Electrostimulation of Muscles – Awesome Body Without Effort

Electrostimulation of Muscles – Awesome Body Without Effort

Electrostimulation of muscles is an increasingly popular treatment against cellulite because it helps to tighten the body without effort. You will find out how it works right now.

If you are one of those who darken at the mere mention of exercise, we are sure that you will like this: Exercise without fatigue!

Have you ever seen those commercials with a person sitting, watching TV, or reading a favorite online magazine, and a muscle stimulator doing all the job? Sounds very good and promising, right? Especially when you see that those muscles are really doing something. It is finished after a while, you take off the device and it’s great! The exercise is over, and you are not struggling to catch your breath and you do not part with your soul! After a couple of months, you look great! The body is tight, slim, there is no cellulite, and you didn’t lift a finger. Okay, maybe you did lift your finger, but that’s all!

Electrostimulation of muscles can be most simply described as just that – exercise without fatigue and effort.

And here’s a little more detail about what it does, how it works and whether electrostimulation against cellulite is really that powerful. Is this the anti cellulite treatment that will finally destroy it forever and that you have been waiting for so long?

What Is Electrostimulation?

To begin with, let us tell you that it is nothing new. It was used for sports training in the 50s of the last century, but today this method has found application in beauty salons as one of the ways to tighten the body. In that sense, it is a novelty!

The term itself undoubtedly lets you know that something is being stimulated here by electricity. And then the question inevitably arises, is it dangerous to go for this kind of treatment? Because you know from experience, everything that seems so promising usually also has negative sides.

Do not worry. Muscle electrical stimulation does not hurt. And here’s how it works.

The muscle electrostimulation device creates small electric shocks that stimulate motor neurons in the treated area to simultaneously contract and relax. In other words, muscle contractions are created similar to those when you exercise.

Is it as effective as exercise? Can you really tighten your thighs in this way and get rid of cellulite in a short time?

The claims go so far that the contractions created by electrostimulation of muscles can be up to 30% greater than the voluntary contractions caused by exercise. And thus the results are better!

Here’s why!

During voluntary exercise, the brain sends signals to the nerves used when muscle is relaxed and tightened. So, the brain controls this type of movement and the work of muscles and it is called voluntary muscle action.

What Is Electrostimulation

Muscle electrical stimulation uses external electrical sources to stimulate nerves that send signals to muscles to contract and relax. The brain, therefore, does not participate. This is how involuntary muscle action occurs. In other words – you are resting and your muscles are working hard!

Why is this better?

It is believed that in this way large nerve axons are stimulated, which otherwise cannot be stimulated when you exercise willingly. That is why the efficiency of this way of exercising is better, the tightening of the body is fast and noticeable, and cellulite is much less noticeable.

When you willingly tighten and relax the muscles, the body adapts by using red muscle fibers first. They are more energy efficient. Only later, white muscle fibers add their resistance. The reason lies in the fact that our body always tries to keep certain energy reserves. Because red muscle fibers wear out faster, white ones remain spared and cellulite breaks down more slowly.

Now, when it comes to muscle electrostimulation, this process of saving energy is bypassed and all muscle fibers are simultaneously engaged in contractions. In this way, better results are achieved.  

Now you are surely interested in what this treatment looks like in more detail and what you can expect when you undergo it!

So, let’s see!

How Is Electrostimulation of Muscles Performed?

To apply the treatment on your skin, you will need a muscle electrostimulation device (EMS device). If you do not have your own, it is best to undergo it in a beauty salon. These devices can be of different sizes and shapes, but the essence is the same and they work in a similar way. They have several electrodes that are attached to the skin in the form of pads and belts, to the part of the body that we want to tighten.

Muscle electrical stimulation is usually strongest in the negative pole, so that part of the pad should be on larger muscles. If anatomy is not your strong point, it is best to leave it to an expert who will know where to put it.

This is not just a possible option, but a recommendation. Attack cellulite in all ways if you want to get rid of it.

Electrostimulation of muscles was once advertised as a way to quickly and easily tighten muscles without exercise. 

Research has not really shown that it really gives the promised results in that field, but it turned out that it can be a great way to burn layers of subcutaneous fat. That is how the electrostimulation of muscles started to be applied in treatments against muscle cellulite.

And how is that done?

To make it a little clearer, let’s briefly explain what cellulite is.

There are various theories as to why it occurs, but whichever way you turn it, it comes down to the fact that cellulite is a subcutaneous fat tissue that is unevenly distributed under the skin. That’s why you have those lumps that give the appearance of orange peel.

If cellulite is softer and at an earlier stage, it is associated with water retention in the body and toxins. Then we talk about watery cellulite. If it is harder and more noticeable, it is mainly due to the long-term neglect of the problem, and then we are talking about fibrous cellulite. It is important to know what type of cellulite you have, so that you know which approach and what treatment to apply.

Electrostimulation of muscles acts directly on these fatty layers under the skin and, depending on the type of cellulite, can show great results and tighten the skin very quickly. The earlier the stage, the faster the results.

Since it can be used for different purposes, it is good to know that muscle stimulation devices can be different. So, there are special ones that are used against cellulite and mainly serve to remove cellulite from the legs and buttocks, where this problem the most frequently occurs.

