9 Reasons to Make Activated Charcoal a Part of Your Home Pharmacy

9 Reasons to Make Activated Charcoal a Part of Your Home Pharmacy

Do you have activated charcoal in your home pharmacy? You should because it is a simple and cheap way to get rid of some small inconveniences in life. Here’s how!

Many people do not know or have never heard of the fact that charcoal could be used for better health and better appearance. You have probably heard so far that many toxins from various sources are the cause of poor health, appearance, mood.

Moreover, you must have come across numerous tips on detoxification and removal of harmful substances from the body. One of the strangest but most natural ways to cleanse the body of toxins is to use activated charcoal for that purpose.

Strange, because coal is black, isn’t it? How can something black be a term for something that cleans?

And that’s not all it can do. We will reveal something else to you. Not only are there claims that it eliminates toxins from the body that we don’t even see, but you can use it to whiten your teeth and get a magnetic smile!

Sounds a little silly, doesn’t it?

Is medical charcoal a new bizarre trend?

Well, it’s nothing new, and it’s not bizarre either.

Activated charcoal is black, but it has no taste or smell and is obtained in a special way – by burning natural ingredients at high temperatures in the presence of gas.

In that way, special pores are created in it, which are actually a trap for various toxins. Coconut husks and some types of wood are mainly burned for this purpose.

Activated charcoal is not any kind of charcoal, and do not try to use for medical purposes the one that is intended for lighting fires.

The effect of activated charcoal

Surely you are still wondering how black powder can cleanse your body, how activated charcoal works for teeth, whether it whitens them and how it happens at all.

The surface of activated charcoal is negatively charged. In contrast, toxins in the body are positively charged and as such bind to its surface and remain trapped in its pores.

Medical charcoal does not absorb toxins but in some way sticks them to its surface, similar to a magnet.

Together with it, toxins are expelled from the body through the stool. It works in a similar way on the outside. It collects toxins and impurities from the skin and teeth and then you simply rinse them with water.

9 reasons to get activated charcoal

9 reasons to get activated charcoal

For medical use, it is usually made in capsules, tablets or powder. It is relatively cheap, safe to use and can solve many of your problems in a simple and natural way. Here are some reasons to get it.

1. Whiten your teeth with charcoal

Teeth can turn yellow for many reasons – due to diet or bad habits such as smoking. You need white teeth for a bright smile that attracts attention and charms people around you. You can do teeth whitening treatment in a dental office, but you can also try to do it yourself when you have medical charcoal at home.

  •  You need to mix activated charcoal powder with toothpaste and brush them as you usually do.
  •  If you want a completely natural variant without possible chemicals in toothpaste, it is enough to mix charcoal powder with a little water.

As you brush your teeth, the scene in the mirror can discourage you. Truth be told, putting something black on your teeth in order to whiten them seems completely insane. However, if you do this 2 times a week, you will notice a difference in shade very quickly.

+ Keep in mind that the color of your teeth also depends on the thickness of your enamel. Where it is better preserved and thicker, the results will be more favorable.

2. Get rid of bad breath

Medical charcoal for teeth does not have to be intended only to clean them. Impurities and bacteria on the teeth and in the mouth are not only the cause of yellow teeth, but also of bad breath.

Research has shown that charcoal attracts bacteria, so brushing your teeth with it is a great way to get rid of bad breath caused by bacteria in your mouth or tooth cavities.

3. Activated charcoal for the stomach

If you have a stomach virus or food poisoning and do not know how to stop diarrhea, charcoal may be the right solution for you. It will pick up harmful viruses and bacteria and expel them through the stool.

It can solve the problem of bloating and relieve heartburn. Namely, we digest some food thanks to enzymes in the stomach, and some thanks to bacteria that are an integral part of our microflora. This second group includes, for example, some carbohydrates.

During this process of digestion with the help of bacteria, gases are created. If a meal has been too hearty for you and you feel bloated from it, then you can take a little medical charcoal, which will bring relief very quickly.

Does something strange happen in your stomach when you are nervous? Try this medicine against a nervous stomach.

Do not overdo it with the use of charcoal. It is natural, but it should not be used every day, but only when you need it. If stomach problems are your daily problem,you should visit a doctor.

4. Cure for hangover

Did you have a stormy night? Did you relax and drink too much alcohol? If you know how to have fun, then you know very well what a hangover is. Headache, nausea and general weakness last as long as there is excess alcohol in the blood, even when the feeling of intoxication stops.

