Cellulite Coffee Scrub – Can It Help?

Cellulite Coffee Scrub – Can It Help?

Women would do anything for beauty, and some of the ways may seem strange. Cellulite coffee scrub is one such treatment. Does it help and how is it used?

Coffee grounds are increasingly being mentioned as a natural anti-cellulite remedy that you can easily make at home.

You start in this order:

  • Get up in the morning and set the coffee pot for the traditional, black, Turkish coffee. Nes coffee and similar instant variants are not good solutions because you need coffee beans for these purposes.
  • Enjoy your first morning coffee, check your Facebook and Instagram accounts, e-mail, and browse our blog.
  • Read your fortune if you are inclined to believe that the coffee grounds can tell your future or it just entertains you and activates your imagination. Then pick up the residue and use it as a scrub against cellulite.
  • Take a quick shower with alternating cold and warm water to start circulation.
  • Start your day happy because you did a great thing for your beauty.

And is this really possible? Does cellulite coffee scrub give results and how does it work at all? Let’s find out.

How Does Coffee Work Against Cellulite?

The fact is that cellulite coffee scrub is a method that is increasingly recommended and its secret lies in the main ingredient of coffee – caffeine. It acts superficially by dilating blood vessels and tightening the tissue and surface of the skin. In addition, caffeine improves surface circulation and thus prevents water and toxins retention that can cause watery cellulite. There are also claims that it affects fat cells to start melting fat.

For all this to be feasible, caffeine should penetrate deep under the skin to the adipose tissue and should be present in sufficient concentration. Its use in many anti-cellulite creams and gels speaks for itself.

Either way, cellulite coffee scrub is a great natural method to get rid of lumps under the skin and you have to admit, it doesn’t smell so bad. Truth be told, many natural remedies do not have a great smell – for example, remedies made from garlic. This is therefore another argument in favor of this treatment.

How to Make a Cellulite Coffee Scrub?

The above scenario is just a rough picture. In fact, it is not far from the truth, but there are additives that will enrich your cellulite coffee scrub and make it easier to apply.

There are several variants you can make and none of them is complicated. All you have to do is check which one suits you best in terms of ingredients.

Cellulite Coffee Scrub With Coconut Oil

For this coffee treatment you need:

  • 1 cup ground coffee
  • 6 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons sea salt (if you don’t have it, you can use sugar – it’s great for the skin)

You need to mix the ingredients and that’s all. All you have to do is take a shower, apply your scrub in a circular motion, leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse.

If you have a brush for dry brushing of the skin, it is great for preparation because it removes dead cells from the skin and stimulates the work of lymph and blood vessels.

Cellulite Coffee Scrub With Olive Oil

Cellulite Coffee Scrub With Olive Oil

If you drink really strong coffee, then this is a good way to use coffee grounds to make cellulite coffee scrub. You need:

  • 1/4 cup coffee grounds
  • 3 tablespoons lukewarm water
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

Mix the coffee and water and let it stand for 10 minutes to combine into a paste-like form. Then add two tablespoons of olive oil to make the mixture easier to apply. Take a shower and apply it to critical areas. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Grapefruit-Scented Cellulite Coffee Scrub

If you are a fan of unusual mixtures (and if you are not, you will have a massage with this one, not eat it), try making a scrub from the following ingredients:

  • A cup of ground coffee
  • A cup of sea salt
  • Almond oil, amount necessary to make a paste
  • 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil

Castor oil is also great for breaking down fat, so you can replace almond oil with it.

Castor oil works best when slightly warmed and helps caffeine to penetrate the skin. For cellulite coffee scrub with castor oil, the best option is to use wraps.

How to Make Coffee Wraps Against Cellulite?

To bring caffeine and other antioxidant properties to the fore and for the removal of cellulite with coffee to make sense, it is necessary to keep this treatment on the skin for as long as possible. In that case, it is best to make a coffee wrap against cellulite.

You do not need a special recipe for this, use one of the above. The difference is that you need to apply this coating while it is still warm (but not hot). Wrap that part of the body in foil, then in a towel and leave it to act overnight. Rinse in the morning.

If you plan to put on coffee wraps like this, towels are impractical, so it is better to make strips of old terry cloth or sheet for that purpose.

How Effective Are These Methods?

There are many recommendations to try cellulite coffee scrub, but we cannot say that there are so many claims that this method is good. Experience shows that short-term results can be great because caffeine and massage stimulate circulation and the skin becomes tighter. However, this is not a way to get rid of cellulite forever.

Caffeine can help fight cellulite

Caffeine can help fight cellulite, but only if it is present in a certain concentration.

Studies have shown that treatments containing 7% caffeine can significantly reduce the visibility of cellulite. Fresh coffee seeds contain about 5%, and roasted and ground coffee, which we use for making coffee that we drink, contains only 0.81% of caffeine. Cellulite coffee scrub now doesn’t look like a powerful anti-cellulite preparation, does it?

Is It Worth Trying Cellulite Coffee Scrub?

Since the concentration of caffeine is insufficient, it turned out that you would need a lot of time and a lot of coffee for an effective coffee wrap. Estimates are about 5 pounds per treatment. If you add to that the price of the cheapest coffee on our market (not to mention the price of coconut oil) the calculation is clear – cellulite coffee scrub is not a cost-effective method and you are free to continue to throw away the coffee grounds.

Against cellulite, it is proven to be more effective and more cost-effective to use a good anti cellulite cream. They have a large amount of active ingredients, including caffeine.

Cellulite coffee scrub, however, has its advantages. In the short term, it will be able to stimulate the surface circulation and tighten the tissue, so cellulite will become less visible as a result of that change. In some emergencies, it may be your secret trick for tighter skin.


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