How to Seduce Him Based on the Rising Sign?

How to Seduce Him Based on the Rising Sign?

Are you one of those women who spend days analyzing how to seduce the man you like? Find out what his rising sign is, and then apply what corresponds to that sign.

Seducing a man sometimes happens completely spontaneously – you find yourself in the right place, at the right time, you feel some energy, chemistry and that’s it. And what if you like a man with whom it doesn’t go so smoothly? What if he doesn’t really react to your spontaneous signals? Take a look at these tips on how to attract a man, and it could help to use the characteristics of certain zodiac signs for the purposes of this analysis.

Zodiac Signs in Love

The characteristics of zodiac signs in love can be briefly described as follows:

  • Aries – fiery
  • Taurus – sensual
  • Gemini – energetic
  • Cancer – emotional
  • Leo – passionate
  • Virgo – analytical and cool
  • Libra – romantic
  • Scorpio – possessive
  • Sagittarius – spontaneous
  • Capricorn – too serious
  • Aquarius – unstable and fickle
  • Pisces – sensitive

In order to really know how to seduce a man who has become the object of your thoughts and desires, don’t forget to take into account his Rising sign also known as Ascendant, because it is an integral part of his character and should not be neglected.

If you are already studying the seduction tactics for a man because spontaneous seduction does not work for you, then study him well – from all aspects.

What Does the Rising Sign Have to Do With Seduction?

The answer to the question of how to seduce a man with the help of a zodiac depends much more on the rising sign than on the sign of the zodiac. The rising sign in astrology is actually the sign that rules your first house in the natal chart and it all starts with it. This is how we present ourselves to the world and how others present themselves to us.

Seducing a man is something that depends on the first impression, and it is the rising sign of the zodiac that leaves the first impression and the external image of you.

What image is projected by the man you want to seduce and more importantly, what image should you show to the man of your dreams? The answer to that is the right answer to the question, “How to seduce him?”

To know how to win a man, you need to know how to calculate his rising sign of the zodiac. You must have noticed that not all Aries and all Leos of the zodiac are the same. Of course, this is normal because we are not all born under the same stars.

So, do you need to do astrology to know how to seduce a man?  

Astrologers can, based on the birth data of the man you like, present the characteristics of the zodiac signs and check how compatible his sign is with yours.

But take it easy, don’t rush into it right away! Seduce him first, and for that it is enough to know something about his rising sign.

How to Seduce a Man Based on His Rising Sign?

How to Seduce a Man Based on His Rising Sign?

Now that you know his rising sign, it’s time to devise a seduction tactic that will get his attention.

Here’s how to seduce a man based on his rising sign of the zodiac:


Want to know how to seduce a man whose rising sign is Aries? Then you have to know this – he is the leader. Don’t try to be dominant and don’t let him realize he’s seduced. He is the one who seduces! Aries in the rising sign does not want to hear about other men in your life and your previous relationships – he wants you to think he is unique. Don’t spare your admiration. Admire his strength, intelligence, business success, resourcefulness… Aries love girls like them – alive and energetic. A shy, calm, withdrawn girl will not be the subject of their attention. If you want to seduce an Aries man, you need to be honest and open.

Sex is very important to them, so use that as an advantage. Be sexy and do your best to increase your sex appeal!

After all, Mars is the main planet of this sign, and it is a symbol of passion and desire.


A man with a rising sign in Taurus is guided by Venus as the planet of his rising sign, and that makes him romantic. They love art and everything that is beautiful.

If you are wondering how to win a man with a rising sign in Taurus, do your best to look great and do not forget the perfume. This rising sign will evaluate you with all his senses.

He doesn’t rush into new love affairs. He prefers to find a partner who suits him, to the one who will be just another girl on his list. He seduces with words and nice gestures, so you need to know how to appreciate that. In sex, they rely a lot on smells and touches, so do your best to provide that. But first, find out what the erogenous zones of a Taurus are. Rising sign in Taurus will primarily be attracted by a woman who is beautiful, stylish and of sophisticated behavior, but it is not uncommon for a Taurus to go crazy for someone who is the total opposite of himself, a bit mysterious, exuding sex appeal.


He’s a rising sign in Gemini? You’ve probably noticed that he has that cheerful, open character trait and a good sense of humor. Well, to begin with, if you want to seduce him, laugh at his jokes! They have a very adventurous nature and if you start talking about a serious relationship, they will probably build a wall of defense in front of them. Instead, try to charm him with your wit.

While some men will be attracted by looks, you can seduce a man whose rising sign is Gemini with your charm and wit.

These men like to flirt, both in words and deeds, and they need a lot of freedom. The best way to win a man with this rising sign is to let him know that his freedom will not be compromised.


According to the characteristics of zodiac signs, this is an emotional sign. So, how to seduce a man with this rising sign? These men are very sensitive and do not want sex at any cost. They are afraid of rejection, so they don’t just rush into flirtations, and once they bond, they do it firmly. They often change their moods, but they like to take care of others. Do you want him for yourself? Then it is enough to pretend you are helpless and he will save you. They are very romantic, so if you have the opportunity to create such an atmosphere for him, go ahead.