Alcohol is not so much responsible for the hangover itself, as all those other ingredients in alcoholic beverages that give them aroma, smell, colour and the like.

The liver is responsible for eliminating alcohol, which decomposes it, and activated charcoal is excellent for eliminating other toxins.

5. It lowers cholesterol levels

Medical charcoal can have a beneficial effect on heart function. Although this field needs more research, it has shown so far that it has the ability to lower the level of bad cholesterol when taken 3 times a day. It is also believed to prevent hardening of blood vessels and the development of arteriosclerosis.

Activated charcoal for face and against pimples

6. Activated charcoal for face and against pimples

Toxins are not only inside us, but also outside, on our skin and disrupt our appearance. One of the proofs that you have too many of them are pimples on your face.

There are many reasons for their appearance – from internal, hormonal, to external, which are nothing but dirt and bacteria trapped in the pores of the skin. Strawberries are great against pimples on the face, but if the season is over, activated charcoal for the face can become your new hygiene routine.

It is enough to make a face mask from one spoon of aloe vera gel, one spoon of water and one capsule of charcoal. You will get a black mixture that you will apply on your face and leave it on for a few minutes. It will pick up excess fat, impurities, bacteria and narrow the pores.

Pay attention when applying the mask on the face. Activated charcoal does not leave stains on the face, but it leaves stains on clothes.

7. Remedy against insect bites

Insect bites are unpleasant and painful when insects leave a specific poison under our skin, or transmit a bacterium to us, as chigoes can, for example. When you apply a little activated charcoal on the bite site, it will remove the poison and bring quick relief.

Of course, for the best effects, you need to react immediately after the bite, while the poison has not yet reached the bloodstream.

It is also said to be good when it comes to snake bites. However, in this case, it is better to consult a doctor.

8. Black hair shampoo

Just as it removes impurities from the skin of the face, so it removes impurities from the scalp. Due to the production of excess sebum, there is a problem with oily, sticky hair and dandruff, and all that, you will admit, is not very nice or pleasant. In addition, we pick up a lot of dirt on our hair during the day, especially when you have a habit of touching it often with your hands.

Want to detoxify your hair and scalp?

You don’t need an expensive treatment in a hair salon or a miracle shampoo. Just pour a capsule of activated charcoal into the shampoo you normally use. You will get rid of dandruff and dirt, and your hair will gain volume as a result.

Learn all about activated charcoal for hair!

9. Make an eyeliner

If you are a fan of natural cosmetics, and you want glamorous evening make-up, then eyeliner based on activated charcoal is the right thing for you. Pour it into a small bowl and add water drop by drop until you get a black eyeliner-like mixture, which you can use to draw black lines around the eyes.

Hey, don’t you think they used to put on make-up in Ancient Egypt using today’s cosmetic brands? The only drawback of this type of makeup is that it is not waterproof.

Are there any negative effects?

If we said that activated charcoal should be a part of your home pharmacy, that does not mean that you should overdo it. Just like medication, use it only when needed.

If you take some kind of therapy regularly, be sure to take it at least 2 hours before taking the medicine. If you take it later, it can pick up from the medicine those active ingredients that are needed to treat the illness and thus reduce the effect of the medicine.

If you overdo it, it will not have some terrible and life-threatening consequences, but you can expect the following:

  • black stool
  • black tongue
  • vomiting
  • obstipation

Experience with activated charcoal, how to get it and price

In most countries, activated charcoal can be purchased in better-supplied pharmacies and is usually in the form of capsules. The price depends on the manufacturer, quantity and the like.

Capsules are a great choice, because you can easily use them for internal use, or pour their contents for any external use.

Experiences with activated charcoal are mostly positive.

There is no confirmation that it will whiten your teeth 100% by 10 shades, but after a couple of treatments you will notice a difference in colour. In addition, it prevents the formation of tartar on the teeth, so that is reason enough to try it for these purposes.

It has proven to be excellent in treating upset stomach and reducing bloating. It is also safe for children, and you can also give it to your pets when they have stomach problems. In the treatment of a hangover, it is much more pleasant than trying to drink brine when you are sick.

Believe it or not, that black powder can make you feel better and can be your energy bomb. It may not fill you with energy and a good mood, but it will help you get rid of what takes that away from you.

The recommended dose for internal use is 2 to 4 capsules a day, only when you have any of the above mentioned problems.

Activated charcoal has a really wide application. It may not be as broad as baking soda’s, which is almost a universal remedy for everyday use, but it’s enough to consider its purchase. Not for every day, but for some slightly darker days!


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