Natural Cosmetics at the Service of Beauty and Health!

Natural Cosmetics at the Service of Beauty and Health

Wondering if natural cosmetics are really a better choice for your skin? Doubtless! Read this text and find out why you should always opt for natural products!

There is so much talk today about nutrition and what we take into our body – but what about what we put onto our body? Just like food, skin care products may have some “sound” ingredients, and while some are harmless, others are not.

The problem is that our skin absorbs these chemicals – both good and bad – so it’s important to know the difference between “good” and “bad” cosmetics.

I have been researching everything related to natural cosmetics and I bring you all the necessary information in this text.

Natural Face Cosmetics

People say “Natural is always the best.” Today, everyone is talking about natural things. Therefore, the logical sequence of events was for natural cosmetics to enter the scene. Today, there is almost no cosmetic brand that cannot boast at least one ingredient that is of natural origin. You will understand why this is so if you read the following facts.

Natural cosmetics are effective and provide fast results.

However, the manufacturers of “synthetic” cosmetics will say that their ingredients are far more effective and give fast, almost magical results. However, don’t let that fool you.

All the main active substances that affect the condition of the skin, such as vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, enzymes or, for example, hyaluronic acid, come from natural sources. Both human and plant cells belong to the same group of cells and use the same active substances to sustain life.

That is why natural cosmetics, made from 100% natural raw materials, are the best choice for your skin since it has the highest concentration of biologically active substances.

Herbal antioxidants provide strong protection against aging, polysaccharides hydrate, and fatty acids from natural oils nourish the skin in a completely safe way.

Instead of being chemically synthesized, the active substances used in natural cosmetics come from natural ingredients, and are obtained by completely innovative methods of extraction and processing.

For example, natural vitamin E in its true molecular form is extracted from wheat germ or soybeans (non-GMO soybeans), while chemically synthesized vitamin E always contains unnatural molecules, as well as traces of various reagents, catalysts and solvents.

Natural cosmetics are obtained from natural raw materials, which are basically definitely safer for both the human body and the environment. Many raw materials obtained by chemical synthesis have a negative impact on human health and the environment.

Let’s Make It Simpler!

For example, it has been scientifically proven that parabens, which are widely used as preservatives in cosmetic products, bind to estrogen receptors and interfere with the endocrine system (hormones).

The highest concentration of parabens in the blood plasma was noticed only 3 hours after the application of the cosmetic product on the whole body. Parabens have also been found in breast milk. You are probably aware that acne is usually caused by a hormonal imbalance.

Substances obtained by chemical synthesis always contain various impurities and certain amounts of these impurities will always end up in the cosmetic product. Some of these substances can have distinct side effects even at very low concentrations.

The effects can be neurotoxic, mutagenic or teratogenic, where chemical impurities adversely affect skin tissue cells as well as the whole body. Natural ingredients, on the other hand, are carefully selected and developed to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

We must not forget the environment either. Natural products should decompose quickly in nature, which reduces the pollution of water surfaces and the environment in general. Synthetic particles and various other chemicals move through the food chain because they are not decomposed and end up in the human diet – which means that in the end we somehow eat what we throw away!

If you look back at all these facts, you have to admit that natural face cosmetics are more than a good choice for you.

Organic Cosmetics

What is the difference between natural and organic cosmetics?

You must have heard that there is so much talk today about organic food, and now there is an increasing production of the so-called organic cosmetics. What is organic cosmetics like?

Organic cosmetics are natural products that are obtained from ingredients, i.e. raw materials that have not undergone any chemical treatment, i.e. pesticides or any other harmful chemicals have not been used for the cultivation of such natural ingredients.

Organic agriculture offers significant advantages, while not allowing the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that negatively affect the environment and human health. There is evidence that the pesticides are absorbed through the epidermis and affect the endocrine system.

They can also have a systemic effect on the human body as a whole. Sounds pretty dangerous, doesn’t it? We believe that you have never thought about the connection between the use of a cosmetic product and your health.

The entire production process of organic cosmetics should be completely harmless and clean, which means without the use of any chemical substance that could contaminate the final product and thus damage your health. Such products should not be tested on animals and must be completely biodegradable, meaning environmentally “friendly”.

The cosmetics industry has gone so far today that there are now even cosmetic products for vegans and vegetarians, so such natural products do not contain any ingredient that is of animal origin.

How Do You Know That a Cosmetic Product Is Organic?