Their planet is the Moon and the stars say that they make love best when the Moon is full.  

With them, sex and emotions always go together and it is never just a physical experience!


Leo, whether in the sign or rising sign, likes to be the center of attention. The basic rule of seducing a man with a rising sign in Leo is to listen to him carefully and to admire him. You are not the center of the conversation, he is. When choosing girls for a relationship, they like to be proud of them.

In order to seduce a leo, you need to show yourself in your best edition – intellectually and physically.

In sex, they like to be the center of attention as well. They love unusual and unpredictable things and excitement, so love and sex with them can be a very interesting experience. Well, it may seem demanding to give them all the attention they expect, but love is giving and receiving, right? Believe me, Leo will get all that love back to you.


How to seduce a man with this rising sign? This seems like a mission impossible because these men are perfectionists and like to pick holes in everything.

They like to be perfect and everything around them to be perfect as well. That is why they are very picky and analyze everything. In fact, it would not be surprising for them to analyze your sign and rising sign as well.

What are they like in bed? Neat, above all, and expect the same from the partner. There is no spontaneity. Everything is planned. Do you want a good sex? Plan what you want and tell that to the man with the rising sign in Virgo. He will do it in detail and analytically, just like any other task.


Libra loves everything around them to be in harmony and they appreciate beauty very much.

If you want to know how to win a man who has this rising sign of the zodiac, then it is important to know one thing – feel free to spend hours on grooming!

Libra is charming, likes to be in love, and with a little effort, you will easily reach his heart. A Libra man in bed does his best to leave an impression and to satisfy a woman.

Seducing a Man


Scorpio as a rising sign is another of those types of men who love adventure, especially in sex.

If you want to know how to seduce a man with a rising sign in Scorpio, then you need to find a way to get him out of control and offer him something challenging.

They know how to be quite extreme, both in making love and expressing emotions. For them, sex in a car is a simple, boring, and outdated thing. Their emotions are not something you have to look for and read between the lines. You want him? Be sexy, a bit mysterious, and free in your sexual fantasies.


A man with a rising sign in Sagittarius falls in love easily and would be happiest in a harem. If you are planning to seduce him, it is not very difficult. You can charm him with your looks or your behavior – it’s easy to get his attention. However, keep in mind that this attention is very short-lived.

The rising sign in Sagittarius is not a fan of “They lived happily ever after” relationships and by the time you turn around, he may already be with another woman.

Do you want a stormy relationship? The Sagittarius is the right type of man for that. Want a long romantic relationship and commitment? Try a more romantic sign or give him enough freedom. This rising sign of the zodiac likes to experiment in sex. Let him know that you are open, free, adventurous, tell a couple of good jokes and this man will be yours.


If the man you like has Capricorn as a rising sign, then the question “How do I seduce him?” is a real enigma. What characterizes a Capricorn is control and strictness, and if you don’t fit into his imagined frame, there is little chance that you will attract him. He should be approached gradually. Love at first sight does not work for him. Once you manage to seduce him, he will want you for the rest of his life.

In order to seduce a man whose rising sign is Capricorn, you need to know his thoughts and ideas. He does not enter relationships using his heart, but using his mind.  

Capricorn is a type of character who is career and job oriented. Sex with him can be boring and monotonous – for them, sex is a job like any other job.

The man who has Aquarius as a rising sign is completely unpredictable


The man who has Aquarius as a rising sign is completely unpredictable and special and that’s why it’s so hard to know how to seduce him. One thing is for sure – they like to hang out and cultivate many friendships. If you want to seduce him, then offer him friendship first. This rising sign values his freedom, but in relationships, he often likes to be with someone who is in control, because that is not his strong point. In sex, they like to show their unpredictable nature.

Show him that you have a sense of adventure and do something spontaneous, and you will have him in the palm of your hand.


Men with this rising sign are dreamers and the answer to the question “How do I seduce him?” depends on how you fit into his dreams. How to seduce him then?

Find out about his dreams or trick him quickly and take him to a different world – give him a different atmosphere, something unusual and beautiful.

As for sex, they go to extremes. Either they want it too much, or they don’t want it at all. An erotic massage is enough for them.


Seducing a man is not always an easy job. Although we often think that they are all made from the same mold, the fact is that each of them reacts differently. Some men fall for charm, some for good looks, for some wit is important. It largely depends on their sign, but the rising sign is what allows you to get him easily and without problems.

How you seduce him depends on what you want from him. For a short adventure or ‘love while the chemistry lasts’, it is enough to adjust to his wishes. If you want more than a one-night stand, then you don’t need to transform into a super heroine from his dreams and pretend to be something you are not for the rest of your life. In that case, instead of finding a way to seduce a man in accordance with his rising sign, it is better to find the sign and rising sign of the zodiac which fits you best and which will allow you to be what you are – without faking it!


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