Discover What Kind of Women Men Love!

Discover What Kind of Women Men Love!

How many times have you discussed with your friends – what kind of women do men like and what do they really want? Find out about it in the text below.

Yes, as some say, men are from one planet and women from another and some differences between us are inevitable. However, there are some things that may even surprise you: something you didn’t even know men noticed and loved about us. It would also be helpful to know what you should definitely omit from your behavior!

The first impression is important

When meeting new people, the first impression does not have to be decisive, but it is significant, which is somehow logical. Well, start with yourself: you must have experienced so far that a person attracts you at first sight or is repulsive to you, for no real reason, because you haven’t even spoken a word with him yet.

Well, it’s the same with men. There are a couple of things that men like most about women on their first date and that can attract them right from the start.

Hair: Now we are not talking about a special hairstyle or hair color – we mean that it is very important that your hair looks neat and shiny. So, keep it clean, and you can as well tie it in a ponytail, it doesn’t matter so much to them.

Upright posture: You went out on the first date or you found yourself in the same company and you feel that he is watching you – straighten yourself! Of course, don’t look stiff and unnatural, but just don’t be hunched over with your shoulders down. Men like women who have an upright posture because then you look beautiful and it gives you a feeling of healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.

Friends: for men, the saying “A man is known by the company he keeps” is true, fortunately or unfortunately. For example, if your friends are loud or rude, a man will most likely think that you are too. However, this is not crucial in deciding whether he should approach you and start a conversation, or a relationship with you, because men are also aware that all people are different.

Smile: Men love women with a natural smile. A cheerful and smiling girl will always attract them.

Attitude: no one likes people who darken and send their negative energy to others. So men like positivity and smiling the most.

Men love smile

Unusual things important to men

There are some things we would not expect men to notice, let alone be important to them when it comes to us.

When it comes to physical appearance, we don’t have to comment on that: it is true that men are visual types and that each of them will be impressed if their girlfriend has beautiful sculpted buttocks or a bust just the way they like it. But that is not what they like the most or what is most important to them.

There is something else at stake here. Will it surprise you when we tell you that your gait may get a man interested in you?

We don’t just mean that you should know how to walk in heels. By the way, speaking of which, it might be worth mentioning: girls who are not very accustomed to walking in high heels should practice it at home or simply wear some smaller heels, because they seem unnatural, like walking on stilts. You don’t have to adapt to every trend, if it actually retaliates against you.

Even when you are wearing flats, men can be attracted to your gait that exudes self-confidence. Don’t bend your legs, don’t take too big steps, be in tune.

The next thing men notice about women are the things they carry with them. They will take a quick look at the contents of your bag, and depending on what is in it, here is what we are telling them:

  • if we have a make-up kit, it is an indicator that we take care of ourselves;
  • if we carry a book, we will look interesting to them as a person who likes to learn;
  • if we do not have a wallet, for some reason it gives them the impression that we are carefree, but a little cold;
  • If they notice that we are carrying deodorant or toothbrush or toothpaste in our bag, they will think we are ready for any scenario.

And the last item is our feet. It is very important for men that your feet are smooth, with beautiful nails. Anything contrary to this can turn them away from us, because we are telling them that we do not take care of hygiene, and men love well-groomed women.

Confident walk

What kind of girls men like – according to the horoscope

If you are among those ladies who read the horoscope, either for fun or you believe in astrology, you are interested in learning more about the signs and ascendants in the horoscope, this part is dedicated to you. We give you a detailed description of what men like in women, sorted by zodiac signs.


It is very important for an Aries man not to have to make big compromises: he needs a woman to whom he will be in the first place and he wants to be the most handsome, the best, the smartest for her, etc. He wants a woman next to whom he will be able to be the “head of the house”.

When it comes to physical appearance, Aries likes thin girls, often redheads or blondes with blue or green eyes.


He needs a woman who will be good in bed, but also in the kitchen. The latter is perhaps even more important to him. These men want women next to whom they will have peace and will be able to relax. They don’t like chatterboxes and drama queens.

As for clothes, Taurus likes his darling to be tidy and well-groomed, to fit into his organization.


Gemini prefers fun women who have a sense of humor; a man wants to feel energetic next to his chosen one and that is why he needs a smiling, positive woman with childish naivety.

