Liposuction as a Quick Way to Get Rid of Excess Body Fat!

Liposuction as a Quick Way to Get Rid of Excess Body Fat!

Can Liposuction reduce fat layers on your body in the shortest time? In what way and at what price? Is it risky or safe? Introducing liposuction in detail!

Are you wondering if liposuction is really the most effective solution and if it really means an end to problems with unwanted fat and cellulite – or is there a more successful alternative?

The fight against fat layers can be very long and extremely frustrating. That is why it is not surprising that many women and many men at some point in their lives want to turn to surgery and solve the problem with all the excess – all at once!

What Exactly Is Liposuction?

It is a method in cosmetic surgery intended for those who want to get rid of unwanted fat tissue from their body. It is performed under total anesthesia in the case of more serious procedures, or with local anesthesia in cases of smaller and simpler procedures, for which local anesthesia is sufficiently effective (injected only into the region where the operation is performed).

Lipo is a prefix that means fat, so the word itself is enough to create an image of how this procedure is applied. About twenty minutes after the anesthesia is given, the surgery begins. It is performed by a thin metal tube connected to a vacuum, through which adipose tissue is sucked, and goes further into a glass vessel. During this procedure, the patient is connected with the infusion, in order to avoid dehydration.

Although each liposuction procedure is basically the same, there are different methods, as well as different means that doctors use during the operation, depending on which part of the body is problematic. These are the regions that can be treated:

  • Stomach
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Waist
  • The back of the knee
  • Breasts
  • Hips
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper arms

Face Liposuction

It is very rare to do only facial liposuction because your body grows fat proportionately with your face. However, it is important to know that you can remove fat layers only from the face if you wish.

This is a method by which you remove excess fat from the cheeks in a very short time. It is the cheekbone and submandibular region that are treated together.

Chin Liposuction

Although part of the face and neck, the chin is usually treated separately. It is a part of the body that takes on really diverse shapes and we have to work hard if we want it to shrink. Sometimes even rigorous diets don’t help, the chin stays the same.

That is why the method of chin liposuction removes exactly those parts that need to be removed and that change the shape of our entire figure.

What Exactly Is Liposuction?

Abdominal Liposuction

This type of liposuction is most often resorted to by those who have excess belly fat. Yes, there are liposuction diets and exercises, but the faster way is stomach liposuction.

There are several of these treatments, so you should choose the one that will be most suitable for you. 

Leg Liposuction

Here we recognize two categories. The first is thigh liposuction and the second is calf liposuction.

A much bigger problem for women is liposuction of the thighs because the thighs are the part of the body where fat layers appear first. This is where most cellulite on the legs is formed. It is also the most difficult to remove fat from the thighs, which is why women opt for this procedure. After that, self-confidence significantly boosts.

Calf liposuction is usually not necessary, because the calf region in women is not problematic. However, if the need arises, it is possible to do this treatment as well.

Results of Liposuction

Of course, we all know at least something about liposuction and what it entails. However, many of us do not have a true picture of the results that should be achieved with this treatment.

So, although we all more or less know what liposuction is, it is necessary to explain what liposuction is NOT:

  • Liposuction is not the solution for obesity! This treatment cannot help in the fight against excess weight, and it cannot change the patient’s lifestyle if things do not change radically. We all know that a healthy diet and physical activity are the most important factors for losing unwanted weight and that without healthy habits, the body cannot be healthy and slim. Fortunately, there are some tricks that can help your metabolism cope with calories…
  • Liposuction is not just for women! That’s right, there are a lot of men among the patients who want to get rid of unwanted fat layers. Although women still make up the majority of patients who have undergone this method, the male part of the population is increasingly realizing the positive aspects of this surgical method. Which brings us to the next point…
  • This procedure cannot completely solve the problem of beer stomachs! My dear beer lovers, this is unfortunately true. Of course, there are different cases (and different stomachs, of course), but in most cases, this method did not give satisfactory results in the fight against beer belly.
  • Liposuction is not omnipotent: the amount of fat that surgeons can remove is limited! Therefore, it is considered a favorable solution for those people who have a stable weight and want to solve the problem with smaller fat layers, which are, however, extremely persistent.
  • Liposuction cannot (completely) solve the problem of cellulite and stretch marks! With this procedure, your fat layers will be sucked out, but irregularities on the skin, unfortunately, cannot be completely remedied in this way. Fortunately, the market offers plenty of natural ways that can help you get rid of cellulite, and make your skin smooth and healthy.
  • Liposuction is not the permanent solution: it is the beginning of a new lifestyle! Everyone who decides to take this step should know that, besides money, will and courage, they also need the readiness to maintain their new look after the operation.

