Evening Make-up – Be Seductive Under the Lights of the Night

Evening Makeup - Be Seductive Under the Lights of the Night

What is the difference between evening and day make-up? How to apply make-up for night and low light, while looking glamorous at the same time?

You will agree that evening make-up offers much more freedom and creativity than day make-up. It is very important when we go out at night that our appearance tells one attractive story.

Night is the time when you can play with makeup, as well as the moment when you replace your everyday look with a flirty makeup looks of the night.

When getting ready for an evening outing, you must know your face well, that is, all its advantages and disadvantages. Makeup will hide what you don’t like about your face and emphasize your best features.

It’s the same as with your body, if you have short and stubby legs then you will not emphasize them even more but instead hide them. So makeup serves to correct or conceal.

The advantage of evening makeup is that for nighttime variants you can use bright colors, transparent lipsticks, eyeliners, fake eyelashes, rhinestones… You can put on makeup to be sensual, mystical, sexy, even vampire women.

How to get ready for the evening look?

  1. Before any makeup, clean your face from dirt, as well as from the previous makeup if you had it.
  2. Soften under-eye bags with chamomile tea bags and leave them for about 10 minutes so that the plant does its job.
  3. Shape untidy eyebrows to keep them neat and remove hair above the lips if any.
  4. Remove the restless hair from your face by tying up a ponytail or using a scarf to make makeup easier.
How to get ready for the evening look?

Clean face is like a blank canvas. When you prepare it, you can start playing with colors, cosmetics and makeup accessories. Evening makeup contains:

  • The appropriate base or powder (liquid)
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Blush
  • Shadow in color (usually black, brown, beige, although these days all colors are in)
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Face powder

When you have everything prepared, you are only one step away from evening glamour!

Evening makeup is ideal for smokey eyes.

Smokey eyes is a makeup technique that is always popular and almost indispensable as evening makeup. With this technique you can’t go wrong, because it fits any shape of the eye.

The secret of this technique lies in the fact that every eye looks seductive and sensual. For that effect, you need to follow several steps.

Step 1: Apply a foundation or powder in the color that matches your skin tone. It is best to apply foundation with a brush or sponge because that way you spread it evenly and completely. It is not advisable to use your fingers for applying powder because that way you don’t cover all parts of the face including ears and neck.

Step 2: Fill in the gaps between eyebrows with pencil in the color that matches your skin tone. Brush over eyebrows so that color blends and line doesn’t show up. It is very important that eyebrow shape be perfect because eyes look more prominent if eyebrows are nice.

Step 3: Apply some powder on eyelids and carefully blend it out with a sponge or brush.

Step 4: Pay attention to choosing shadow colors for smokey eyes makeup because smokey eyes makeup has to be very emphasized. From my personal experience I can tell you that this technology is most grateful one, either you are going to evening party, some celebration or say wedding, because it is unique and there’s no mistake with it!

  1. Apply white or light colored shadow on under eye area and on lower lid of the eye.
  2. Apply black color on the upper lid of the eye, taking care not to cover the make-up area with white shadow.
  3. Apply a gray shade in the middle of the eyelid over the black. Smear gray and black with a brush all the way to the edge where your eyebrows end.
  4. If someone likes his whole eye surrounded by black color, then apply concealer all along upper and lower lid, so lines will meet at beginning and end.

Step 5: Use a mask, preferably in black color, although new trends dictate also the metallic color. Apply the mask so that the edges of eyebrows are treated more because this way you get a better shape of eyes. If you want, you can use artificial eyelashes that have their own color and density, and they are an excellent choice for evening makeup.

Step 6: On the front part of the forehead and on the cheekbones apply highlighter as well as on the bridge of your nose. In this way you will give contours to your face. Apply peach or soft pink blush under the cheekbones, on the left and right side of the forehead and on the nose. Now you have achieved an effect of shading contours and highlighted shape.

Step 7: With a lip pencil in red color outline lips paying attention not to go over the edge and fill the line with the thinnest brush so that the line is not clearly visible. Then apply lipstick in any color because emphasis in this technique falls on eyes.

