How Effective Is Anti Cellulite Massage?

How Effective Is Anti Cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage is one of the methods of cellulite elimination. And how effective is it? Can it deal with this problem, or do we expect too much from it?

The story of cellulite and its removal is always a current topic. It is said that 90% of women have this problem. Certainly, no one is happy to have it, and most of them are intensively searching for a solution. The range of solutions includes anti-cellulite creams, teas, and of course anti cellulite massage.

Anti cellulite massage seems like a logical solution because we try to crush and break down ugly lumps under our skin with our fingers and hands.

Some people compare cellulite to orange peel, but it may be better to compare it to an under kneaded dough. When you knead the dough well and break down the lumps, it becomes smooth, right? We expect the same effects on our skin, but we are not actually made of flour. The goal of this treatment is to break down subcutaneous fat layers in the treated area.

Can anti cellulite massage really help in the fight against cellulite?

Yes, it can, but only if it is combined with a good anti cellulite gel. The active ingredients of such products accelerate the process of breaking down fat layers and the results are excellent.

A Few Words About the Cause of Cellulite

There are misconceptions that cellulite is just a female problem and that it starts at a certain age. The truth is that even babies have cellulite, as well as men. The only difference is that neither of them makes a big problem out of it. Women are prone to beautification and the sight of cellulite on the thighs does not make them admire themselves and feel beautiful. And, to tell the truth, cellulite is not really an eye-catching sight.

What is it and how is cellulite formed?

It is a layer of fatty tissue that is located just below the skin surface between the fibrous fibers that connect the muscles and the skin. Cellulite most often appears on the legs and thighs, buttocks, and abdomen because we have the most fat layers there. Unhealthy lifestyle contributes to its appearance, primarily poor nutrition and lack of physical activity, as well as insufficient intake of liquid into the body.

Excess weight is often mentioned as a cause of celluliteObesity and cellulite, of course, go hand in hand, but skinny people can also have it, provided they are not anorexic (who are literally nothing but skin and bones) or professional bodybuilders (who are a combination of muscle and skin). In that case, in addition to anti cellulite massage, an anti-cellulite diet should also be applied.

Anti Cellulite Massage Benefits

Massage of cellulite is a great way to break it down, and it is especially important when you have very conspicuous cellulite that forms large lumps on your body.

There are 3 stages of cellulite – from the one that is visible only when you squeeze the skin with your fingers, such as watery cellulite, to the one that is visible to the naked eye and hard to the touch, which is called fibrous cellulite.

The appearance of cellulite is also influenced by genetics, and if you are a woman, cellulite on your thighs is almost guaranteed. Unlike men, women have the most fat layers in the area of buttocks and thighs, but also have much thinner skin under which cellulite is much easier to notice.

Cellulite might not be so terrible if the fat tissue was evenly distributed under the skin looking smooth. And this is exactly what an anti cellulite massage can help with.

Anti cellulite massage is one of the effective ways to get rid of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

And what does this kind of massage mean?

Unlike a regular massage with a hand massager, this is a rather aggressive method and it is very likely that you will not really enjoy it nor think that it is the best thing against cellulite.

However, other methods can be even more painful! Such is, for example, the treatment of cellulite with injections, similar to the one done on the face to reduce wrinkles – mesotherapy for cellulite. We can’t skip liposuction either, which may be the fastest way to get rid of all forms of fat layers, but it also implies the greatest risk.

Anti Cellulite Massage Results

Anti Cellulite Massage Results

Anti cellulite massage is effective when it is done by a professional who knows what he/she is doing. This method helps to separate the fat tissue from the skin and to distribute it evenly, so cellulite becomes less visible.

Anti cellulite massage directly affects the surface of the skin and stimulates circulation.

This makes the skin tighter, gets more nutrients from the blood, restores collagen, which affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin, but also removes toxins trapped in the form of cellulite through the skin. That is why the results of massage are good, especially when combined with adequate nutrition, use of anti cellulite cream, and anti cellulite exercises. 

And are the results immediately visible?

Don’t be fooled that going to one treatment will solve your problem. Find out right away where anti cellulite massage treatments are on sale and take at least 10 therapies. Only then will you see the results!

Anti Cellulite Massage With Lymphatic Drainage

Besides fat layers, cellulite also contains toxins trapped in the body, and it is important to eliminate them. The lymphatic system is responsible for filtering those toxins in our body. If it is at a standstill, it should be started. That is why anti cellulite massage with lymphatic drainage is what you need.

A simple massage will break down cellulite. With lymphatic drainage, toxins will leave the body faster and more efficiently.

