10 Types of Energy Vampires, Maybe You Are One of Them

10 Types of Energy Vampires, Maybe You Are One of Them

Are there vampires? Maybe not those from classic movies who drink blood, but you can bet that energy vampires exist and that you actually know at least a fewMoreover, maybe you are one of them!

Energy vampires are not members of secret occult organizations, nor are those we call energy vampires beings from another dimension, another world, myths, or legends. On the contrary, they are very real and they spread huge amounts of negative energy all around us. However, that is not enough for them, they are doing their best to drain every trace of positive energy from us.

Vampires Are Among Us, and How to Recognize Them?

Who are they in general and do energy vampires really exist? Can we somehow recognize them?

You have probably noticed that different people affect you differently. While some will cheer you up, some will annoy you, and some will kill every germ of joy in you, exhaust you with their nagging and annoying negative remarks and suck all your energy just like vampires drink blood. Well, that’s exactly what energy vampires are – the ones from whose company you literally get sick!

They are all those negative people whose company you don’t enjoy at all. They are capable of constantly complaining, criticizing, feeling sorry for themselves, looking for guilt and something bad in everything only to have something to argue about.

Some of the characteristics by which you can recognize them are the following:

  • Too big ego, an eternal debate
  • Paranoia
  • Melodramatic behavior
  • Narcissism
  • Constant resentment and regret over something
  • Gossiping
  • Uncertainty and constant need for support
  • Jealousy
  • Emotional blackmail and causing feelings of guilt
Negative people

Do you sometimes feel relief when a person leaves your vicinity, and after that, you have an irresistible desire to escape to a desert island to recover from their company? You can be sure that you were in the company of an energy vampire!

Energy vampirism is not a naive thing at all and very often it is hidden behind good friendships, family or love relationships.

In casual, short-term acquaintances, you will rarely identify an energy vampire, unless you have a strong level of empathy and are emotionally easy to move. They are not very dangerous. They come, spread their dose of negativity, and leave. The worst ones though are those near you every day continually exhausting you.

And what do they look like and how do they lurk?

Although they often sound sick, they usually look great because they are full of energy. They know how to tactically crawl under your skin, lift you to heavens and do everything to attract your attention. Once they catch you in a trap, they start to exhaust you with their irritating behavior. They are excellent emotional manipulators.

You can believe in vampires or doubt their existence, but you cannot deny that there is certain energy in humans. Undoubtedly, you can feel when it is positive, and when it is negative. We need the energy to live and function. For some, the one they have is enough, and for some it is not, they simply always need more attention, understanding, pity, confirmation, and whatever. Looking for it in other people they become emotional vampires.

Types of Energy Vampires

There are several types of these people. Some of them are aware of their actions and deliberately spread negative energy because that way they feel better, more powerful, stronger. Such are very often those energetic vampires in a relationship who are skilled emotional manipulators. Others are completely unaware of what they are doing.

There are 10 types of energy vampires, among whom you may be:

1. “Poor me” vampire. These are all those negative people who will drown you in stories in which they are eternal victims, who are constantly complaining about something, having the whole world against them. It is very easy to fall under their influence because their behavior provokes and expects empathy. These are passive-aggressive types of emotional manipulators. They are not independent and they love to ask for services or advice from other people, but at the same time, they have resistance towards them. No piece of advice is ever good enough and they have a “but” for everything. They don’t know what they want, they don’t have their own opinion and they often present someone else’s as their own.

2. Drama Queen/King. There are claims that women are better vampires than men. Maybe not always, but when it comes to this category, they definitely won. Hence the epithet “Drama Queen”. You must know at least one! That doesn’t mean there aren’t men who are dramatic. All of them, without exception, know how to make an elephant out of a fly and a huge incident out of a little inconvenience, in order to be in the center of attention.

3. Joker. Although at first glance it may seem harmless and positive, this type of vampire can drain your energy as well as those who do not know how to make a joke at all. We all have sunny and rainy days. This emotional vampire doesn’t have them. He is able to talk non-stop and make jokes, which he expects our enthusiasm for. And that’s really exhausting.

4. Critic. This type of vampire openly spreads negative energy, eternally criticizing what others do. Nothing is ever good enough for them, and they rarely take matters into their own hands to do them better. They are not activists, but speakers whose goal is to provoke a feeling of guilt in you.

5. Jealous vampire. This emotional vampire is possessive, he keeps his own, but someone else’s is always better and more beautiful and he is never satisfied with what he has. Learn more in the text about pathological jealousy.

6. Controller is a kind that will especially exhaust you at work. People like this like to take everything into their hands, they don’t trust other people, they don’t leave anything to others, they are the smartest, they have an opinion about everything and a cure and a lesson for everyone.