If you think that liposuction is the right step for you, you should know that it is also the first step for your new, more beautiful and healthier lifestyle (otherwise, layers may reappear).

What Types of Liposuction Are There?

What Types of Liposuction Are There?

As we have already explained, not all liposuction treatments are the same. They differ depending on which part of the body the intervention is applied to, your surgeon’s opinion on the potential risk, as well as the results you want to achieve. Today, liposuction is a much safer and simpler surgical process compared to previous years. In addition, this method is now less painful, and also much more affordable.

The traditional method involves a thin tube or cannula connected to a vacuum, through which adipose tissue is sucked. Since adipose tissue does not pass smoothly through the tube, liposuction is often associated with consequences such as bruises, and sometimes clots… But, about that later.

A slightly more advanced method is tumescent, a type of liposuction that involves an additional dose of anesthetic injected at the area of the procedure – this results in blood vessels constricting more easily while the procedure is performed so that with this liposuction the patient loses less blood with little (or no) bruising on the skin.

As you can imagine, with the advancement of medicine, cosmetic surgery has come up with non-invasive methods of liposuction. What does it mean? This means that if you opt for these methods, you do not have to worry too much about bruises or scars, because non-invasive procedures do not involve surgery. Of course, such methods are not completely painless and risk-free, but, unlike older methods, they are really much safer and more efficient.

These are non-invasive liposuction methods:

  • Ultrasonic liposuction.
    This method uses ultrasound to melt the fat, which significantly helps in sucking out the fat and its passage through the tubes. It is most often used for liposuction of the neck, back, or the waist.
  • Laser liposuction.
    Liposuction with the help of lasers, in a similar way to ultrasound, melts fat layers, which are later sucked out by a tube. Because the fluid is sucked in both cases, not adipose tissue, the pressure on a certain part of the body is significantly lower, and the risks of bruising, bleeding, or inflammation are reduced.
  • Contactless liposuction (vanquish). This liposuction uses a special device that uses a high-frequency magnetic field to help remove excess fat. It is a multifunctional method, which can lose up to 4 lbs (2 kg) during the treatment completely without contact. The circumference decreases from 1″ to 3″ (2 to 8 cm) per treatment. Sounds really great, and so it is. Depending on how much excess you have, you can finish everything even with just one treatment.

What Are the Experiences and the Cost of Liposuction?

And now what interests you the most… Experiences with liposuction of people who have undergone this treatment. They are generally positive, although it is not surprising that sometimes, driven by a favorable cost or a false recommendation, some had problems due to insufficient professionalism or inexperience of the surgeon.

According to the impressions we managed to find on forums and portals, patients are most satisfied with laser liposuction, precisely because it is the least risky, as we have already explained because its application loses the least blood and creates the least bruises on the skin. You have to admit, this is a significant mitigating circumstance for the patient. The next most popular treatment after the laser is ultrasound liposuction, but it sometimes carries the risk of burns.

Be very careful when choosing a clinic or a doctor, because although it seems simple, liposuction should really be performed only by professionals. Be informed, and seek the maximum from your doctor. After all, you will pay a significant sum to look ideal!

If you are not careful when choosing, here is what can go wrong:

  • Subcutaneous blood clots, bruises, and subcutaneous hemorrhage can occur if compression bandages are not applied to the wound after surgery.
  • There is a risk of infection as with any other surgery.
  • Dehydration may occur if the patient does not get the infusion during the intervention.
  • Ultrasound liposuction can cause burns if the doctor is not careful enough.

