These Are the Best Poses for Photography!

These Are the Best Poses for Photography!

The best poses for photography have always been problematic for me! So, I decided to get serious about finding tips on how to pose in pictures.

I took a look at my photos from last year’s vacation. Everything is there – a beautiful beach, fantastic turquoise sea, beautiful sunsets, exciting nightlife with cocktails of vivid colors… And me, as the worst part of most pictures, in poses that are not really great and with catastrophic expressions on my face.

Do you have a similar problem?

Usually, the one who takes a picture of me cuts off my legs, places the composition so that I am in a corner, for example, and the picture is empty, doesn’t catch the beautiful landscape behind me or simply hates taking pictures of me, so I get into a situation to chase someone to photograph me.

Because of this, more and more often I take matters into my own hands and take selfies, I click until it turns out the way I want. And, of course, most of the images need to be deleted.

Do the same problems bother you?

Let’s have the best photos this summer, which we won’t be ashamed of.

Here are some tips to help you find out the best poses for photography on the beach and start practicing in time in front of mirrors and cameras.

Poses for Photography and What You Need to Do About It

When it comes to portraits, you should avoid photographs in which you are standing directly facing the camera. Set the face to be photographed at an angle, turn your head slightly, allow the image without a shadow, which is why you can look like you have ten pounds more and your face looks wider in the photo. Tilt your chin down and avoid heavy corners, keep your head position comfortable so that your posture does not look forced.

Keep your eyes wide open, but in such a way that you do not look scared. Don’t drop your eyelids because that makes you look sleepy. If you want to look away, don’t overdo it and make sure your nose follows your eyes. The eyebrows should be relaxed and their appearance should correspond to the impression you want to get. Use a little trick before taking a photo, close your eyes for a few seconds to avoid blinking while taking a photo.

Choose the position of the phone that suits you best. In most situations, it is best to place the phone at eye level. This way, the photo will be most natural. If you want to look dominant, place the phone a little below eye level, if you want your face to look thinner and the edge line stronger, place the phone a little higher.

Take a Natural Position and Pay Attention to Posture

Never use a fake smile because it will surely ruin your photo. Natural emotions will make the photo look just like that – natural. When posing for a photo that involves a smile teeth should always be exposed, at least a little. Before taking photos, use lip balms that will give more light to the face and hide cracks on the lips.

When photographing the whole figure, good posture is a prerequisite for a good photo – a straight back, relaxed shoulders moved backward and a tucked-in belly will make you look taller and like you weigh a few pounds less. If you radiate self-confidence at the same time, you are already on the right path.

If the pose for photography involves standing completely straight facing the camera, you will look like you have a few pounds more and your body will seem disproportionate. To avoid this, turn the camera at an angle, which will give a slimmer look to the body. The shoulders should never be turned directly towards the camera but at an angle. Try to lower the shoulder that is closer to the device a little.

What Should I Do With My Arms?

What Should I Do With My Arms?

For me personally, the biggest problem is always what to do with my arms. For a good photo, the arms should have their place. It is easiest, of course, to let your arms just hang next to your body, but a picture like this generally looks lifeless. Instead, try moving your arms to create more natural poses for photography.

Ladies who want to look thinner, should separate their arms from the body and bend them a little. Leave space between the arm and the body, which will emphasize your waist in a good way, regardless of its size. For example, one arm may be resting on the hip. This pose works wonders for highlighting the waist. Also, avoid keeping your fist open close to your face, because they are approximately of the same size, so you will look disproportionate and strange in the photo. If your hands are close to your face you can wrap them in your hair or close your hand slightly.

The key thing when taking photos is to keep your arms and legs relaxed. You do not keep them stiff during normal activities, so don’t do it in front of the camera either.

The S Shaped Legs

Similar to the arms, the legs should be moved to look more natural in the photo. Whether you cross your legs at the ankles, place one knee in front of the other or make an angle in the ankle or knee, the legs will look more relaxed and the photo will look better. If you want your legs to look longer try to take a picture from below, which is definitely a plus if yours are shorter.

Make an “S” shape with your body. When you stand, transfer most of your weight to just one leg, and as a result, your body will create a natural and graceful “S” shape. No matter what your body constitution is, this movement will make you get an hourglass figure, while the protruding hip will emphasize the curves in the right place. Just remember how models do it and what photography poses they usually take.

In any case, the movement of the joints is very important.

Professional photographers have a saying “if you can bend it, do so”. This means that photos with movement are more natural and that our knees, elbows, wrists, hips and ankles should not be stiff.

And think about what you are doing. It is important to be aware of your body position. Non-verbal communication is what the photo is based on and everything you do sends a certain message to the viewer.

Best Poses for Photography – How to Take a Photo and Look Great?

Best Poses for Photography – How to Take a Photo and Look Great?

If you don’t have or are running out of posing ideas, you can try one of the following poses. You can also take a look at magazines or websites and see how professional models do it.

If you are taking a portrait photo, position yourself sideways to the camera and look over your shoulder. This is a very simple and very effective pose. Do the same when you photograph the whole figure.

