against the seats. At the same time, it is a great exercise for strengthening your abdominal muscles.
  • Sitting poses in the car, in the passenger seat, or in the back seat. Immediately forget the driver’s seat because of the steering wheel. You can face your partner or turn away from him, but one thing is for sure – your movements up and down are minimized, otherwise you will hit your head on the roof of the car. Lower the seat back and make room for maneuver!
  • Doggy style is perhaps the best car sex pose you can try. Make sure that your upper body is raised, as if you are looking out the window so that you do not hit your head on the seat or the car door during intercourse.

These are the three basic and simplest poses in the car, but it’s up to you to experiment. You may find other ways to sexually connect, or you may realize that oral sex is the only way to have sex in a car.

Sex in the Car Is Exciting

Choose Your Time and Place Carefully

Sex in a car is a cheap substitute for a hotel room or a way to do it quickly, hidden from the public eye. In order not to have problems with law enforcement, with curious glances and remarks of passers-by, it is always best to keep your sexual fantasies between your four walls. Four-wheelers do not offer enough privacy.

If you really want to experience sex in a car, choose the best time – darkness, dusk, or better yet, some time in the early morning.

It’s not just the time that matters, it’s also the place. Yes, spontaneity is appreciated, but still don’t study the best poses in the car in the parking lot in front of the house, building, or next to a busy road. Choose a secluded place where there are no people.

The nearby grove can turn into a classic, but you can also find an abandoned old factory or any deserted place you can reach by car. Not only will you not have to worry about someone seeing you, but you can enjoy it out loud. And sometimes, you have to admit, you can’t do that even in your own house.

Why Should You Try to Make Love in a Car?

Although it doesn’t sound like the best choice right now, you have to try sex in a car. They say it’s one of those things in sex that you shouldn’t miss. Sometimes there is no choice, sometimes the choice is a few miles away. But why wait for the conditions for perfect comfort if you already have the conditions for perfect, unforgettable sex in the car?

Haven’t you ever tried making love in a car? Here’s an excuse to try it! Don’t you think sex in the comfort of home is a bit boring? Try those poses for the best sex in the car, even if it was in your garage.

You will add a new dimension, a new experience, and a new story to your relationship. If nothing else, you will be richer for one anecdote, and you will know how to appreciate sex in bed and all the advantages of its comfort.

Sex in a car is not just an adventure – you can also learn something.

Believe me, if you like it and if you successfully master all the poses in the car, you will be able to have sex anytime and anywhere.

If you have dealt with uncomfortable constricted space in the car, you will certainly deal with sex in other public or less comfortable places – in the bathroom, at a concert, on the table, in the elevator, in nature… This does not mean that you should be promiscuous, but you can be imaginative.

A crazy ride isn’t just reserved for an amusement park experience. Try car sex and you’ll see!


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