Delaying Period or Swimming at All Costs? How to Survive Vacation!

Delaying Period or Swimming at All Costs? How to Survive Vacation!

There are situations when you can’t postpone your vacation, and you expect a cycle during that period. Here’s how delaying period can help you make the best of your holiday.

Summer is a time that we mostly associate with swimming and lying on the beach, and menstruation at sea is the last thing you want in that idyll. Even if you choose another type of vacation destination, the cycle can affect your relaxation and enjoyment.

Delaying period allows you to enjoy your summer vacation and here is how you can do it safely.

How to delay the period for vacation?

You can plan your vacation months in advance, but the chances are small that you will consider whether you will have a period during it when you need to choose the time, place, price, and accommodation of your vacation. Even when your menstrual cycle is regular and always right on time, something can always come up to disturb it – any kind of stress, illness, and even just traveling can be a reason for it to appear when you don’t expect it.

How to delay the period for vacation?

If you are spending the vacation in the mountains or in the countryside, the cycle is not such a terrible thing. But when you go on vacation with the intention of lying and sunbathing on the beach in a swimming suit and swimming in the water, it becomes a great inconvenience. However, in no case will you enjoy or will it make your vacation more beautiful.

Menstruation at sea is a real horror and if you don’t postpone it with pills for delaying period, you can spend half your vacation under the beach umbrella, in shorts, waiting for your red moments to pass and watching your friends have fun without you. It is neither pleasant for you to swim, nor to take off your clothes and sunbathe and worry all day if there will be an accident. Camping can be an even worse experience, primarily due to the fact that you do not have basic hygiene conditions at your disposal at that time.

Sometimes you can plan your vacation according to your cycle, but very often that is not the case.

Do you let things go their way or put them off?

Have you tried pills for delaying periods?

Delaying commitments is not always a desirable pattern of behavior, but delaying period sounds like a great idea when you realize that it will find you in the middle of a vacation. Menstrual delay pills are used for this purpose. However, before you rush to get a perfect vacation in the pharmacy, you need to know how these pills work, how to take them, and whether they have any side effects.

Menstrual delay pills contain norethisterone, which is actually a synthetic form of progesterone – a female sex hormone. Excess progesterone in the body affects the delay of ovulation and as a result, menstruation does not occur. Due to this, progesterone was used in various forms of contraception pills, such as for example, morning-after pills.

How are menstrual delay pills used?

Menstrual delay pills that are on the market work in the same way and have the same active substance – norethisterone. If you do not want to go through all the complications of menstruation at sea, then you will have to take these pills 3 times a day, always at the same time.

You may be carefree about the cycle, but you will worry about whether you have taken your dose of the pill.

Menstrual delay pills do not stop bleeding immediately after the first dose. To be sure that your vacation will go smoothly, you need to take them for at least 3 days before the start of the period and you will have to take them continuously for as long as you have a need for delaying period, but not more than 21 days.

You can expect bleeding 2-3 days after this therapy.

Although generally safe, menstrual delay pills are not the best combination with some medications such as natural preparations based on St. John’s wort, medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as many others.

If you are taking regular therapy, it is best to consult your doctor about delaying the period.

Experiences with cycle delay pills are mostly positive and the most common consequence is heavier menstruation, headaches, or chest tightness. It should be kept in mind that each organism reacts in its own way, and these are more exceptions than the rule.

Delaying period with birth control pills

If you need to delay the period, then birth control pills are a better option. They also contain certain levels of progesterone and are taken regularly for a certain period of time.

How are birth control pills used for delaying periods?

How are birth control pills used for delaying periods?

In the pack of birth control pills, there are usually 21 active pills and 7 placebo pills, which are nothing but a certain dose of vitamins and minerals. In this way, you regulate your menstruation yourself.

  • When you take active pills, menstruation does not occur.
  • When you switch to vitamins, which are there only to help you maintain the habit of taking one pill a day, bleeding occurs.

It is enough, therefore, to start a new dose of active contraceptive pills instead of placebo pills. As long as you are under their influence, there will be no menstruation.

Birth control pills protect against pregnancy and delay the cycle. Menstrual delay pills do not have this double role and do not protect against pregnancy!

If menstruation does not occur 7 days after the last delay pill, contact your gynecologist and do a pregnancy test.

Delaying period naturally

If regulating your cycle with menstrual pills doesn’t sound like an acceptable option, you can try some natural variants. However, you should keep in mind that they have not been checked and tested as pills and there is no guarantee that natural variants will work.

If ovulation has already occurred, then delaying the period naturally is not possible. In this way, you are actually primarily influencing the shift in ovulation.

