Benefits of Breast Massage – Best Way to Do It

Benefits of Breast Massage - Best Way to Do It

Did you know that breast massage is one of the ways to enlarge them! Find out what it’s all about and how to make your breasts firmer, more beautiful, and bigger!

Many women today are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of their breasts, and in fact, the improvement is simpler than you thought – you need a breast massage! With diet regulation and a little exercise, a good natural cream, more and more ladies are opting for this natural method rather than the silicone breast implants.

Effective breast massage

Let’s be honest, we all love good massages: whether it’s just those for relaxation, which relax our body and muscles after a hard day, or those that specialize in solving a problem on our body or face.

We have already written about the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage, as well as about preventive massage against wrinkles and dark circles under eyes – the so-called zogan massage.

This time, we will introduce you to the benefits of breast massage and we will instruct you in detail how to do it so that you can perform it yourself at home. In short, we will give you an insight into how to massage your breasts.

Effective breast massage

If you are one of those lucky ones who can boast of a lush bust, it is even easier for you: with a few tricks and the introduction of breast massage, you will easily and naturally strengthen your breasts. In principle, the best combination for you is a good diet, light exercises, and massage with some natural preparation for breast growth.

What do we mean when we say good nutrition? First, certain foods for breast growth that you need to introduce (or increase your intake) in your menu.

Eat fish and soy products because they increase the level of estrogen in the body, which affects breast enlargement.

The most effective light and short exercise for firming the breast is this: Press your palms at chest height, hold for 5 seconds, and repeat this 10 times.

Simple and easy, right? And it gives results. And here’s another simple trick:

Breast massage with water

You will do this massage while you are in the shower. You will improve circulation by using hot and cold water alternately and then perform a gentle scrub. After showering, massage your breasts with some lotion.

Namely, a strong jet of water refreshes and tightens the breasts. And how to massage the breasts this way? All you have to do is move a jet of water from the middle of your chest to your armpits and that would be all.

How does breast massage work?

As we have already said, massaging the breasts stimulates circulation, which is very important.

It should also be noted that this is a medically recommended method for increasing them. This is not only useful to increase breast size naturally but also has health benefits.

According to some research, it has been concluded that light squeezing of breast tissue prevents further development of malignant cells.

It is important to start nursing on time: after the age of 35 or after childbirth. This means  that, even if you are in your twenties, girls, do not hesitate to try some of these exercises that we will describe – it will not hurt at all, nor is it too early.

Breast massage affects us in many ways: it relaxes, prevents possible diseases, improves circulation, strengthens, and enlarges our breasts

How to massage the breasts?

How to massage the breasts?

In the following text, learn in detail the procedure of breast massage. You can do this alone or someone else can do it instead of you. You can practice the exercise while sitting or lying down; movements should be gentle.

Before the massage itself, it is important to activate and prepare the lymph nodes, i.e. to achieve that they “open” and thus relax, because that will lead to a better result of the massage itself. And here’s what a step-by-step breast massage should look like:

Lymph node activation

  • Connect the index finger and middle finger on both hands and place them at the collarbone. Circle with your fingers: with your right hand clockwise, and with your left hand counterclockwise. And repeat this 15 times.
  • Start the massage under the ears and using both hands, pull them towards the neck all the way to the indentation of the collarbone. Repeat this 15 times.
  • Raise one arm and stimulate the axillary lymph node by massaging the armpit with a flat palm, circular movements upwards, also 15 times. Then repeat all this on the other hand.

When you have done this you are ready for a breast massage.

Breast massage

Breast massage

  • Place your hands above and below one breast; cross the upper part of the breast with the upper hand and end up on the armpit, do the same with the lower arm.
  • Then repeat the massage to stimulate the axillary lymph node. Massage the armpit in a circular motion as described above.

Massage for a minute or a little longer. Repeat on the other breast.

Pay special attention to the upper part, because 50% of tumors occur there.

  • Place the edge of the palm on the collarbone and push down, towards the armpit, to go all over the breast. Let it last for a minute as well, then repeat on another.

This is roughly what a breast enlargement massage looks like. Be persistent and the results will not be missed.

Breast massage creams

Breast enlargement with massage will be even more effective if you use some cream or oil during the massage.

If you use a cream, be sure to follow the instructions on how to use it (for example, apply it at the same time every day).

A herbal cream or gel is a great supplement that helps to increase breasts with a massage, because together they will give you efficiency and you will achieve better and faster the desired results. And they are healthier than taking hormones.

So, when you apply the cream, massage your breasts as this allows for better absorption and improves circulation. Massage with your fingertips for at least 5 minutes; movements should be gentle and light, from bottom to top.

You can also massage the breasts and the area above them (every 15 days if you belong to the group that needs to take more care of the appearance of your breasts) with a mask based on collagen and elastin. Let it stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Breast massage oil will also be great. Olive oil is great for skin care because it gives the skin elasticity, as well as almond oil or burdock oil. Your grip should be gentle but firm; downward movements; massage the nipples and the surrounding area at the same time.

Good nutrition + gymnastics with massage = perfect breasts

In this section, we will reveal a few tricks in exercise that you can apply and additionally tighten and enlarge your breasts.

Gymnastics and exercises

When it comes to gymnastics, do it every day and 10 minutes is enough.

Chest exercises do not have to be complicated. For example, sit cross-legged, arms raised at shoulder height; intertwine your hands and place them on your shoulders, and move your arms towards your body. Repeat this relatively quickly, some 30-40 times.

Also, swimming is great for shaping the breasts. In addition, yoga and pilates are also good.

If you go to the gym, hand devices will also help you strengthen your breasts and make them firmer, more elevated, and bigger.

At home, you can do push-ups and squats with a chair.

Diet that accompanies breast massage

If we are talking about a specific diet, foods rich in estrogen are recommended for breast growth. In short, estrogen is a female sex hormone whose high level leads to an increase in breast tissue. On the other hand, we have testosterone, which is a male hormone that suppresses the action of estrogen.

When we connect this with the diet, you should avoid foods rich in carbohydrates (chips, biscuits, white rice, pastries), and eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables (be sure to include blueberries and strawberries), cereals, soy, flax, beans, carrot, eggplant, tomato, and pumpkin.

Today, there are also natural tablets with herbal supplements based on estrogen, so that is one of the options, as a dietary supplement.

What you may not have known, and it is certainly useful to know, is that there are certain herbs that increase breast size:

Herbs that increase breast size
  • Fenugreek – This is definitely the most popular herb used for natural breast enlargement because it is rich in diosgenin which stimulates the growth of breast tissue and has a hormone-like effect;
  • Wild yam – This plant is known to expand the tissues in a woman’s breasts, so they enlarge
  • Fennel – It has the same purpose as fenugreek, and it is interesting because fennel was used for centuries for various things, including improving the appearance of the breasts. 

When we summarize everything, we come to the conclusion that breast massage for their growth is definitely the healthiest, very effective, and most important, medically recommended method.

With a little technique when you perfect your massage movements, you will naturally strengthen, enlarge, and beautify your breasts.

And if you add to that a little exercise and eating a couple of foods in slightly larger quantities, you will reach your goal even faster, and all this, you will admit, is better than silicone breast implants, because the natural method is always better.


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