When you take a portrait photo, the hands are usually not visible. However, be creative and try placing your hands in different poses around your head, face, or hair. Keep in mind what we have already mentioned: never place open palms next to the face.

Best Poses for Photography on the Beach – Just Sit Down

Best Poses for Photography on the Beach – Just Sit Down

The sitting poses are really beautiful, especially on the beach or in nature. Bend your knees and rest your chin on them. Take a picture of this pose from above. Or lean on one arm and lean the other on a bent knee while the other knee is bent lying on the ground. Or do a similar pose by hugging your knees with your arms.  

Also try leaning on both arms by placing them behind you, tilting your head backward, and bending your legs slightly at the knees, one slightly more than the other. This is another great sitting and very effective pose for photos. Or if you are on the beach, reach the very edge of the sea, sit, but not leaning too much on your feet. Look over your shoulder at the camera.

For a Good Pose, Find a Good Tree

If you are already on the beach or in nature, find a palm tree or any other tree. Sit slightly leaning on a tree, with one leg straight and the other bent at the knee. Put your hands over your knees or thighs, and you can also rest your elbow on your bent knees, and pull your hand lightly into your hair or put it on your neck.

You can also stand next to a tree and lean lightly onto it with your back or hip, raising your arms above your head. Photos like this will be great even if they are taken from the back.

However, the most beautiful poses on the beach are those where we lie in the sand. Lie on your stomach, raise your head, bend your legs at the knees and cross your feet in the air, bend your arms at the elbows upwards and cross your fists or rest your head on one. Similarly, with your feet in the same position, put your hands on the sand and place your head on your hands.

And now turn to your back keeping the same position. One of the most challenging poses for photos on the back is the one in which you bend your back a little by lifting your chest up. One hand should be close to the head, the other next to the body, both on the sand, and the legs slightly bent at the knees, but not to the same extent. You can also use these poses while lying on the bed or on the grass.

Long Hair Is Great for Attractive Photos

If you have long hair, it can be used for a great active photo. Throw your head sharply to the side or backward and you will get your hair moving. These photos are great even while you are at sea and your hair is wet or moving along with water.

What Is a Selfie and How Is a Selfie Stick Used?

What Is a Selfie and How Is a Selfie Stick Used?

A selfie is actually a self-portrait, taking a photo of yourself (alone or with someone) using a camera or mobile phone. This term originated on social networks and is widely used today.

Personally, I like selfies, because I am often not satisfied with photos someone else took of me, and I also have fun while creating them. Still, taking a good selfie is often difficult because you are the person both in front of and behind the camera.

Before taking a selfie, make sure the lighting is good so that the photo is not too dark or your face is too bright, even white.

In addition, an important element in poses for a selfie is a good background. A selfie with a messy room, a pile of clothes, dirty dishes, or a bathroom in the background, will certainly not be representative, no matter how beautiful you look on it.

Once you’ve sorted this out, take a deep breath, try to relax and take a pose! When it comes to taking selfies, the rule is that the more times you take photos, the more photos you have to choose from, and therefore the better photos. Don’t expect to take a good selfie right away. And don’t be ashamed when you make selfies. Even if someone is watching you, don’t feel uncomfortable, but be confident and have fun and that will be seen in the photo.

Many people do not take into account the angle when choosing poses for taking selfies, which is completely wrong. Someone will look great when holding their face up, for someone it will be one side or the other. Try everything and find your best angle.

If it seems to you that your arm is not “long enough”, to find the angle or make the photo better, a selfie stick enters the scene. A selfie stick is actually a stick that allows the phone to be moved away, in order to get a better angle, a more dramatic or wider composition.

This stick was first used by fans of extreme sports, and today it is used by almost all selfie fans. There are several types of selfie sticks, with a timer or a photo button on the stick itself. Their use is not very simple, but not so difficult either and it can be mastered by practicing.

Create an Original Selfie Pose

Create an Original Selfie Pose

When it comes to the best pose for taking photos and posing for selfies, don’t always be serious. Silly selfies are often the best and of course super fun. Make a funny face or try to use some unusual props. Use a selfie stick if you want to leave a stronger impression or take a picture with a larger group.

A common mistake when taking a selfie is to take a picture while looking yourself in the mirror. These photos usually don’t turn out well, so it’s a good idea to avoid them. Also, you can often see that the phone you are using is reflected in everything or a selfie stick can be seen in the photo, which usually does not look nice.

Finally, if you are using a front camera on the phone, look at the picture before you make it and if you don’t like something, fix it immediately.

I admit I have some friends who have completely mastered the technique of taking a good selfie with or without a stick. Even though I’m not at that level yet, I know that I will be just as good with more practice. And another tip. You will surely share your selfie on social networks. If it is suitable, a little make-up may be helpful. Everyone will see you there, so do your best not to be forgotten!

Photography Is All About Practice

Practice, practice, practice, everything is about practice, including good photography. Try different poses at home, in front of a mirror. Or have a friend take a photo of you in a casual setting. Photos that didn’t turn out well will be easy to delete, but you’ll see which poses suit you, which ones you need to improve, and in which way. After this trial photoshoot, you will have more self-confidence when you go to the seaside or take photos at some important moments.


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