Kegel Exercises and Everything You Need to Know About Them

Kegel Exercises and Everything You Need to Know About Them

You’ve probably heard of Kegel exercises, but do you do them regularly? Do you know what they are good for and how to perform them? Here is a detailed guide and answers to those and many other questions.

These simple exercises have many benefits for women – from those related to maintaining health to those related to better enjoyment of sex. Best of all, you can do them anytime, anywhere, without anyone doubting that you do them.

Yes, that’s exactly how it sounds – Kegel exercises for women are an opportunity to improve your own sex life without anyone knowing it.

But you need to know something about them.

What are Kegel exercises?

Dr. Arnold Kegel published a study describing Kegel’s bladder exercises in 1948. He studied them as a method that should strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the pelvis in order to prevent uncontrolled urination in some patients.

Such exercises gave good results after a few weeks, so they deservedly gained importance in women’s health.

Okay, it’s not that you really need to know the text of his research or the year the study was published, but it’s not bad to be informed about what these exercises are for and where they got their name from.

When Kegel exercises are mentioned, many give them a sexual connotation. This is not entirely illogical due to the very location of the muscles that are strengthened by these exercises and which we can freely consider as vaginal muscles.

Over time, it has been discovered that these exercises can increase the chances of reaching orgasm in women during sex. However, this role in improving sexual pleasure was discovered quite by accident as a side effect, and Kegel publicly announced it in 1952.

Since then, his exercises have become synonymous with vaginal exercises, although this was not their primary function.

How are Kegel exercises done?

Many women do these vaginal exercises unconsciously and unknowingly do a good thing. If they knew, they would do them more often.

Many others do not do them at all.

No matter which group you belong to, read how to do them properly and what you can get out of it.

Kegel exercises are not physically demanding and can be done by literally anyone, all you need to follow are these three steps:

How are Kegel exercises done?

Identify the muscles you need to tighten

The easiest way to do this is to try to tighten the vaginal muscles. Make a move as if you want to stop the flow of urine or prevent the release of gases in a situation when, for example, you are waiting in line at the supermarket, and a handsome guy is standing behind you.

Make sure you are doing the right thing

Important! Do not exercise constantly by stopping urination. It’s just a test. A place on your toilet is not an ideal environment for exercise, and if you often practice stopping urination, you will not empty your bladder completely. This creates a better chance of bladder inflammation.

Another way to check that you are doing the exercises correctly is to ask your partner to help you with that discovery.

Get him into bed with one of your methods for attracting men and under the pretext of “Let me show you what Kegel exercises are. You’ll love it!” Squeeze the vaginal muscles during intercourse and ask if he feels the pressure.

Sure, you can do the same with your finger or ask for the advice of your gynaecologist, but that’s a much less pleasant option, isn’t it?

Improve exercises

Like any exercise, this can become a monotonous and tedious task if you do the same thing every day.

Well, here’s how to make Kegel exercises a challenge!

Start with a basic exercise

For a start, it is enough to tighten the muscles and hold for 10 seconds. After that, relax your muscles for 10 seconds. Repeat this set 10 times, 3 times a day.

If 10 seconds of holding seems very demanding, start with 3 or 4 seconds and gradually increase the effort.

Accelerate the pace

If you have mastered the basic movements, then take the next step. Tighten and relax your muscles 20 times fast, say at a rate of once a second.

Then take a short break and repeat another round. Start with two such sets a day, and gradually increase the number of contractions to 75 per set.

It sounds a lot, but relax – it’s not 75 abs! If you do contractions once a second, it’s a minute and 15 seconds of exercise. And that’s not much!

Upgrade the exercise

Once you have mastered the speed of performing the exercises, you have to make things a little harder in order to better strengthen your muscles and so that the exercise does not become too simple and monotonous.

Every exercise program has its modifications. What kind of exercise is that, if there are no challenges?

Try this:

  • When you squeeze a muscle, do it hard, as if trying to suck some imaginary water into your interior and keep it there.
  • When you relax, do it with greater intensity, just like trying to get the same water out of you.

It is very important that you do Kegel exercises correctly. When you squeeze the muscles of the lower part of the pelvis, then you should not engage the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, legs, but only that small inner part.