In addition to the above things that can happen due to the negligence of the doctor, you need to know something else: recovery is not as simple as you might think.

As part of cosmetic surgery, it may sound like a not-too-complicated or risky procedure, but liposuction is an operation, and like any other, it should not be taken lightly or chosen without too much thought. According to the impressions and comments of people who have undergone liposuction treatments, these are the most common problems that occur in the postoperative period:

  • Pain
  • Problems with low blood pressure
  • High temperature

And finally, what interests us the most – the cost of liposuction. According to the information we found on the websites of several larger clinics and surgeries for aesthetic surgery, those are the average surgeon’s fees:

  • Abdominal liposuction: $2,500 to $8,000
  • Thighs & Knees liposuction: $2,500 to $6,500
  • Neck liposuction: $2,500 to $5,000
  • Back liposuction: $2,000 to $4,500
  • Arms liposuction: $2,500 to $5,500
  • Hips/Waist liposuction: $2,500 to $6,000

In addition to liposuction of individual regions on the body, liposuction of the whole body is also offered! For this extremely demanding and, we must mention, risky procedure, you have to set aside up to $20,000.

Although it sounds great to solve all the problems with fat layers at the same cost, liposuction of individual parts of the body is still considered much more effective.

Is There an Alternative Solution for Fat Layers or Cellulite?

Of course, this question is inevitable. Is there any other way that will not risk your health and will not make a hole in your wallet? You know how they say: the right path is always longer, and unfortunately, it is definitely harder. Real results require effort, perseverance, and a will of steel, but they do not endanger your health, on the contrary, they improve it, and finally – they do not leave scars.

It is equally important to know that if you are here because of cellulite, which unfortunately affects as many as 90% of women, liposuction cannot completely solve this problem. As we have already explained, this treatment is not intended for cellulite or stretch marks, but for the fatty tissue that is hidden under the skin.

To fight against persistent and, you will admit, extremely boring “orange peel”, more radical changes are needed, as well as a lot of knowledge. That’s right, knowledge – because in order to know what you’re fighting, you have to get to know the enemy well! In addition, you need to be persistent (at least approximately like cellulite), which means that regular care is the best friend of your skin. Pay attention to your appearance throughout the year, and not only when summer is already knocking on your door!

It is very important to emphasize that the most important part of the process of getting rid of orange peel actually lies in the anti-cellulite diet. A healthy diet is really worth more than all the aesthetic procedures in this world, because in addition to helping us fight against fat layers, excess weight, or cellulite – it really makes us feel good, it keeps us healthy and prolongs life, gives us more energy for daily activities and makes us smart consumers!

A healthy diet and proper physical activity are the natural path to smooth legs and healthy skin, which is ready for summer and the beach!

Fat layers, just like cellulite, require a radical change in lifestyle habits. When you think about it, it is really better and healthier to change bad habits than to undergo a liposuction procedure. Here are some groceries that will speed up your metabolism and make your body burn more calories. Yes, you CAN include these groceries in your diet to get rid of fat layers:

  • Whole grains, fiber – foods rich in fiber require the body to burn as much as TWICE more calories than we get when they break down!
  • Green tea – this powerful drink speeds up the metabolism for a shorter period of time, but it is very effective and proven successful in the fight against weight gain!
  • Hot peppers – hot peppers contain capsaicin, an active component that creates a burning sensation and pain on the tongue
  • Grapefruit – this superfood is highly recommended to be taken before a meal because it speeds up digestion. Some nutritionists recommend half a grapefruit each morning, for good results in the long run.
  • Water – a sacred ingredient for a healthy body!

Although natural ways to remove cellulite and fat can be much more effective and definitely more long-lasting, some of us will still opt for the liposuction method. The fact is that such a decision will save them time and a lot of nerves. Although you should try natural-based gels and creams first, exercise, and a changed diet – years of fighting fat layers can be very frustrating, and if liposuction is the step you need to get towards your perfect figure, then we also recommend it, and wish you luck during and after the treatment.


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