This type of anti cellulite treatment is very effective because it reaches regions that are difficult to treat in any other way, such as anti cellulite exercises or similar. In this way, the elimination of toxins that are considered to be the cause of cellulite is accelerated and the circulation in the treated part of the body is improved. Better circulation also leads to better production of collagen, a protein that is extremely important if you want a strong, firm, and taut skin. Muscle movements also act on the subcutaneous adipose tissue and slowly break it down, and then cellulite begins to disappear.

Electrostimulation of muscles can quickly tighten the body without any exercise – the treatment lasts from 15-60 minutes, which all depends on the device used.

If your skin and thighs seem relaxed and flabby, and accompanied by watery cellulite, this is the right thing to do. You may not be able to get rid of your cellulite right away, but a tight look and less flabbiness will be obvious in no time.

Some muscle stimulators offer something similar to a massage. Anti cellulite massage can be performed in several ways. There is the manual one, and there are small vacuum cups for anti cellulite massage. Electrostimulation of muscles with special devices can also provide this experience or a combination of the two techniques. This is provided that you have an adequate device that works as follows: Rollers create symmetrical folds on the skin that work by reducing the viscosity of adipose tissue. Blood and lymph circulate better and it is easier to expel excess water from the body, speed up metabolism, and generally improve the appearance of the treated part of the skin.

Although studies have not proven that this is better than exercise, you will still like the result in the mirror!

Electrostimulation of Muscles Advantages

Besides the obvious advantage of successfully reducing the visibility of fat layers and toning the skin without lifting a finger, muscle electrostimulation is also good because of the following:

  • Improves blood circulation, especially in the superficial parts of the skin, but also lymph circulation and facilitates lymphatic drainage and expulsion of toxins from the body
  • It tightens muscles and skin
  • Decomposes adipose tissue and cellulite

Beauty salons also use it to eliminate wrinkles and tighten the face, as well as to lose weight and tighten the body.

With this type of treatment and tightening of the body, it is not only important to place the device and lie down, but also to place the electrodes in the right places. Only in that case, the electrical impulses act on special muscle groups that would otherwise be activated only after 45 minutes of active exercise. This is the advantage of electrostimulation over exercise.

Muscle Electrostimulation Experience

In the short term, electrostimulation of muscles gives excellent results, when we talk about body tightening and cellulite. However, these are not permanent effects. The treatment should be repeated because the muscles and skin will relax again very quickly.

To get rid of cellulite permanently, you will have to combine this treatment with a slightly more serious approach to the whole thing. Cellulite requires a lot of patience and time during the treatment.

The most important thing is to start taking care of what you eat. A balanced and varied diet without too much sugar and refined fats is the basis, but you should read in detail what the anti cellulite diet is and what the rules of the anti cellulite diet are.

Water is crucial! If you do not drink enough water, toxins will remain trapped in the body, will settle next to your fat cells, and cellulite will flourish. If you are serious about getting rid of it, drink anti-cellulite teas as well.

Muscle electrical stimulation results are not the same for everybody. They vary from person to person, and mostly depend on the life habits you live with every day.

This method was a real revelation for those who, despite all the advice against cellulite, failed to see any results. In some cases, neither rigorous exercise, nor dry brushing, nor cellulite coffee scrub help, but this method gives visible results.

It is always good to break down cellulite mechanically. Whether it will be an anti cellulite massage, electrical stimulation, or cavitation– it is up to you to choose what you like best.

Experiences with muscle electrostimulation also show that some people do not enjoy the treatment with electricity. It doesn’t hurt, but reluctant muscle activity isn’t exactly enjoyment either.

Why aren’t the results of the treatment permanent?

Until you change yourself and your habits, you will not lose cellulite! The body must be nurtured every day. If it were this easy, cellulite would not be a problem for 90% of women, right?

Muscle Electrostimulation Experience

Electrostimulation of Muscles Price

Prices vary considerably and when you look at the offers, pay close attention to whether it is a treatment that lasts half an hour or an hour or some other period of time.

For 60 minutes of treatment, we found prices ranging from $60 to $100.

On the online market, there are more and more offers for cheap EMC appliances for home use. If you have decided to try the electrostimulation of muscles, you should definitely try one of these devices because the price is very affordable.


This is not the best way to eliminate cellulite in our opinion primarily for this reason: it is not applicable to everyone. It is not done during pregnancy, in people with varicose veins and in women who have a built-in IUD. It is not recommended for use on the abdominal part (for example, for removing fat from the abdomen) during menstruation.

On the other hand, most natural anti cellulite creams are safe in these situations, especially if they provide a cooling effect.

In case of pregnancy or any illness, it is safest to ask your doctor for advice, no matter what you use.

The result of electrical stimulation can be seen after only 10 treatments, but it is not permanent and does not fight the very cause of the problem.

You should not have more than 3 treatments per week.  

Realistically, cellulite is not a problem of muscles, but of fat layers, and electrostimulation primarily affects the muscles. However, there is a shift because it tightens the skin and muscles so that cellulite is less visible. Better circulation and muscle movement also shake fat layers, so they are reduced, too. Only people who are not able to exercise should insist on this way of tightening the body. Without adequate nutrition, massage, cream, you have only done half the work. That is why muscle electrostimulation is combined with lymphatic drainage, creams, massages, etc.

With a combination of this method and the right diet, daily care creams, and massages, there is no chance that you will not be able to get rid of cellulite. If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked – this may be what you’ve been waiting for.


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