How Do You Know That a Cosmetic Product Is Organic?

European Union legislation does not specify what natural and organic cosmetics are. A certificate of organic origin is actually the only way to guarantee that the product is 100% organic.

Terms such as: “organic”, “natural essence”, “herbal shampoo” or even “90% natural” or “90% organic” – do not guarantee that the product will be natural and organic, unless the package contains a certificate! So pay attention to this.

There are several organizations in Europe that certify and audit natural cosmetics manufacturers. These are: ECOCERT (France), Soil Association (England), ICEA (Italy) and BDIH (Germany). Starting from 2017, all these organizations work according to a single European standard for the certification of natural cosmetics, COSMOS.

Auditors must examine the origin and certification of each raw material and ensure that the production process is clean and natural. It will also check the consistency of the product description and its quality. Such inspections are organized twice a year.

So, you can be sure that the product you use is organic only if it contains the appropriate certificate of organic origin!

Production of Natural Cosmetics

We have clarified why natural ingredients are better for your skin. But what about the production process of natural cosmetics? We must not forget that aspect as well.

The production of natural cosmetics is cleaner and environmentally friendly. Raw materials are obtained and processed with no need for a series of chemical reactions that are harmful to the environment and your body (such as bleaching, halogenation, radiation or mercury treatment).

What does clean production mean?

Clean production means the responsible use of natural resources and the careful treatment of the environment during all stages of production. This means that the amount of chemicals that end up in the wastewater and which can then reach your dining table through the food chain is maximally reduced!

There is a really large number of manufacturers of natural cosmetics, and we have researched some of the most important ones and what we have found out is presented below.

Homemade Natural Cosmetics

Believe it or not, our country can boast of a large number of cosmetic lines based on natural and even organic ingredients. What all our producers of natural cosmetics have in common is that they never use artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, preservatives and other harmful ingredients – only natural substances.

They are usually smaller productions, made up of only a few people, enthusiasts as we like to say – who believe in the power and healing properties of natural cosmetics. Their advertising may not be as pompous as is the case with larger cosmetic companies, but dedication and love are woven into each of their products.

  • All Nut is really a true gem of nature and boasts great face and body care products. They have their own shop, but also an online shop. They started by producing cold-pressed edible oils, and later expanded and now have a number of truly wonderful natural products for face, body and hair care – with these cold-pressed oils being the basis of their cosmetics.
  • Marigold natural cosmetics  also have products for the youngest in addition to these classic ones in its assortment, and as the name suggests – their products are based on the miraculous calendula, which has long been known for its excellent properties for the skin and body in general. Besides calendula, the products also contain jojoba, evening primrose, almond, avocado, wheat germ, grape seed, rose fruit and other oils. Panthenol, bisabolol, allantoin, vitamin E, green clay, chamomile extracts, wild chestnut and other plants are also found in these products, and as for the fragrance, there are essential oils: lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, geranium, ylang ylang, palmarose etc.
  • Herbalia soap shop boasts the production of luxury herbal soaps, solid shampoos and creams.

Ovotaris Natural Cosmetics

For now, it can boast of the following products:

  • Acnoline lotion and gel against acne, pimples and blackheads; contains the following ingredients: Tamarinda plant extract, coastal pine resin extract, saffron, D-panthenyl triacetate, allantoin, aloe vera, diglycerin, Honey sun flower (natural extract based on oyster mushroom and meadow lily flower).
  • Vlasilan hair shampoo, without sulfates, parabens and silicone.
  • Celulex anti-cellulite gel; contains tinctures of the plants Hedera helix, Aesculus Hypocastanum, Arnicae, Quercus cortex, Aethanolum menthae piperite and Caffeine, among other ingredients of this complex herbal formula.
  • Neborela anti-wrinkle cream, against blemishes on the face.

We also found some other interesting manufacturers of homemade natural cosmetics:

  • Alchemy Apothecary
  • Nuppu
  • All cosmetics
  • Sabi Handmade
  • Beauty Bar lotions & potions
  • Koozmetik
  • Sofi kozmetika
  • Freshka Gora
  • Herbateria

Natural Russian Cosmetics

Natural Russian cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular in our area. Russian alternative medicine is generally highly valued in the world, since in the area of intact nature of Siberia and other parts of Russia truly unique and endemic plant species that have a huge healing potential can be found.

