Find Out How Cycling Increases Your Sex Appeal

Find Out How Cycling Increases Your Sex Appeal

If you think cycling is not for you, think again. It has a great effect on health and sex appeal. You don’t believe it? Here are the arguments in its favor.

Cycling is not just something we do as children, but something we should do for a lifetime. It is not strenuous, it is useful for health and fitness, and actually there are a million reasons to get onto it and ride.

In order to have positive effects, it is necessary that cycling become a part of the daily routine, maybe even a way of getting to work. Not only can you easily slip between cars and avoid traffic jams, but you will also work well on your sex appeal.

Cycling is a great workout for weight loss and health and it is no wonder that even the worst equipped gym has at least one exercise bike. In addition, it activates the muscles of the legs and thighs and is a great way to get rid of cellulite naturally.

Cycling and Health

One of the basic conditions to increase your sex appeal is to feel good and be healthy. And as you are already guessing, cycling and health are a great combination. You can get a home exercise bike or use the one at a nearby fitness center, but if you want a complete package of health benefits then riding the real bike is definitely the best choice.

How does cycling affect health?

  • Improves heart function. It is a classic aerobic activity that forces the flow of blood through the blood vessels and air through the lungs and thus reduces the probability of heart disease.
  • Reduces stress, nervousness, and depression. It may not occur to you to treat stress this way, but like any other physical activity, cycling helps to get rid of it by increasing endorphin levels (pleasure hormone) and burning cortisol (stress hormone). Even if you are not under stress, enjoying the ride will definitely contribute to a better mood.
  • Riding a bicycle strengthens muscles, joints, and bones because, in order to ride a bicycle, you need to turn the pedals, and that requires the use of both muscles and joints.
  • It reduces fat layers because it burns calories that you would not burn sitting at home or driving a car.

Sex appeal is not just an external manifestation, but something that comes from the inside. If you feel good and if you are healthy, only then will you have the strength and will to be erotic and sensual.

Cycling Is Great for Weight Loss

Although sex appeal is a state of mind, physical appearance should not be neglected, because it significantly affects our self-confidence and the image we have of ourselves.

It’s pretty hard to feel sexy if you can’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror.

And cycling is the real thing that can help with this!

Are you overweight and not fit?  

Nothing will please you more during the weight loss process than riding a bike.

Maybe the world turns upside down when someone mentions running as a way to burn excess fat and you already feel tired even if you haven’t started running. Not all physical exercises are equally good. If you are overweight, some forms of exercise, including running, can be strenuous for the joints. This is no reason to think that there is no hope of regaining your sex appeal because there is also this option – riding a bike as a way to lose weight.

In addition to swimmingthis is an ideal physical activity for those who have a problem with their joints, because it does not burden them, but allows you to burn calories.

Cycling Is Great for Weight Loss

How Many Calories Can You Burn With Cycling?

It actually varies and depends on the way and intensity of riding. The more effort you put in, the more calories you burn. This means you won’t burn the same number of calories if you’re riding fast and if you’re going downhill and barely pedaling.

Riding a bicycle at a moderate speed can help you burn about 500 calories per hour.

In order for riding a bike to have an effect on weight loss, you need to limit your diet because you will not achieve anything if you make up for all the calories you have burnt in the first following meal. And in order to get the most out of your exercise bike, it is best to do interval training, because that way you increase the amount of fat you burn.

Interval training involves riding as fast as possible for 2 minutes, then slow down and ride at a moderate speed for one minute.

Interval training should last at least half an hour.

How does interval cycling increase calorie burning?

When you exercise at a steady speed, your body adjusts to that rhythm. However, those sudden changes in speed are an attack on the body and the body makes an additional effort to adapt to the new rate of exercise. The extra effort, clearly, means extra calories burned.

The best thing about cycling is that it is more pleasure than effort. That is why it allows you to spend more time in this exercise and thus achieve better results in order to increase your sex appeal.

Easy to Perfectly Shaped Body

Not only is pedaling a great workout for weight loss, but it can also help you tighten your thigh, legs, and butt muscles and help you look great. Not all women have the same body type. While some accumulate fat around the abdomen, others accumulate them on the hips and buttocks. No matter what lucky group you belong to, excess fat is certainly not something that increases your sex appeal, and riding a bike can help you in both cases.