This is a method that boosts the function of the lymphatic system and it is very important that it is done in the right way, with the right intensity and in the right direction – the direction of lymph flow through the lymphatic system. That is why the movements in this massage move from the bottom to the top.

These moves are part of an anti cellulite massage:

  • First phase: the skin is warmed up with light movements for a few minutes so that the anti cellulite massage would not be painful, and this is the first phase  
  • Second phase: after that, pinching and pressing is applied in order to act on the layers below the surface of the skin. This breaks down cellulite and makes it easier to get rid of it from the body.
  • The last phase: It ends with light long movements from the knee upwards, towards the heart, and their purpose is to enable the excretion of toxins.

In order to help the process of breaking down fat tissue and expelling toxins, it is very important that you take in a lot of water after the treatment, and anti-cellulite teas are also good.

One such massage is certainly not magical and the effects are not long-lasting, especially if you do not change some habits in your life.

Anti Cellulite Massage at Home

Bearing in mind that for visible results you need to set aside money for 10 treatments, you are surely wondering if you can do an anti cellulite massage at home. At first glance, it seems impossible to massage body parts that are behind you, but it is not. Fighting cellulite at home really makes sense. You can do this in a standing or sitting position. However, you should keep in mind that you need to know what to do and what moves to apply.

Anti cellulite massage is something you can do while taking a shower, or even better, right after it when the pores are open and the skin is warm. A cellulite massager can be very useful, and read how dry brushing is done. It could be useful for you!

If you are willing to try an anti cellulite massage at home, here’s how to do it:

  • Preparation – apply some massage oil on the body to help the movements go smoothly. Gently massage the thighs with the whole palms, starting from the knees and upwards. Choose some of the anti cellulite oils.
  • Massage with your hands and fingers is the next step and you do it literally the way you knead the dough. You grab larger areas of skin and knead with your whole hand, while you grab and knead smaller areas only with your fingers. This lifts cellulite and toxins and facilitates their breakdown.
  • Massage with fists in various directions is a move that allows you to break down lumps of cellulite. Point your fists at each other and crush that cellulite between them.
  •  “S” massage, which means that you grasp one longitudinal part of the skin surface with the fingers of both hands and try to make the letter “S” out of it. So use one hand you bend that surface to one side and the other hand to the other side.
  • A relaxing massage is done with the whole palms and then you literally press the surface you massaged in a way you squeeze a wet towel.
  • The finish is the same as the preparation. Massage the thighs with the whole palms, making long and light movements from the bottom up.

In order to get an effect of anti cellulite massage at home, it must be part of your routine and you must do it often.

Keep in mind: Pinching, massaging and wasting energy around cellulite is in vain if you continue with bad habits that favor its development.

Anti Cellulite Massage With a Massager

To tell the truth, doing this every day can be painful for your hands. That is why there are various types of massagers that can make this job easier for you. Homemade variants mostly include small tools with round spikes, and sometimes the creams themselves have an applicator in the form of a massager. In addition to thorns, there are also rollers of various types, and you can also find vacuum cups that have the function of breaking down cellulite.

Massagers in beauty salons can be different, but mostly they are some special devices using waves, ultrasound, or making changes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and breaking down cellulite in some other way. For example, read how cavitation works.

Compared to the classic anti cellulite hand massage, these devices are an extremely pleasant experience.

Anti Cellulite Massage Rollers

A real hit lately especially worth mentioning is the anti cellulite massage with the use of rollers! Anti cellulite massage rollers are not ordinary, kitchen rolling pins, but specially designed rollers with an uneven surface. Anti cellulite massage with rollers is a treatment that originates from Colombia and is also called Wood therapy.

Here, too, it is very important that the massage is done by professionals so that you do not have bruises.

Anti Cellulite Massage Experiences and Price

Experiences with anti cellulite massage are diverse. Some women claim that it does not work at all, and some claim to have noticed that their skin is smooth immediately after it and that the thighs are a few centimeters smaller in volume. What we noticed is that the rolling massage is very popular, much more than the classic hand massages.

The price of one anti cellulite massage in the salon is on average $50 to $150, but one treatment will not help you. You need at least 10! Of course, the price depends on the location and the number of treatments. There are always salons that offer some special offers. Our advice is to type “anti cellulite massage discounts” and your city into Google and check what will turn up and if there is anything currently offered. If there is – don’t miss it!

Are you planning a summer vacation and a great look in a bikini? Then plan on time and include anti cellulite massage in your plans, because experience shows that you will not get rid of cellulite overnight.

