Dating Over the Internet: How to Use Online Dating Sites

Dating Over the Internet: How to Use Online Dating Sites

How does it sound to you, dating over the Internet? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of getting to know someone and how to get involved in this adventure.

Although we’ve often seen Internet dating in movies, this practice has become increasingly common.

Working hours, work which sometimes lasts late into the night, and when the weekend comes, we’d rather stay home and watch a movie than spend an hour getting ready for a late evening outing wherein 99% of cases nothing will happen.

Sounds familiar? So why not try to meet a real partner in the warmth of our own homes?

Traditional vs. online dating – what’s the difference?

Challenge accepted! As with anything to do with dating, experiences show that we shouldn’t use online dating strategy either. Maybe the best way to approach this is as fun, then what is meant to happen will happen!

Experiences say that dating over the Internet is much easier than meeting somebody on Saturday night in a crowded and stuffy club.

You put your information, an online dating website gives you some suggestions of potential partners who might match your description, and you’re ready for action!

What is this dating different from traditional, which even our grandmothers used?

Possibility for a wider choice of partners

Here, you choose! Maybe you would be ashamed to go out at night in the city by yourself and approach someone you like, but it sounds exciting and challenging when you do it online.

Previous experiences say that dating over the Internet offers a wide choice of partners, one of the most significant advantages of this kind of dating. This is especially true when you have specific interests in choosing a potential partner.

Dating over the Internet offers you to choose partners according to various criteria. If it is age, way of life that you are leading, or a particular profession, dating sites will find just partners similar to such criteria as yours.

Communicating is much easier

Communicating is much easier.

Have you ever noticed that you are much more open in conversation when that person with whom you are talking does not look into your eyes?

Dating over the Internet offers many ways of communication but usually begins with correspondence. According to the experiences of those who met partners online, it’s much easier to say something openly without hesitation and ask what you’re interested in.

Also, the experience says that you do not depend on the moment – you can contact the person when you have time. If you’re a busy businesswoman and do not have much time to waste, this is a great way to find out some things before meeting a potential partner that interests you most.

And if you’re skeptical and unsure who is behind the screen, you have as much time as you want to get to know everything about your potential partner that you plan to meet online.

Do it when it is convenient for you

When you are getting to know a potential partner over the Internet, usually that means that you do it when it is convenient for you, from the warmth of your home.

Things that would prevent you from getting ready and going out with a girl for coffee or in the evening in the city and thus meeting someone here do not interfere with you.

Therefore, regardless of whether your hair is dirty, tired, raining, or you have nothing to wear, none of these things will hurt if you are getting to know a potential partner on the Internet.

My experience with dating over the Internet

Usually, it is believed that communicative girls do not have a hard time finding a partner, while the shy ones have less luck. Maybe they use Internet dating sites more often. In many cases, of which I know, this was not true.

Also, it is considered that dating over the Internet is not a very safe way to find a partner. Everything can be set up – and the photo and the described story can hardly be verified.

But who guarantees you that someone you will meet at a party or in a club will tell the truth? The experiences of girls who have found out after a year and more of dating that their partners had parallel relationships are only part of what really happens in reality.

Very similar to this thinking is that there are only men there who could not find a girl in any other way, and dating over the Internet is the last chance for them.

In order to really find out what is true, we should try. I did, and I did not have any bad experience. Not even with a boyfriend whom I met via the Internet. We spent almost three years together.

The ultimate party

It all began out of curiosity when one day I had to write an essay about whether dating over the Internet is possible. My experience told me that the best way to conduct this relevant research was to try it myself.

I registered on one of these sites, posted a picture, and began to explore. That night I was awake until morning! Research, correspondence, and browsing with different people were so interesting to me that time passed by unnoticed! The same thing happened the following evenings.

After my first day on the online dating site, I slowly became aware of who someone was. Whether he was psychologically stable and interested in you, or at the same time chatted with five other girls and gave you a simple sentence or a usual phrase. Or let’s say he’s only interested in sex.

Do not waste your time

Each of us has our way of attracting men we will start dating. Also, essential are specific characteristics that they must have in order for us to like them.

For someone, it’s height or age, for someone else what they do, and for me – literacy. The way of writing was a crucial parameter when choosing potential partners. As soon as I see that he is uneducated – I immediately delete him!

Based on my experience, there are so many potential candidates that those you don’t like, do not waste time with them.

My experience with dating over the Internet

Please, get to know him better

As far as my experience is concerned, chatting was a way to learn more about someone through direct and indirect questions.

Many things can help you recognize that someone is married, wants only sex (those usually reveal that right away, without any hiding), wants fun, and not a serious relationship.

If he avoids chatting at night or suggests correspondence in the late hours, most probably he has a girlfriend, or he’s married.

If he’s not there for a few days and then remembers you – it’s evident that he has several potential partners and can’t handle them all.

Therefore, be a little detective and pay attention to such details, which will tell you much about someone you potentially want to get to know.

How long to wait before meeting in person?

Nobody will be able to tell you precisely. It depends on you, the circumstances, and the potential partner you are corresponding with.

Men usually insist that it happen as soon as possible, and after exchanging a few messages, they will begin to ask you: “When can we meet?” Out of curiosity, some girls will think that they should meet that person live as soon as possible and agree on the first meeting.

My experience says that you should nevertheless wait for a little because of the above questions and answers, which will reveal some important things about the person you want to get to know.

Is every partner I meet online the right one?

My experience says – of course not! Although after chatting with several potential candidates, I thought they were all created for me. When I got to know them personally, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

One was too shy in real life, which I couldn’t see from chatting with him. Another did not appeal to me physically. Picture and reality are something else. When it came to the third one, after talking to him, I noticed that some things didn’t match somewhere, and we didn’t connect.

This fourth one passed all the tests; he was literate, charming, and witty, a real gentleman, which only means that it is not impossible to find a partner online.

Where can you meet a potential partner online?

The Internet has become a fascinating place for finding a potential partner, and research says that by 2031, 50% of couples will meet online.

So the two best ways for dating over the Internet are websites and apps, and more and more social networks are being seen as a good choice.

Online dating sites

Do you remember those Hollywood movies mentioned at the beginning? They weren’t made for nothing.

One out of 10 Americans use Internet sites for dating to find their partner, and 79% of them consider the Internet and online sites a good way for dating.

More and more sites offer advanced ways of finding potential partners. Membership on dating websites is primarily free or cheap, and everything else depends only on you.

Ways to meet the person you want are different. You can start from group chats where you can send messages to each other.

Some websites offer dating and other content as solving tests that will help you better find your soul mate or rating photos. According to some research, these websites are used mainly by people from bigger cities.

Social networks as a way to meet a partner on the Internet

Of course, a social network that is best used for dating over the Internet is Facebook. They say that young people use it mostly and often find someone among friends of their friends who they find attractive.

Why are social networks interesting for dating over the Internet? Interaction in social networks is much more laid-back than on websites for dating, so people get acquainted with each other much more quickly.

Also, what someone published earlier can help a lot to guess what they like, where they want to go, and what kind of music they listen to.

However, published photographs play a crucial role here because you can post them endlessly, which is precisely what always attracts men’s attention first.

If you don’t like someone or if you don’t want them to talk to you, you can block them. You will share, admit that this significantly contributes to your feeling safe when using social networks for dating.


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