You can find really different cosmetic products that are originally from Russia, and you can mostly find them in specialized Russian stores and pharmacies.

We researched which is the best natural Russian cosmetics and found out the following.

The most famous natural Russian cosmetics in our country is certainly Natura Siberica, whose natural products are created on the basis of wild, hand-picked plants and medicinal herbs from the area of Siberia. The purity of these famous Russian products is also confirmed by the certificates of eminent ecological and biological cosmetics ECOCERT1 and ICEA2.

  • Natura Siberica has a program for women, men, children and babies – both for the body and the face – and is one of the few companies in the world that can boast the Cosmos-Standard AISBL3 certificate.
  • Baikal natural Russian cosmetics also successfully meets the strict quality standards required for organic cosmetics and this cosmetic line is obtained from natural components from nature itself. It also has a face and body care program.
  • The Russian cosmetic house “MIRRA” can boast of top products for face and body care that do not contain hormones, ingredients of animal origin, mineral oils, artificial colors, GMOs and synthetic paraffin.

Keep in mind, however, that for people from our area, the most effective cosmetics are those based on plants that grow in our area. There is this harmony and law in nature and it is good to obey it.

Other Manufacturers of Natural Cosmetics

Diva is a Macedonian natural cosmetics that produces luxury natural soaps and other products, and thanks to online sales – you can buy it and try it yourself.

Plantagea natural cosmetics comes from Croatia, and their range includes tonics, lotions, oil macerates, gels, masks, scrubs, skin oils, balms, emulsions and much more – made from the highest quality natural ingredients.

Mystery is a cosmetic line based on natural raw materials originating from Republika Srpska. All products are made from carefully selected vegetable and essential oils of the highest quality.

Alverde is a German natural cosmetics whose raw materials come from controlled organic production, these products do not contain ingredients based on mineral oils, synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives, and a large number of the products also bear the Vegan label (without animal ingredients). This line of natural cosmetics even contains make-up products in its assortment.

Weleda is a top organic German cosmetics that also contains products for babies and children. All natural ingredients are grown on a special farm of this company and absolutely all production rules are followed.

Dr. Hauschka is a high-quality natural cosmetic. The Viennese chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka founded a factory for the production of natural medicines and supplements in 1935, however, later it was extended to organic cosmetics. All stages of cultivation, from sowing to harvest, and then the processing of plants, are done manually. A  team of top experts worked on creating these cosmetic products.

Natural Cosmetics Recipes

Natural Cosmetics Recipes

There are numerous recipes for natural cosmetic products. Surely you have most of these ingredients in your kitchen. So run to the kitchen and smudge something nice and healthy for your skin!

Natural Facial Cleansers

Believe it or not, raw honey is a good natural cleanser for combination skin. Raw honey is actually honey in its most natural form, so it can never be honey that you can buy in a hypermarket – but try to get it directly from beekeepers, ie. from verified sources.

Honey has healing properties for the skin and helps to get rid of dry under-eye areas in combination skin in order to retain moisture. Honey has a calming effect and is rich in minerals, vitamins (such as B group vitamins and biotin) and antioxidants. The antiseptic properties of honey help fight acne, acting against bacteria on the skin. In addition to honey, another bee product – propolis – has excellent effects on the skin.

When it comes to oily facial skin, did you know that clay is one of the best cleansers for this kind of skin? Find out which oily skin face masks are a good choice for you if you are struggling with this type of skin.

When it comes to natural facial scrubs, the following can be used for these purposes:

  • sugar
  • sea salt
  • corn flour
  • soda
  • oatmeal
  • coffee
  • honey
  • yoghurt.

Natural Facial Scrub With Corn Flour

Mix 2 tablespoons of finely ground corn flour with 3 tablespoons of yoghurt (or plain milk) and apply the mixture on a damp face. Rub gently and leave on for a few minutes, then just rinse the skin with lukewarm water.

We will also point out one trick, and that is to always wash with cold water at the end, because it shrinks the pores and so your face stays fresh and tightened! Also, it is a much better option to wipe your face with a paper towel instead of a usual towel, because towels often collect bacteria that are not exactly friendly to your skin.

Natural Face Tonics

Skin toning is an important part of a skin care routine. This is especially important in the case of combination skin, because it helps to balance the skin tone. The face tonic removes the remnants of skin cleanser from the face, removes excess sebum from oily areas and gently hydrates dry areas on the face.