These are less effective methods that can delay the period for a maximum of 4-5 days, so if it suits you, you can try them. Anyway, they are not harmful!

Apple cider vinegar – drink a glass of mineral water with 3-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 3 times a day. This should delay menstruation, and if it has started, it will reduce bleeding.

Eliminate spicy foods from your diet – in addition to eating healthier, you will delay bleeding for a few days. All you have to do is take action a few weeks in advance. Avoid spicy ingredients, garlic, black pepper, and strong tastes in general, because then the body produces more estrogen and menstruation occurs earlier.

Parsley leaf tea – prepare it by boiling a handful of leaves in 15 oz (0.5 l) of water for 20 minutes. Tea is consumed warm, 3 times a day. Here, too, it is important to start on time, at least 2 weeks before menstruation is due to begin.

To avoid the impression of drinking tasteless soup 3 times a day, add a little honey to the tea.

Parsley tea for delaying the cycle

Exercise – you have probably heard that excessive exercise can be a reason for a delayed period or its complete absence. Maybe that’s the solution to your problem. Start with strenuous workouts 2-4 weeks before you expect your period.

If you are not fit enough, do not shock your body with sudden physical exertion, but try a more moderate exercise program or choose another way to delay menstruation naturally.

Gelatin – dissolve a bag of gelatin in a bowl with lukewarm water and consume it 3 times a day. You can delay your cycle like this for a day or two.

These are completely natural ways, but there is no evidence that they work 100% and you can’t completely rely on them.

Delaying period or causing it a few days earlier – which is better?

By the exact same logic, you can cause menstruation a few days earlier if it fits your plans.Get over with it and continue with your activities.

Eat more spicy foods – if avoiding it leads to the fact that you can delay the cycle, enjoying spicy food can cause menstruation the day before.

Orange juice – drink it three times a day and start on time, a few days before your period is due.

Fresh carrots – whether you eat it fresh or make juice from it, it is necessary to consume it three times a day. Carrots have carotene which will stimulate estrogen production and speed up the onset of menstruation. You can use pumpkin in the same way.

Sesame seeds – mix a few teaspoons of sesame seeds with warm water, because the soaked seeds are more efficient than dry. Start 15 days before the cycle and consume 2 times a day.

Enjoy sex – stimulate your G-spot and cause uterine contractions and there is a high probability that you will cause a cycle the day before.

Don’t like the idea of ​​delaying period or causing it? Then relax and swim, no matter what!

How is swimming possible during menstruation?

Pills for delaying periods may seem like playing with nature and hormones, and you may be one of those who will want to let things just happen. It can also happen that menstruation occurs in the middle of summer, even though you planned everything nicely and did not expect it.

Is swimming allowed during menstruation?

Well, there is a way for menstruation at sea not to be an obstacle for your enjoyment and swimming.

Just as it is allowed and desirable to take a shower while bleeding, so swimming in the sea during those days will not harm you.

The only problem is that you will not be relaxed and that you will constantly check if blood has leaked on your swimming suit. In addition, the water in the sea, pool, lake, or wherever you swim is not as warm as the water in the shower and you may not like cold water.

How is swimming possible during menstruation?

If, however, you have decided to try swimming during menstruation rather than menstrual delay pills or sitting in a corner, then go ahead. Do this by following these tips:

  • Do not swim with a menstrual pad. The one with the wings will not go unnoticed on the beach, and the one without them will very easily slip off its place while swimming. In addition, the pads will soak in the water and will no longer have the power to absorb blood. So, even if you successfully hide them under shorts, this kind of protection is not the best.
  • Use a tampon. Yes, here is your solution! It is very important to use a tampon that fits the intensity of your cycle. Those that are needed to stop a heavier outflow of blood are larger than those that are intended for a less abundant cycle. A tampon that is big enough will pick up blood quite effectively during swimming.

Replace the tampon after getting out of the water to prevent possible infections and additional complications.

  • Provide yourself with comfort. Wear darker swimsuits if you think that despite the tampon, stains may appear. If you are uncomfortable and it seems that everyone is staring at your buttocks in order to look for proof that you are menstruating, it may be easier for you if you wear shorts.
  • Swim in a relaxed and confident way, because if you don’t tell anyone and show with your panicked behavior that something is wrong, no one will even know what’s going on inside your body. Even if a small accident happens despite wearing a tampon, it will not be noticed in the water.

Apparently, there are several ways to successfully overcome menstruation at sea or on vacation. It is a normal occurrence in healthy women happening once a month and it is completely wrong to experience it as a monthly stress. Instead, embrace it as a segment of your health and learn to adjust. Know that even when the adjustment is not easy, there is an option to enjoy the summer – by delaying period.


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