G-Spot as the Center of Your Sex Enjoyment

G-Spot as the Center of Your Sex Enjoyment

You’ve heard of the G-spot, and do you know where it is and how to stimulate it? We will try to explain how to find it and how to enjoy sex as much as possible.

The G-spot is the part within the female body that many consider responsible for female orgasm and enjoying sex.

You will find various claims and debates about it, which come down to whether the G-spot really exists or is just a myth. In recent times, they have been joined by another claim – men also have a G-spot. Hmmm, what if the G-spot is much more important than we think?

The G-spot in women is an equation with several unknowns. While some claim that it is imaginary, others claim that it is real and that its stimulation can even cause female ejaculation. Some women know where it is and can point a finger at it, and some have never experienced an orgasm caused by its stimulation.

You may not believe it exists, but why not try to find it?

Stimulating the G-spot in both men and women can be the key to mutual, maximum enjoyment of sex.

What is a G-spot?

It is a piece of tissue that is located inside the vagina, but on the outer wall closer to the abdomen. Seen from the outside, it is somewhere 5-6 cm below your navel. Try to locate it like this: Stand up and place your right palm under the navel, so that your fingers are directed horizontally. Below your little finger, inside the body, should be your G-spot.

This part of the tissue inside the vagina is thicker and rougher than the tissue that surrounds it. When a woman gets aroused, the G-spot swells due to increased blood flow, which makes it more sensitive to touch.

Many describe this place in the body as a spongy tissue whose role is to create a kind of obstacle during sex and prevent urination during intercourse.

 The term G-spot was first used by a German physician, Grafenberg, in 1950. Since then, countless topics have been overturned on its role.

Why is this G-spot so special for women?

In short, it allows a woman to experience an orgasm.

If you are relaxed, you can experience several types of orgasms. They are mainly divided into clitoral, which can be considered external, and vaginal, which can be considered internal.

Some women experience one, some both, some have multiple orgasms and their combinations. Vaginal or internal orgasm is most often the result of direct or indirect G-spot stimulation.

Have you never experienced an exploding orgasm? Find your G-spot and chances are high that your sex will turn into real fireworks.

How to find the G-spot?

We have said where you can search for this erotic spot on the outside, but there are few women who can stimulate it with external stimuli.

How to find the G-spot?

For some, rubbing the body against the body is enough, while for some, G-spot stimulation from the inside is needed. Before you even get to that stage of enjoying sex, you need to find your G-spot.

TIP: For a start, it is best to get to know your body in private, and only later start exploring G-spots together with your partner.

Here’s how to find the G-spot:

  1. Get aroused. A woman’s G-spot is more tangible when you’re excited, because its blood vessels are full of blood then, and it swells up as a result. So, use the method that works best for you.
  2. Find a comfortable position. It is best to lie on your back or stomach. Even if you might find advice to squat, our advice to you is to skip it. Squatting is not exactly a comfortable and relaxing position. If this position is necessary to find your G-spot, lie on your back with your legs raised as if squatting.
  3. Search for the G-spot with your fingers. Insert one finger into your vagina and search for a bulge on its front wall and a difference in tissue texture.
  4. Experiment with movements. Irritate your G-spot. Try different movements and find the one you like best. Some women like light touches of the G-spot, some like pressing, while others like faster and more rhythmic movements in the form of light tapping. This will also give you a clue about the rhythm of your lovemaking with your partner.
  5. Relax. Do not be preoccupied with your goal of finding the G-spot, because then you will not be relaxed, and you will not achieve the desired effect. Any stress and thinking is actually a hindrance to enjoying sex. If you want to successfully stimulate the G-spot, you need to be relaxed. Simply, try to enjoy exploring your body without having to feel anything.
  6. Indulge. At one point, G-spot stimulation can make you feel wet. Don’t give up at that moment. Continue at all costs. After all, you are alone, no one will notice anything, right? What you will feel after that is exactly what you were looking for. Yes, yes – we mean an explosive, fantastic orgasm.

And what if you don’t reach the orgasm?

Not a big deal! It could be that trying to experience it was too much pressure for you, or it could be that this type of orgasm is simply not what you like. 50% of women claim that this kind of stimulus still gives them a pleasant feeling. You won’t know which half you belong to until you try it!

The G-spot is actually the inner erogenous zone. We are not all equally sensitive in the same places, even when it comes to inner places.

Still, that’s not a reason not to try again, is it?

G-spot in men

Have you found your G-spot? That’s great! Let’s now explain where the G-spot in men is and what the male erogenous zones are. Oh yes, even though it is not spoken about all the time, even men have their own G-spot.

Where is the G-spot in men?

