How to Attract a Man in 4 Simple Steps?

How to Attract a Man in 4 Simple Steps?

Do you sometimes wonder how to attract a man? Some women know exactly how to seduce him, while others consider conquering a man’s heart as conquering Mount Everest. Let us reveal a few secrets of successful seductresses and explain how to seduce him.

You may think that you simply do not look attractive enough to attract male attention. No, we will not tell you stories how appearance is not important. Even various producers know that sometimes packaging sell products better than what is actually inside.

However, would you really buy only the packaging? Is the secret how to attract men only in appearance?

Appearance is important, but not the only factor. What makes you attractive is good looks, but also behavior, gestures, and habits that go with it. Without that, you are just a hollow package.

To attract a man, you need to pay attention to the following four points:

  • Your appearance
  • Your behavior
  • Your body language
  • His senses

Step 1: How to attract a man with your appearance

Today, it is very easy to get lost in the question. Why? The media inundate us with images of models who seem to be thinner every year. They become the ideal of beauty, and many women look up to them, and often go too far – in anorexia.

Thin body is attractive, but believe us, you do not have to exhaust yourself or starve yourself because of that with bad diets. You will not attract a man with your appearance if you look exhausted and ill. And how should you look like?

Well, we will reveal you a little trick how to attract a man. Look at men’s magazines, and you will understand that what you have to show is not an extreme thinness. Men enjoy the view of women’s curves. First of all, your breasts.

Find out how to naturally enlarge your breasts and make them a trump card for seduction?

Although you may have heard moral lessons all your life that appearance isn’t important. When it comes to attraction, those rules don’t apply.

Your appearance is what makes the first impression on a man, and they are able to scan your looks and your proportions from head to toe in a second. And not only that they can, they do it!

If you want to seduce a man, give everything you can to look the best you can and be sexy.

What is the easiest way to attract a man with your appearance?

Dress sexy

Dress sexy

Do you think you look best in a simple outfit? Incorrect! Think you could look better and sexier. Ordinary wear is for ordinary times. Seduction moments are special moments. What does it exactly mean? Should you look like a starlet?

Well, not to that extent, but let’s be honest – provocative dressing implies that you show some part of yourself. If you want to conquer him, seduce his imagination. Don’t show everything at once, but only a part and challenge him to discover more. Highlight your advantages, and hide your flaws.

You have long legs – show them!

If your legs are not your trump card, highlight your chest, buttocks or allow the edges of your underwear to slip out of the wardrobe.

Show a part of what you have to offer and provoke him so that he desire to see everything!

Put on make up

Like clothing, makeup is for drawing attention to your assets and masking your flaws. This is one of the ways to attract men.

Yes, putting on makeup takes time, but if you want to be sexy, at least use concealer for dark circles. Add color, sensuality and moistness to your lips with lipstick. Highlight your eyebrows to make your eyes look more seductive.

Still, you should not imitate after faces from the covers. You must know the difference between daytime and nighttime makeup. Don’t overdo it.

Men like to see you looking beautiful, but they don’t fantasize about getting a stain from your lipstick and the layers of face powder on your face, nor to wake up in sequins. They even less want to be surprised when they see you without makeup.

Take advantage of the power of social networks

This is advice that you will certainly not get from your moms and grandmas if you ask them how to attract a man of your dreams. That doesn’t mean that advice isn’t worth it.

If the man you want is your friend on social media, then your seduction can also take place online. Take seductive photos that he will see, post them with some discreet but seductive message or post, or send him some sexy message in the inbox.

Be the best and hottest version of yourself, but don’t overdo it. Adjust your appearance to the time and place where you appear.

With too much aggressive make-up and clothes that do not leave room for curiosity, but reveal and provide everything on a tray, you will not intrigue everyone. You can only shock many.

Step 2: How to seduce a man with body language

Seduction skills mean knowing verbal and non-verbal communication, body language. How to use this skill to capture him? Send small, discreet signals that will indicate that you like him. Turn his attention to yourself with your body’s language.

How to attract a man with non-verbal signals?

Catch him with your gaze

You have cast your glance on someone? Exchanging glances is the first strike that you give and which should break the ice. Here is how to attract a man with your gaze:

  • Occasionally throw a glance at his direction until your glances meet and until you get the expected attention.
  • When you have achieved this goal, move on to the next one which is keeping his attention. In other words, continue the game with glances. When he looks at you, quickly turn your head.
  • Has he got interested? Great, now stop the flirting game for a while and make him wonder why you suddenly stopped to be interested in him. Intrigue him! Now he’s watching you. It’s up to you to provide a spectacle that will stimulate his imagination.
  • If you want to seduce him with your gaze, then this ignoring should not continue. At one point, when he watches you, catch his gaze and smile. Put your eyes to the notice that you like him.

This is how to attract a man who is a complete stranger to you and with whom you haven’t been in touch before.

If you have already made contact with a man that you like, the look is still your deadly weapon that will help you to conquer him. You want him. Look directly into his eyes while you are talking. Lean towards him, come a little closer and create space and opportunity for touches.

Accidentally touch him

You want to know how to attract a man and let him know that you are eager to exchange touches? Then show it!

Find moments during the communication when it is appropriate to touch him. This way you show that you want to be close to someone.