They say that men can assess the waist and hip ratio within a few seconds, which means that this part of a woman’s body attracts their special attention. Tightening it means significantly affecting the sex appeal in their eyes.

How Good Is a Bike Ride for Legs?

Pedaling requires you to use your leg muscles, and when it becomes your routine, you actually include great leg exercises in your daily life. Turning the pedals has a special effect on the thighs, so cycling is an ideal exercise for beautifully shaped legs. Here’s exactly how:

  • When you are sitting and turning the pedals, the quadriceps, which are also the largest muscles in your upper leg, make the most effort. Beautifully shaped legs primarily depend on beautifully shaped quadriceps. So when you don’t have them, your legs look thin and flabby.
  • When you ride a bike while standing, you engage the muscles of the hamstring, so your legs become perfectly shaped and taut on the back as well.
  • Although most of the work is on the upper leg muscles, you also need to use the lower leg muscles to ride the bike and turn the pedals, so riding the bike also shapes your calf muscles, especially when you turn the pedals in the opposite direction.

To further strengthen your muscles, you need to intensify your training. Combine sitting and standing while riding, try to ride fast and ride uphill and on uneven terrain to put in more effort and shape your legs better by riding a bike.

Cycling is an activity that suits all ages from 7-77. But if you want to see the effects of riding a bicycle on your legs, then you will have to replace a light panoramic tour of the neighborhood with a faster and more strenuous ride. As a reward, you will get nicely shaped legs – another detail that will enhance your sex appeal.

Can a bike shape your butt? Cycling can help you find a way to lose fat on your legs, but also tighten your buttocks. Although the leg muscles play a major role in riding bikes, the buttock muscles can also be shaped nicely if you make the effort to use them.

Not everyone rides the same way and most people engage the most leg muscles. However, the hips and buttock muscles also play a role in pedaling, which actually helps to turn the pedals.

When riding, they are definitely more activated than when walking, and if you learn to identify, develop and use them more actively while riding, you will see how great effects riding a bike has on your buttocks.

Finally, take a look at professional cyclists. They are always tightened into tight cycling pants and you can’t miss their brilliantly shaped buttocks.

The buttocks and thighs are the places where cellulite accumulates the most. So, when you replace fat layers with muscles in these places, cellulite will be less visible, and your self-confidence and sex appeal will be proportionally higher.

Cycling for a Flat Stomach

Maintaining balance seems easy once you learn it. However, the fact is that the muscles of the whole body participate in it, including the abdominal muscles.

The more uneven the terrain you ride on, the greater your need to maintain balance, and thus the engagement of your abdominal muscles.

There are ways to involve your abdominal muscles more in your ride: Try to keep them taut or make the balancing process more difficult by lifting your hips slightly from the seat and trying to maintain that distance while riding.

Riding a real bike has countless advantages over an exercise bike. First, because you train on the fresh air and you can visit some interesting places, and then you can combine several types and intensities of training, depending on the type of terrain you ride on and the resistance it provides. Don’t be surprised if you also get six-pack abs on your stomach.

How Does Cycling Improve Your Sex Life?

How Does Cycling Improve Your Sex Life?

The truth is – riding a bike can help you increase your self-confidence, tighten up your body and increase your sex appeal. You can even find your own way of riding that, among other ways to attract a man, can attract attention. For starters, all you have to do is get up from your seat and ride standing in his line of sight, moving your hips. If he is riding behind you, he will certainly not have a great desire to overtake you and compete with you.

But that’s not the only way cycling affects your sex life.

According to some research conducted in the UK, about 39% of respondents confirmed that cycling improved their sex life and about 66% of them that it had a better impact on their relationship with a partner. This is not unusual, because this is a great way to look great, but also for better fitness and great endurance. In addition, cycling stimulates the production of endorphins, which in a way intoxicates you, so you are in a better mood and therefore more in the mood for sex.

Do you have a neglected bike in your basement? Instead of a gym, or worse, a corset that camouflages your fat, why wouldn’t you make an effort, fix it up and use it to complete your life? Camouflage is not a good thing when the time comes to take off your masks. Instead, get on that bike, build endurance, increase your sex appeal, or just enjoy riding in nice weather. Turn the pedals. Whichever way you turn it – it pays off!


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