It may be difficult to locate this part at first, but the exercise will work wonders and results will be there very quickly.

Kegel exercises against uncontrolled urination

The primary role of strengthening the lower pelvic muscles was to prevent uncontrolled urination in women, and today we know that Kegel exercises for the bladder can solve other problems as well.

The lower pelvic floor muscles support many organs in our belly, thus holding the uterus, intestines and bladder in place. When they weaken, not only will your orgasmic experience of sex suffer, but making love in general will become an activity to avoid.

And here’s what it’s all about…

You may think that uncontrolled urination cannot happen to you and that it is a problem of small children, but it is not quite so.

Have you ever sneezed or coughed and your bladder involuntarily leaked?

Maybe you can’t jump in fear of the same thing happening to you, so that’s an excuse for you not to do any physical activity and exercise?

Kegel exercises are not difficult and demanding and can prevent uncontrolled urination.

What excuse do you have for not doing them?

Yes, we already know, you don’t think that can happen to you.

However, keep the following in mind:

We are all getting older, and it is a natural process that causes many changes in our body. For some it is back pain, for some it is memory problems or some other problem.

In women with weak and stretched vaginal muscles, in later years, the organs in the lower part of the stomach can literally lower the vaginal opening and then a condition called uterus prolapse occurs.

It is quite a complicated and unpleasant case that will definitely make your life miserable.

However, things do not always have to be so drastic, so minor inconveniences can occur, such as poor bladder control and involuntary urination. In the wrong place at the wrong time, this can be an equally big problem.

There are many reasons why pelvic floor muscles can weaken. Pregnancy, childbirth itself, or being overweight will contribute to that. This may inspire you to give birth by Cesarean section one day or find a diet for yourself.

However, you must know that even without childbirth, this can happen and muscles can stretch and weaken for a number of other reasons.

Easy way to orgasm. Is Kegel responsible for that?

Do you fake an orgasm?

Okay, this is a tricky question, but don’t skip it right away. Did you know that Kegel exercises can help some women achieve this experience?

This is not a negligible problem at all, nor is the question of faking it meaningless. According to some data from Harvard, only 25% of women experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse.

This means that the percentage of those who fake it is considerable. There can be many reasons for that: from the difficulty of finding the G-spot, to being overwhelmed by that goal, and for some women, sex is a painful experience. In that case, they like a good erotic massage more than sex under stress.

And what do Kegel exercises have to do with that?

In 1952, Arnold Kegel, by examining women who followed his advice, came to the conclusion that strengthening the internal vaginal muscles increases the enjoyment of sex.

There are a few explanations for this:

  • Due to muscle strengthening, intercourse can be less painful and therefore more satisfying for those women who have this type of problem.
  • Exercise increases the blood supply to that part of the body and thus it becomes more sensitive to touch and stimulation, and brings the body one step closer to the climax. Those same muscles contract during sex, and your partner will surely feel the reaction of tightening and releasing these muscles when you really experience an orgasm – without faking!
When exercise becomes a routine

When exercise becomes a routine

Have we convinced you to start doing Dr Kegel’s exercises regularly?

It is not difficult to include them in the routine because you can do them anywhere and regardless of whether you are standing, sitting or lying down.

True, it may be a little difficult to do them on the go or while working out in the gym, but here are a few ideas on where and how you can do them:

  • In a bus or car while going to work
  • In any waiting room
  • While surfing the internet and reading our magazine
  • At work – while working, not just on breaks
  • While having coffee with friends
  • When talking to a guy on the phone. Just be careful not to start counting out loud
  • While having breakfast

or in any situation that repeats itself every day and is a part of your routine.

Although they are mostly mentioned as great exercises for women, there are also Kegel exercises for men. Certainly, they do not face the same problems as women, but these exercises are also useful to them.

We’ll write about that on some other occasion. For now, let us just advise you that if it is easier for you to do exercises with someone because you are a team player, you can agree with your partner and train in pairs.

We will reveal something else that you should know:

A small percentage of women manage to reach orgasm while performing Kegel exercises. Try it. Maybe you are one of them!


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