While in women this point is more on the front part of the body, in men it is located more on the back.

It is believed that the G-spot in men is actually their prostate.

What function does it actually have?

The prostate produces fluid that allows sperm to move faster. Did you know that it is full of nerve endings and that it is more sensitive to touch than the penis itself?

Well, few people know that. Therefore, few men even know they have a G-spot and even fewer women try to stimulate it. Neither of them is aware of what they are missing!

Then why not try to find out where the male g-spot is and become his sex goddess?

Here’s how to stimulate the G-spot in men:

There are two ways to do this: external stimulation and internal stimulation.

Stimulation of the G-spot from the inside means pushing your finger into your partner’s anus and searching for a sensitive point, in the same way you did when you were searching for this point in yourself.

Most men will not experience this as a pleasant surprise without explanation. Even then, he will probably have resistance to this method of trying to sexually arouse him.

However, you can always try to stimulate the male G-spot by massaging the prostate from the outside. To do that, you need to locate the area between his testicles and rectum, so lightly massage that part and apply indirect pressure to the prostate.

Since the prostate is full of nerve endings, it is very likely that it will react to the stimulus and in that way you will help your partner to experience an unforgettable orgasm.

Don’t rush into searching for G-spot without foreplay! Bring yourself and your partner to the stage of excitement, and add to this massage the charm of erotic play. Otherwise, you may feel like you’re performing a prostate exam, and it’s not like men are waiting in line for that pleasure.

Men who have experienced such orgasm, just like women, claim that it is 500% better and more intense than any other!

It’s not that it’s something measurable. It is a subjective assessment. In fact, many believe that an orgasm caused by G-spot stimulation is a completely special and different feeling.

G-spot – poses to stimulate it

You will easily stimulate your G-spot when you are alone with yourself, but how to do it with a partner? What are the best poses for the G-spot?

The G-spot in women is more on the front of the body, and reaching that part during intercourse can be a little harder. There are many factors that affect this, but there are also the best poses to stimulate the G-spot in women.

Take control!

  • Have your partner lie on his back and you sit over him and lean back slightly to make it easier to aim at your G-spot.
  • Turn your back on him. Your partner should be in a sitting position, and you over him, but turn your back to him, that is, sit with face to his feet.

Not only will you find it easier to locate your G-spot yourself, but you will also determine the rhythm of movement that suits you and that brings you the most pleasure.

Let him lead the game and try missionary pose variations!

  • Lie on your back and support your hips and buttocks with pillows.
  • Lie with your legs spread and bent while your partner kneels between your legs.

In this way, you will change the angle of penetration to the G-spot.

If you managed to irritate his G-spot in this whole story, or before sex itself, your sex will be an unforgettable experience.

IMPORTANT: 70% of women still need clitoral stimulation to experience an orgasm.

An open conversation with your partner about this can contribute to a really much better and completely different sex. When you find your inner trigger, it is very likely that you will experience multiple combined orgasms!

Female ejaculation as a consequence of G-spot stimulation

Like the G-spot itself, female ejaculation is a phenomenon that is still shrouded in mystery. Such topics are very often taboo topics. What has been confirmed is the fact that many women expel a fluid similar to that expelled by men after a vaginal orgasm.

The prostate, i.e. their G-spot, is responsible for the formation of male semen.

Female ejaculation as a consequence of G-spot stimulation

Does that mean that women also have such a gland? Is the G-spot in women a variant of the prostate?

That has yet to be revealed.

Maybe you are confused and scared now and don’t know what to expect. Wondering if this is possible and should you, in that case, expect the amount of fluid that men expel?


The amount of fluid that the body expels during a woman’s ejaculation varies. In some women it is smaller and even completely imperceptible, and in some it is large. Certainly, there are women who do not ejaculate at all. Each body is a special story.

In any case, this fluid does not erupt in a jet and under some pressure, but leaks slightly and often goes unnoticed and neglected. There are studies that claim that it is similar in composition to urine. However, we think that you will clearly see the difference, if not in the composition, then in the density.

Until experts discover a more important role of the G-spot, all you have to do is discover its position and enjoy the orgasm it can give you.

Don’t forget a very important thing – don’t worry too much about it. Indulge, explore your bodies and enjoy. Try to find that hidden button in you and trigger an incredible passion.

There is a myth that women actually enjoy sex much more than men, and that their orgasms are multiple times stronger. Apparently, that is not a myth at all. But, that is only because the male G-spot is completely neglected during sex.

If you make an effort to stimulate the G-spot in your partner, he will also experience an intense orgasm and enjoy much more than he has enjoyed so far. Among us, you can use it as a secret weapon to drive him completely crazy and keep him as long as possible.


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