Like Aries, Gemini men like thin girls.


They need a “second mom”, a protector. Also, you should consider a good relationship with their mothers and sisters a must. Men born in this zodiac sign like warm women.

When it comes to looks, they like curves, especially breasts and girls with lighter eyes and hair.


He demands a lot of attention, almost an audience. On the other hand, he makes up for it by being gallant and generous. He does not like cold women, but emotional ones, but they must also be attractive: those that attract attention and views of the environment. These men love such women the most.


Since Virgos are very meticulous and detailed, they are looking for such women. They want a partner who is perfect, flawless. But since that is impossible, they are often left alone.

If you fall in love with a Virgo man, be prepared for the fact that you will have to cook well and tidy the house and you yourself will have to be neat and tidy.

As for the physical appearance and qualities that should be possessed, Virgos are looking for sweet and charismatic, somewhat shy, smaller girls.


These men need you to admire them, their style and clothes… They want a well-mannered and feminine girl. It is more important to them that the chosen one has style than to cook well, and she should also have a harmonious body structure.


They are known for their passion and adventurism. They are looking for such girls for themselves: imaginative, ready for adventure, forgiveness… On the other hand, the Scorpio man is jealous and possessive and he does not forgive.

They like fiery women the most, and sex appeal is more important to them than looks itself.

attracted to long-legged and tall girls


Girls who fall in love with Sagittarius must have tolerance and understanding for his freedom; they should not control him and impose themselves.

Sagittarians are usually attracted to long-legged and tall girls, with curly blonde or lighter hair.


Dear ladies, you must have a lot of patience with your Capricorns. It is difficult for them to decide on a relationship, and also, when they do, their chosen one must be liked by their family.

Capricorn wants a girl who will support his ambitions.

He does not show too much affection and attention, be prepared for that.

These men prefer thin, even older girls, with darker hair and eyes.


An Aquarius man wants his girlfriend to be his friend as well. She also needs to adapt to his adventurous lifestyle, share his beliefs and have a broad view of the world.

These men love unusual girls. They do not have a certain type: they are attracted by a smile and charisma.


They need an artistic soul who will understand them. They do not like pessimists and cold women.

A woman should believe in him and provide him stability, but also freedom.

It is also very important for them that their better half is a good mother.

They like, just like Aquarius, unusual girls, with a special style of dressing and an original way of thinking.

However, you should know that no matter what zodiac sign your man is in, there are some little things that apply to all of them and that will show you that he likes you, if you are not completely sure: here are those signals.

And what men don’t like?

After we have revealed to you what things men pay attention to and what attracts them to women, it would be good to find out what it is that you should avoid in your behavior, clothes, make-up…

Too much makeup: This is one of the most common mistakes girls make – they think that strong makeup will attract a man, which in fact often retaliates and hides beautiful, natural facial features, which men love much more. Here we can also mention tattooed eyebrows or badly drawn eyebrows, which according to surveys and research are quite repulsive to men. There is also badly dyed hair. So, avoid bleached hair, and if you dye your hair, do it regularly…

Clothes that don’t match the build: Although you really want to follow all the trends, maybe you should still match it with your build, because men don’t like it when they see, for example, your stomach because you’re wearing too short a shirt or tight leggings, and you have some extra pounds…

Nail biting – An ugly habit to watch, at least that’s what the male world thinks. Also, although it has taken off lately, they do not like excessively long nails, if they look more like claws, and not natural nails. Have some measure, that’s our advice.

Smoking on the street: Some men are quite repulsed by this.

Men need attention too

Dear ladies, just as you want to be pampered and cared for, so do your stronger halves, although they will very rarely mention it and admit it to you.

They want to make you happy, they love when you smile because of them, they appreciate your independence and the fact that you have your hobbies, and they ask for all that in return.

So don’t change your mind, pay attention, use nice words, surprise him… It will mean something to them.

And most important of all: be honest. Every real man will appreciate that the most in a relationship.

In fact, it is not as complicated as it sometimes seems to us women: in essence, men want warm, emotional and sincere girls, who will pay attention, of course take care of their appearance (within normal limits) and give them support throughout life. Everything we want from them, right?


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