Touch him on the shoulder or knee while you are laughing, move something out of his hair or off his shirt, wipe something off his face, take advantage of the crowd in the club to physically approach him and lean on him, and even better if you can force him to dance erotically.

Are you doing something together? Great! There is another reason to be near him, to touch him, and another answer to the question of how to attract a man.

Celebrate a small success, pat his hand or slap his ass, casually throw yourself on his shoulders, kiss him on the cheek.

You don’t have any common activities? So what are you waiting for, organize something!

Play with other signals

Play with your hair, lick your lower lip, bend down to pick something up and show a deeper insight into your cleavage, tie your hair and raise your hands to reveal your flat stomach.

We’ll reveal to you the biggest secret on how to really attract a guy. It’s not enough just to exist, you’ll have to try a little.


If you want to attract a guy, you will have to do it with a smile. Who wants to be in the company of a negative and gloomy person? Laugh, be merry, happy and positive and you will surely win him over.

Some women do not need to make any effort to send these non-verbal messages. They just unconsciously do it and know how to attract a man. Then, when you have to think about it, you can easily cross the line of good taste.

PAY ATTENTION! If you are fanatically licking your lips, twirling your hair or staring at someone for too long, you might give the impression that you are strange and have a problem. And that, admit it, is not attractive!

How to seduce him by your behavior

Step 3: How to seduce him by your behavior

You have attracted the desired man and you’ve got in touch with him? Now it’s time to conquer him with your behavior.

All this above could have been just a packaging, a well-prepared scenario for seduction, the path to bed.

However, if you want to conquer a man and really make him fall for you, paying games is not enough. Games have a beginning and an end.

How to attract a man with your behavior:

Be feminine

There are exceptions, but the typical man likes typical women. Don’t be afraid to be feminine. You don’t have to like football and beer to sexually attract him. If this is the solution to attract men, then his friends would be better at it!

You don’t have to compete with him. It’s true that a typical man likes to compete, but when it comes to women, he wants to compete against other men. You just have to give him a reason. So, be as feminine as you can.

Actually, the typical man does not like to be conquered and seduced. He likes to conquer.

Shameless and rude, offensive behavior is not the best choice. Be elegant and feminine, give him a signal that you want to be caught and awaken a hunter in him. Seduce him, but do not let him know that he is seduced.

Be natural in seduction

If seductive looks and hair play are not easy for you, don’t act and make a circus. Sometimes it is enough to be cheerful, smiling, unburdened, relaxed and what you are.

One of the solutions to the problem of how to attract a man lies in letting him know that you feel good and relaxed in his company. It is also the shortest way to sex.

Build your confidence

If you want to win him, nothing works on a man like your confidence and sex appeal. Feel good in your skin. To feel good, you have to be satisfied with your appearance.

Dress up, wear sexy clothes, put on some sexy perfume, jewelry or anything that will awaken that sexy feeling in you and you will see that this is a great trick on how to attract a man. To be sexy and seductive, you also have to send such vibrations.

Be open

Ask him to open up. If you really want to catch a man, then let him know that you are interested in his life.

Ask him questions about himself and his interests and most importantly: listen to him with care. The best way to catch him is to give him a chance to feel like the center of the world.

Being open has other advantages. When you let your partner know what you like, don’t like and what you’re interested in, you make your communication easier and he can focus on satisfying your needs in sex and love, not on reading your mind.

Be unique

Do not try to fit into some pattern. Show yourself with something special, be ready to try new things, surprise, suggest sex in a strange place, with some strange game, stand out with humor, charm, spontaneity or any other advantage.

Step 4: Attracting a man using senses

The best way to seduce him is to turn on all of his senses:

  • For the sense of sight, wear something red. Do you want to look sexy? Then get a red dress and definitely red, attractive and sexy lingerie!! Halter tops may not have a practical role in dressing and do not hold socks, but they have a role in kindling passion.
  • For the sense of smell, avoid perfumes. Your body’s smell is the best aphrodisiac. If you do not like it, avoid strong perfumes. Not everyone has the same preferences for smells. Some may be very repellent, even causing headaches. Obviously, this is not the best way to attract a guy. If you are not sure which perfume to choose, go for a light version, preferably a natural, fruit scent.
  • The sense of taste, chocolates free serotonin in the brain – the hormone of happiness and satisfaction. How to attract a man if he does not like chocolate? Well, find out what he likes and invite him to dinner. Prepare and serve it dressed in scanty red dress and high heels.
  • The sense of hearing, tickle his imagination with pleasant conversations, calm tone of voice and dirty stories, noisy enjoyment of sex. Loudly let it be known that you like him.
  • Touch sense, awaken it with gentle and tender touches. Start with casual touches, until you become more intimate. Then feel free to switch to an erotic massage, and provide the highlight for this sense in sex.

There is no universal advice on how to attract a man. However, these four steps are something you should start with. Briefly – without too much flirting and with a dose of femininity.

Be open, cheerful, positive, feminine, free. Be self-confident and sexy.

Even if you are not a sex bomb, imagine that you are and act like that!

You know what they say: “you attract what you radiate“. We are sure that you will attract a boyfriend and will share advice with your girlfriends how to attract a man of your dreams. If you really hate to explain, then just share this text.


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