7. Narcissist. We all like to talk about ourselves, but no one likes this type of energy vampire. The world turns around only because of them, and you are there only to hear about it.

8. Paranoiacs are negative people who exhaust others by a negative view of the world and their fear, with or without reasons for it. They see a reason for fear and deception in everything, and spread it in the surroundings.

9. Insecure vampire is one of those who seeks your pity. Once they catch you, they will ask for constant confirmation from you that they are good enough, that they know how to do something and they need continuous support to walk through life.

10. An ambitious person is a type of vampire who has excess energy and forces you to follow his rhythm even when you are not able to. He only talks about money, work, success, ambitions, and plans.

Did you recognize yourself somewhere?

Each of us has moments when we need attention. What distinguishes emotional vampires from the average person is the constant need to receive attention, without any will, desire, or intention to return it.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy?

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy?

Just a few minutes with an energy vampire can ruin your day and make you feel nervous, irritated, broken, listless, and even cause a headache.

So, you need to know how to protect yourself and how to get rid of negative energy.

No, neither garlic nor hawthorn will help. Just a little self-confidence and self-esteem.

First of all, you need to assess who your vampire is and who drains your energy. Although we have a habit of personifying situations like this, other things can drain our energy as well. The Internet is one of them. Do you feel the need to read all the news and text messages and check emails and social networks 20 times within an hour? This is one of the ways to bomb yourself with unnecessary information, most often negative ones because people enjoy sensations and the media offers them the most, and all that can drain energy from you.

The second step is to assess how important your relationship is with the person who showers you with such energy. If your relationship is not that important, then the easiest solution is to turn around and walk away from his company. You are not obliged to tolerate negativity out of decency, nor to have regard for someone who has no consideration for you.

Do not engage in discussions, conversations, and do not look them in the eye. Ignore them, in other words. Let them hold their monologue and do not stir the fire up with additional topics.

Surround yourself with positive people and choose your company. Just as pessimism is contagious, so are positive emotions. Surround yourself with people who care about you, not just about themselves.

Keep yourself in the company of three or more people. Some vampires will retreat in front of a crowd because they prefer to complain in privacy, but yes, some of them will continue their “poor me” show even then. However, the burden of watching that show will not be only upon you and you will see how others react in the situation and maybe learn something from them.

Energy vampires have no empathy, do not know how to put themselves in your perspective, and are selfish. They do not give – they just take!

Their goal is to bring you down to their level and make you feel equally bad. In other words, intentionally or not, people like this don’t really want the best for you.

Help! My Best Friend Is an Energy Vampire!

You have certainly recognized some of your loved ones among the types of energy vampires described above. Maybe your best friend is one of them! Yes, just the one who exhausts you day and night with stories about her emotional relationship, the ex or current boyfriend, breakup, and being in some kind of trouble all the time. Sometimes you just need to be her shoulder to cry on. Either way, this can be exhausting. It will eventually be easier for her, but you will feel overwhelmed and you will look for a way to get rid of negative energy.

Vampires are everywhere. It can be your jealous colleague who will make your day at work bitter with his all-day negativity, your parents to whom you are never good enough and who constantly criticize you.

Energy vampires in a relationship are particularly toxic. A healthy emotional connection should be based on harmony and trust, and not on competing whose ego is stronger. In such cases, someone is always a victim, and someone sees his status as more powerful, so he becomes a real emotional manipulator. It can very easily make your head spin in such a vicious circle. And that’s not naive!

Lack of energy can lead to depression and even serious illness.

You can easily turn your back on someone who doesn’t mean much to you in life, but what about the person you love? How to protect yourself from energy vampires who are close to you?

Here are some ways:

  1. Don’t take their behavior to heart. This may seem cold-blooded to you, but don’t neglect your emotional state just to let others feed their ego. Don’t let the lamentations and criticisms disturb you.
  2. Set boundaries. React when they overdo it and let them know that they should be considerate to other people
  3. Change the focus of the story and turn things on a brighter side, if you manage to get a word in edgewise. It will take time for you to perfect this the way your oppressors have perfected to bother you. But the blow needs to be returned.
  4. Don’t feel guilty. You don’t have to solve their problems, especially when they don’t want them solved.

With energy vampires, it is the same as with those mythical creatures. Once they infect you become like them.

You don’t believe it?

Have you noticed that in the company of someone who is constantly complaining, you are looking for a way to adjust and that you also start to complain? If you do this every day, it becomes a habit that you pass on to other people. Congratulations! You’ve become an energy vampire!

Apparently, energy vampires have existed since ancient times, and it would not be surprising at all that the myth of those who drink blood originated as a different view and a metaphor of energy vampirism.

Are you still wondering if vampires exist or do you no longer doubt it?


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