Karmic Love – Good or Bad Thing?

Karmic Love - Good or Bad Thing?

Surely you have come across expressions like karma and karmic love so far. Find out if you are in such love with someone.

Have you ever wondered what that really means – is it good or bad? It is talked about, apart from astrologers, by many scientists and psychologists, but the topic is still insufficiently researched. In the text, we explain the basic concepts related to karma and help you recognize whether your love is just that.

What is karma?

This expression is taken from the Eastern culture and represents the path that the soul must cross in order to learn something in this incarnation, to do what it did not in the previous life.

Karma is considered the “debt of the ancestors”, but it is still not a completely adequate expression because an inherited sin may or may not have anything to do with karmic love.

It is connected with the idea of rebirth, and each of our deeds is written in an invisible book that we write ourselves. Karma represents the inevitable maturation of our every will and act, every action that triggers causes and consequences.

Different religions have their own interpretations of this phenomenon.

Do you remember Newton’s law that we learned in school: every action must have a reaction? Well, the essence of the law of karma is that every being bears the consequences of its own actions.

Destiny ties

Destiny and karma – is it the same?

According to astrologers, the destined relationship is above the mental and physical level; it is characterized by an intense connection between two people and when it starts, it lasts a lifetime.

Some astrologers believe that such a relationship exists in order to have children, regardless of how the love itself will end.

Destiny cannot be influenced.

We could say that destined love is the one we have been dreaming about since we were little – it is magical, beautiful and lasts forever, like in fairy tales.

This kind of love does not have to be karmic, because during the destined one, we can make a karmic debt and then repay it later.

So, according to this understanding, we achieve karmic love most often with people from the past: the unfinished relationship between two people from a previous life continues.

People usually perceive destined love as something positive and beautiful, while karmic love has a negative connotation.

When it comes to destined love, it is believed that a man and a woman instinctively recognize each other instantly, most often when they look into each other’s eyes. That is why it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Couples like this, when they merge, become one forever.

It is believed that during a person’s life, one experiences several loves: some of them may be karmic, and some may be destined.

What are the karmic relationships?

At the very beginning, there is always a premonition that love will happen, and when you meet, deja vu is experienced.

It is even possible that during the first meetings there is some inexplicable intolerance, precisely because we subconsciously recognize that person from the past, towards whom we may have been bad or she was like that towards us for some reason and that is the “debt” about which there is controversy.

These relationships are characterized by great physical attraction and passion, but also great suffering. Feelings are intense and overemphasized, often uncontrollable.

Such connections are always difficult and bring problems; although the partners are very close, conflicts are inevitable, and the circumstances are not in their favor either.

The question is why do partners stay in such an unhealthy relationship, which can often lead to possessiveness and excessive jealousy? Precisely because of karma: something draws them close, they can’t be together, neither without each other. The reason is that the soul must purify itself, repay that debt in order to move towards something better.

It is believed that great passionate loves are always part of the karmic task. It should be noted that both partners do not have to “do” this task at the same time. Each of them learns his lesson about love, marriage and is put to temptations that will eventually help his soul find its way to happiness.

Karmic ties and passion love

People who study karmic love are divided: some believe that such a relationship should be finished and the torture stopped, while others believe that partners will inevitably return to each other again someday, so it is better to start “debt repayment” immediately.

If karmic love grows into marriage – know that those will be difficult days, sometimes full of emotions and passion, but also painful, with a lot of jealousy, quarrels and misunderstandings. However, in some cases, only such a way is possible for unresolved relationships to be sorted out and souls to be cleansed of pain, maybe even hatred.

And so, no matter how frightening this kind of love may sound to you, since it brings with it inevitable problems, you may still need to bravely stand it all, for the sake of your personal peace in the future.

As we have mentioned, every action brings a reaction, so a lot depends on you. Maybe that’s why it would be good to read a few basic karmic rules, which can help you deal with the situation better.

Sometimes, although very rarely, it happens that such souls, after purification, do not separate but remain connected, that is, karmic love turns into friendship.

However, the reason why this is difficult to achieve is that even after the storm that they successfully overcame, the partners still feel physical attraction that can disrupt their friendly relationship.

How to close the karmic circle

Unfortunately, we experience karma itself because the pattern of previous loves and lives, ours or our ancestors’, is repeated.

What is important is for this model to be different this time, so that the relations are finally clarified.

It should also be understood that in this case, pain brings purification and that we should not be afraid or shy away from it if we realize that we are in karmic love.

Every bad or unpleasant situation will bring us a lesson that we need to adopt and become better people.

What are soul mates?

How many times have you wondered if your love is “the one”, real and if you have finally found your soulmate? This term has been used so often that it has already gone to the other extreme – many consider it worn out.

And what do experts tell us when it comes to this topic?

The notion of soul mates is being examined from different aspects: scientists explain this by biochemistry and hormones; anthropologists by myths and instincts; astrologers to the stars and synastry.

We ourselves are often inclined to mention a soul mate when we talk about our primary needs, when we desperately want to find our other half, when we are in a romantic ecstasy…

Interestingly, according to some research, there are actually several types soul mates:

  • limbotic
  • friendly
  • twin flames
  • karmic

Since the topic of our text is karmic love, we will deal with this last type of soul mates.

Karmic souls are those who have met at least once in some past life and parted unhappily. They meet again to solve it and correct the bad karma, because that’s the only way they can move on.

Unfortunately, the possibility of experiencing defeat is not ruled out, that is, they can do the opposite: they accumulate even more karma.

The intention of karmic soul mates is to solve problems from the past, not to be together forever. When they break bad karma, they finally become free.

Signs that your love is karmic

It is a bit difficult to understand and define the situation when we find a partner: whether we are in love, whether it is true love, whether we are united by destiny… That is why it is good to know, among other things, what are the signs of falling in love with men.

It happens to everyone, from their teenage days until their mature years. These are re-examinations that torment all people and which are natural, however, there are certain signals that help us see what our relationship is like and how to approach it.

Many wonder if they have found their other half when they feel butterflies in the stomach, trembling, kneeling, etc. They are confused and not sure if it is just passion and attraction or something deeper.

Confirmation that it is a matter of karmic love is its duration, even when the partners do not see each other for months, they live in different cities, and even when they divorce. Returning to each other is also one of the indicators, and that happens because the karmic circle has not closed and ended.

This kind of love can last for a short time, and it can last for months, even years: it all depends on the karmic tasks of both sides and our behavior in the past and the debt we are repaying in the present. Even if it stops, and the soul is not purified and the person has not learned anything from that experience, they will meet again someday.

After every love, and especially karmic love, the memory of the good must remain, and not of suffering or hurt pride. Only then can we move on.

Links from the past bad or good

Is karmic love bad or good?

After clarifying the basic terms that can be confusing because they are often used as synonyms, it should be concluded whether karmic love should be seen as something good or bad.

First of all, if you recognize and experience it, look at it as something necessary and instructive.

Yes, it will bring you a lot of turbulence, as many beautiful and difficult moments, but remember that it is the path to your freedom and true love.

Only when you fulfill that karmic task to the end, cleanse yourself of bad feelings, then you will be calm and finally move on.

That is why you do not have to consider karmic love as bad, but as a lesson and a debt that needs to be returned.

It is important to recognize it and we hope that this text has helped you discover some signs. When you become aware that you are in a karmic love relationship, remind yourself that it cannot and should not last forever: you experience it for a reason and do not run away from the responsibility you have to bear because of past mistakes.

Also, don’t let the passion that accompanies this kind of love confuse you and cloud your reasoning and judgment.

In the end, be brave and reach your goal of a free soul.

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