Does He Like You? These Are the Signals That Betray Him!

Does He Like You? These Are the Signals That Betray Him!

There is no girl who hasn’t asked herself the question “How do I know if he likes me?” at least once in her life, right? We will reveal that secret!

After we tried to attract his attention and seduce him, now it is very important for us to interpret whether he really likes us. There were probably moments when we didn’t care if we caught someone’s eye, although we probably noticed signs that indicated it even then.

How do I know if he likes me? is a question that bothers many, and you should look for the answers in him first.

How do I know if he likes me?

It’s hard to figure out, especially when it comes to a new relationship, whether it’s love or intense sympathy. Men are different from us women, so their way of showing us their sympathies can be incomprehensible to us.

Boys need some time to relax in our company and clearly and loudly admit that they like us. Until that magical moment happens, you will have to “break through” them and read between the lines.

However, if you are aware of the following signs, you will find the answers yourself.

He fell in love, didn’t he?

What does a man look like when he falls in love, just like a woman or…?

Unlike us women who, when we fall in love or when we like someone, completely go crazy and talk about that topic very comfortably, men do it a bit differently. More precisely, they are very stingy in showing emotions.

He would rather pretend to have a steel-cold attitude than show or say something that would jeopardize his ego.

For these very reasons, we women have no choice but, when we ask ourselves How do I know if he likes us?, to interpret ambiguous words, body language and dwell over what the gentleman wanted to say.

Signs that you’re the one he chose

However, there is a solution to all the problems, including this one. The answer lies in the small signs that our eye needs to notice well. So let’s see…

Signs that you’re the one he chose

SIGN 1 – Introduces you to his loved ones

The first and one of the sure signs that he is in love is that he introduces you to his family, friends, colleagues and everyone else who makes up his life.

In that way, he tries to make it known to others or to mark what is his, so that he may not get into an awkward situation where he has to fight for you. Or he simply wants to show his family the one he chose, that he fell in love with.

Do not refuse to meet his loved ones. If he didn’t like you enough, he would probably hide you in a hole. Therefore, do not refuse meeting them because that way you will get to know him through others.

SIGN 2 – He only sees you

We know that men are visual types, so when they have a person next to them that they are in love with, they don’t notice anyone else. No matter if you put on nice make-up and dress up, or you just go out casually dressed to the place you love, you will easily notice the men who like you.

They are able to stare constantly, and if you look back at them, they will definitely look to the other side, probably not to let you think that you have caught them. Or they will stare so hard that you may be uncomfortable with such emotions. If you are dealing with this type of man, know that you have already driven him crazy.

SIGN 3 – He acts protectively

Have you noticed how he takes care of you? He leaves his company to take you to your friend, he makes sure you are comfortable, warm, not hungry or thirsty.

Dedication is a strong point for men, so they will do everything to make you feel protected. He will do everything just to make you feel powerless next to him, so that he will be your hero of the day.

If you have such a caretaker next to you, know that he is well warmed up to you.

From small signs to big love

SIGN 4 – All his attention is focused on you

If a man constantly asks you questions to find out more about you, listens to you and carefully follows your every word, takes care of what you like and what you don’t, what you are afraid of and what you enjoy, it shows that he cares.

He will do everything just to understand and get to know you. He will ask a friend to find out more about you.

This guy is already seduced, and it can be a clear sign that he likes you.

SIGN 5 – Attachment is his strong suit

If a man is in love with you, he will do everything not to hurt you in any way. He will respect you, take care of you and be faithful to you. When he talks about his future in which you are included, be sure that you have already won his heart and that he is seriously warmed up.

SIGN 6 – You feel happy next to him

If you ask yourself the question of How do I know that he likes me?, you will get an affirmative answer if you feel happy next to him. A man in love will do everything for his girlfriend, just to make her happy.

He will go shopping with her even though he probably can’t stand it, he will watch some soap opera instead of a heavy thriller, and he will pretend to have a great time. He will surprise you with flowers you love, your favorite ice cream or a relaxing massage. Because, your happiness is his happiness.

Just be careful not to overdo it with your requirements.

Signs of the body that reveal his infatuation

There are a thousand signs of falling in love with men, which they themselves are not aware of. They show some by the gesticulation of the body, and some spring from the depths of their soul. All in all, we don’t need a lot of wisdom to read them and find out if they like us.

These are sure signs that he likes you.


One of the signs that he likes you is constant smiling. If a man often smiles while talking to you, it is a signal that you have won him over. Smiling is an unconscious act caused by a nice feeling while he is with you, and he cannot control it. It’s just that the lips themselves stretch into a smile when he sees you.

Of course, there is also that insincere and artificial smile that you, dear ladies, will quickly recognize.


You wonder How do I know if he likes me? when he’s there, next to you? His cheeks or his whole face turns red when he is near you! This signal lets you know that the man has feelings for you, which he expresses in this way.

If he is not a talkative type of man, you realize that you have a shy guy next to you whose feelings can be read on his face.

Eye contact

Eye contact is a sign that can be ambiguous. We know that the eyes are the mirror of a person and that every feeling is written in them. That is why it is one of the most important signs when it comes to male-female feelings, and it should not be taken lightly.

You know for yourself that if you like someone, you will constantly look at them. The situation is the same with guys – the longer his gaze is on you, the more he likes you.

Pupils betray him! Pay attention to his pupils – under the rush of feelings, his pupils will visibly dilate. Trusted sign and proven many times as true! This does not mean that you should stare into his eyes non-stop, but when the situation allows, take a look.


It often happens that if he likes you, a man starts unconsciously imitating you. He will laugh when you do and do the same things as you do. In the desire to enchant you, he will turn into your other self, so that you think that the one who loves and does the same as you has finally come along.

So, if you are wondering How do I know if he likes me?, pay attention to his behavior. It’s a natural reaction to imitate something we like, isn’t it?


When a man takes a pose in front of you, with his arms crossed or his hands hooked on the nuts of his pants, it is a sign that he wants you. All that effort and posing is another way to show that he feels something for you.

If he makes that irresistible look under his eyebrows with such an attitude and body language, he probably wants to leave the impression of a macho man you will fall for.

Of course, some girls may not like it too much, but it is important to know that they believe that their attitude clearly shows the girl how much they like it.

A dangerous emotion called jealousy

Men sometimes can express their feelings through “meaningless” behavior, which is usually jealousy. Very often you will come across a man who will express his sympathy or affection for you through a series of jealous scenes.

It is a very dangerous emotion. You may like it at first. Many girls will even think that it is a sign of love, led by the saying: “If he is not jealous, he doesn’t care about me”.

However, this kind of emotion quickly grows into a pathological need to control you in every way. Insecurity, lack of self-confidence will make jealousy interfere with your relationship and destroy everything beautiful that you have created.

From small signs to big love

From the first time you ask yourself the question of How do I know if he likes me?, to the famous sentence I love you, there are these small – big signs that tell you how important someone is to dedicate your time, your freedom, your joy and finally your love.

You may sometimes think that you are on the wrong track or that these signs do not say anything, but they also contribute to the formation of the overall image of someone and what that person feels towards you.

You just got the answer to your question. So, does he like you or not?


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