Step 8: Finally, apply makeup fixer with a powder puff in a thin layer, and you’re ready for fun.

If you still can’t manage on your own, watch the video that will reveal the secret of evening make-up in a short time.

Evening makeup for blue eyes.

Blue eyes are beautiful and unusual and very easy to apply make-up.

For evening make-up of blue eyes you can use only eye pencil, mascara, purple and white shimmering shadow and if desired rhinestones.

First step: On the entire ocular dome, apply white shadow, especially on the area under the eyebrows. It is desirable to put a base or powder with light color before applying the shadow so that it lasts longer.

Second step: With eye pencil, draw a line from the end of the eye in the direction where eyebrows are ending. Blend the line with brush so that it is not clearly visible.

Third step: Outline the end of the eyebrow with black pencil and then blend it with a brush until half of the eye is covered. In second front part, apply purple shadow and join it with black part. Those who like rhinestones can add them as dots on the root of the eye to make the effect more glamorous.

On the bottom part of the eye, apply only purple shadow to highlight the eye and let the blue color of the eye be in focus. For finishing evening makeup, leave only mascara or false eyelashes if you prefer them over it.

Make-up face is applied in the same way as described above in previous paragraph.

Evening make-up for green eyes.

Women who own green eyes are considered to be the most sexy women because the color of their eyes emit passion and energy. Green eye color is very grateful for makeup. Both day and evening makeup suits green-eyed women.

You will need eye shadows in yellow, purple and green color; brown eye pencil or brown eyeliner and black mascara (or false eyelashes with unusual applications, such as eyelashes with feathers or large gold rhinestones).

First step: Apply yellow shadow on the front upper part of the eye as well as on the front lower part of the eye. Apply shadow well with a brush, then continue to apply a strong green shade on the eye. When you cover 2/3 of the eye apply a purple shadow at the end i.e. on the end of the eye. With gentle strokes, blend colors so that they merge into one another.

Second step: Using a brown eye pencil or brown eyeliner, draw lines on both sides of your eyes (upper and lower part) so that lines cross at beginning and end point.

Third step: If you are going out in a casual evening event, it is enough to put mascara in as thick coat on your lashes and complete your look with remaining face make-up. If you are going out for a crazy night-life, then it is necessary to complete evening make-up by applying fake eyelashes of unusual shapes or with additional rhinestones (preferably golden) or tiny feathers.

With green eyes goes blush in gentle pink color.

Perfect evening look: Evening make-up à la Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe was once the icon of style and makeup. She perfectly knew her face and skillfully used makeup to hide imperfections and emphasize advantages. Her main asset was a porcelain face on which her eyes and lips stood out, as well as eyebrows that were always emphasized and darker.

Finally, red lipstick gives a special note to the whole story of evening makeup.

Perfect evening look: Evening make-up à la Marilyn Monroe

Step one: Arrange your eyebrows and fill them with a color that suits you. Feel free to add color to your eyebrows, so you can achieve the effect of fullness.

Step two: On top of the eye cap apply black eyeliner so that the line on the beginning of your eye is thinner, while from middle to end it spreads out towards brows. On the end of your eye, draw a line gently towards brows, so you get what is called cat eyes effect in this technique.

This technique doesn’t require any shadow, but if you decide to use one, then it should be neutral because emphasis falls on eyeliner.

Step three: Mascara is applied several times, so you get an effect of long, thick and curved lashes. Apply it both on top and bottom part of your eye. It is very important if you want to apply this method for evening make-up that your face is impeccable clean and to use powder or foundation in light color that eyes can stand out more easily.

Of course, bright red lipstick, that goes well with brown or black eyes, is irreplaceable. Carmine gives the final touch so that you are ready to leave someone breathless.

The term evening make-up is linked with sophisticated look which should not be taken in sense more – better, because if you exceed with quantity of make up or colors, the probability that you will charm someone is very small.

Essence is that evening make-up emphasizes attributes and shows another side of yourself. If you have followed rules for evening makeup described above, then surely you will feel more than good.


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