The best natural tonic for combination facial skin is a solution of cucumber and purified water, and you can also use:

  • chilled mint tea,
  • chamomile tea,
  • green tea,
  • aloe vera juice,
  • whey,
  • apple cider vinegar with water.

Rose water or other hydrolates are also excellent natural tonics for combination skin types. Astringent tonics (which tighten and shrink enlarged pores), such as lemon juice, can be too aggressive for combination skin. These natural products remove sebum from the skin, and in turn, the skin can produce excess sebum to compensate for this loss.

Natural Cucumber Face Tonic

Chop one small fresh cucumber into slices. Pour a cup of water into a pan and add chopped cucumber slices. Heat the water at a mild temperature until the water starts to boil.

Finally, blend the cucumber and water, wait for it to cool and strain the juice using a fine strainer. Apply this natural tonic on your face using a cotton swab.

Natural Skin Moisturizers

Do you know that you can use the most common glycerin to naturally hydrate combination skin? Just mix one part of glycerin with four parts of purified water and massage it into the skin with your fingertips. In the colder months of the year, you can also add a drop of oil (like almond oil or lavender oil).

Feel free to experiment with different types of oils. Just note that some oils are “heavier” than others, and each oil has its own natural scent that some may like and some may not.

Glycerin, however, does not offer effective protection from sunlight, but there are natural products on the market that also contain a protective factor. These sunscreen products usually contain zinc-oxide or titanium-oxide instead of chemicals. See resources for natural sunscreen products.

Natural Calendula Cream

Mix 2 cups of dried calendula petals with 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil and heat this mixture over low heat for about 15 minutes. Remove from the stove, cover and wait for a few hours, and finally just strain using ordinary gauze. This way you will get natural calendula oil.

Now pour this oil into the pot and slowly add ¼ cups of beeswax (previously grated) and heat constantly stirring. When the beeswax melts, you get your natural calendula cream. This natural cream should be stored in a glass jar in a cool and dark place.

Calendula cream can be used for:

  • hydration and care of dry skin
  • acne and pimples
  • against burns
  • eczema and redness
  • scars
  • freckles and spots on the face
  • psoriasis
  • fungal infection of the skin

Natural Anti-Wrinkle Cream

You know how good coconut oil is for the skin, and thyme oil has been proven to work against skin aging. Heat 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, dissolve it and pour into a glass jar, then add 2 capsules of vitamin E and 3 drops of thyme oil. Stir the resulting mixture gently to even it out and store the closed jar in the refrigerator.

Besides this combination, there are some other anti-wrinkle creams that may be right just for you, and there are also natural anti-wrinkle masks.

Natural Cosmetics Sale

Natural cosmetics are really available to everyone today. Some brands can be found in drugstores, health food stores, pharmacies and in general in places where cosmetic products are sold.

However, some smaller producers, which especially refers to domestic natural cosmetics, advertise and sell their products on the Internet, i.e. the so-called online stores.

Some manufacturers even have their own store where they sell exclusively their products, such as the domestic brand All Nut or the Russian Natura Siberica. Here, a team of experts will help you choose the best product for you.

If you are interested in natural skin care products, you can simply order these products from home, from your armchair, online and they will arrive at your home address.

Natural Cosmetics Prices

When it comes to prices, you have to know that they are really negligible when it comes to good and quality natural, and especially organic cosmetics. Depending on the brand, we can say that there are products for everyone’s pocket.

Some good organic creams can cost even a few hundred dollars, but if you look at the fact that they are completely pure and natural ingredients – then you will understand why this is so. However, this mainly applies to foreign brands, while our manufacturers have indeed set very affordable prices.

Natural shampoos, lotions, creams, serums and similar products can vary in price and go up to 50-100 dollars (higher prices are mainly for creams and serums).

The market today is such that there is an increasing number of manufacturers of natural cosmetics and therefore the prices are not particularly high, although it all depends on the brand. German and other foreign brands of natural cosmetics certainly have higher prices than natural products from our area.

You must have heard many times that health has no price. For a long time we thought that cosmetics cannot affect our health and that in that case the only thing that matters is what we take into our body.

However, today we know that it is also important which products we use and that they are completely absorbed through the skin and reach inside your body. Natural ingredients always have an advantage over synthetic, chemical ingredients – and it is more than clear why this is so.

Choose only the best for yourself and your skin! Choose natural cosmetics.


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