However, in both cases, we encountered the following concerns:

Anti Cellulite Massage and Bruises

Anti Cellulite Massage and Bruises

Looking for experiences with anti cellulite massage on forums, we found that women agree that this kind of therapy can be painful, and many of them claim to have come out of the salon with bruises. That is why it is very important that this massage is done by a professional. Not every type of cellulite requires the same approach nor the same pressure! That needs to be assessed first! Doing anti cellulite massage at home is another thing. You’ll never do something to yourself that hurts you too much, will you? 

Anti cellulite massage is  good, but not the most effective method of fighting cellulite, especially if it causes bruises. The result of such anti cellulite treatment is the same again – you can’t expose your skin and you have to hide something, and it doesn’t matter if it is cellulite or bruises.

In addition to this concern, the following question often arises:

Is Anti Cellulite Massage Allowed During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time of great changes, and changes in the appearance of the skin are the most common ones. Many women develop cellulite during this period and want to get rid of it. So, is anti cellulite massage desirable in pregnancy?

Definitely not!

As we have said, this massage releases both fat layers and toxins trapped in the body and they then go into the bloodstream. That way, they can reach the fetus, which is not recommended. For the same reasons, it is not advisable to fight cellulite when breastfeeding a baby. You can exercise and eat healthy food, but avoid the massages. Anti cellulite massage is not recommended especially in the first trimester when a woman’s body is still adjusting to the new situation.

Anti cellulite stomach massage is especially not recommended during this period. Also, it is generally not recommended to do this type of massage during the menstrual cycle.

Anti cellulite stomach massage is not the best solution for this problem. An anti cellulite diet and a change of habits are the best solutions to this problem.

What Is Best Against Cellulite?

If you keep in mind that you can come out of the salon in bruises, that unprofessional anti cellulite massage hurts and you need to pay for several treatments to get the results, it is certainly not something you can consider the best solution against cellulite.

Products in the form of gels and creams against cellulite are the best but also the cheapest solution that you can apply at home, with an adequate massage.

In order for an anti cellulite cream to be effective enough, it must contain active ingredients that promote surface circulation and enable the breakdown of fat layers. Unlike touching and pinching, anti cellulite cream and gel (or their active ingredients) can penetrate below the surface of the skin and thus directly affect fat layers.

You must have come across various anti cellulite creams and gels by now. Some have ivy as an active ingredient, others chestnut, and the third coffee. Moreover, cellulite coffee scrub is a method that is often mentioned as a natural solution to this problem.

And which of these ingredients is the best against cellulite?

Each of them acts in its own way and each of us reacts differently to certain ingredients. The best anti cellulite product is the one that combines all these natural ingredients in one product. These are ivy, chestnut, arnica, oak bark, and coffee.

You should not use this during pregnancy and breastfeeding either.

Another reason why anti cellulite gel is better than anti cellulite massage is its price. One massage treatment won’t be effective and you need a real small fortune to get rid of cellulite that way. On the other hand, you can apply anti cellulite gel several times, and again it will not cost you that much, but significantly less. In fact, for the price of a complete anti cellulite massage treatment (and depending on the stage of cellulite, you may need 15 to as many as 40 treatments), you have an anti cellulite gel treatment for several months!  That means you are protected from it for a longer period of time.

The best solution against cellulite is to get a good anti cellulite gel and combine it with anti cellulite massage at home.

Let’s be realistic – simple applying some anti-cellulite cream or gel on the skin surface will not be very helpful, but if you rub the product under the skin surface, the results will be visible. Unlike the cream, the gel is easier to absorb under the skin, and its structure allows the hands to glide more easily over the skin during the massage. In addition, in this way you hydrate the skin, prevent its “cracking” and the formation of stretch marks. If you want to get a good and useful combination and get rid of cellulite, then combine gel and anti-cellulite massage at home.

Besides massage, there are other methods of fighting cellulite, such as ultrasonic waves or laser treatments, and their disadvantage is the high price.

No matter how much you pay for these treatments, they will not permanently get you rid of cellulite. It will come back again when you create the conditions for that.

Cellulite is a natural condition that almost all women suffer from, but it is unlikely that it will soon be declared a symbol of beauty.

It is best for cellulite to accept that there is no magic and that you need a good daily skin care, just as you need a regular hair or face care.  

In addition to anti cellulite massage, apply preventive measures:

  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes because they poison your lymphatic system, which then struggles to fight toxins
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and less fried and processed foods full of harmful additives, artificial colors and other things that accumulate in your body as toxins
  • Drink enough water
  • Be active, take care of your body weight, and find a good diet and exercise program.

For this, you do not need an expensive and painful anti cellulite massage in the salon. Just have 10 minutes of time for yourself!


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