Astonishing Vacuum Massage Therapy Against Cellulite

Astonishing Vacuum Massage Therapy Against Cellulite

They say that vacuum massage is the best and most effective way to get rid of cellulite! Is it? We will reveal to you what it is about and how this massage differs from the others.

Why all the fuss and effort about cellulite? How many times have you heard those claims that men don’t notice it at all?

But let’s let their opinion go – we women know it’s there and it’s totally unattractive. And we don’t really care that they don’t see it, even more that it is said almost all women have it and that those who don’t are female specimens on the verge of extinction. It bothers us!

Only one temporary pimple on the forehead can shake up self-confidence, let alone a whole layer of fat on the thighs, legs, and buttocks.

Probably the main means of reducing cellulite is massage. It is logical that we want to somehow smooth out the unevenness on our skin by kneading and massaging.

For this reason, there are several types of anti cellulite massages and several different cellulite massagers. Most of them knead and press the tissue in order to break down fat layers.

However, vacuum massage is somewhat different because of its approach to the problem!

What Exactly Is a Vacuum Massage?

Unlike other types of massage, vacuum massage does not involve pressing cellulite but pulling it towards the surface.

Vacuum massage therapy against cellulite can be performed with special devices in beauty salons, and we call them LPG treatment.

However, there are also hand massagers with vacuum and vacuum cups that are practical, simple, and with which it is possible to do such a massage at home. We will stick to this type of anti cellulite treatment this time.

First of all, let’s see what is the point of vacuum treatment and why is it effective against cellulite?

Roughly, the point is in the cause itself. Cellulite is not only a consequence of obesity, as it is also present in women who do not have excess fat layers. We can say that their problem then is in the deformed structure of the subcutaneous connective tissue.

This usually happens due to poor circulation, and the culprit is an inactive lifestyle and too much sitting (cellulite on the thighs and buttocks). Another reason for this deformation is the diet and the accumulation of fat layers and toxins.

All this together causes swelling of the connective tissue and deformation in the form of cellulite.

Cellulite leads to the formation of adipocytes and clusters. The simplest explanation is that it is a group of fat cells bound together. The size of these cell groups also determines the size of the cellulite lumps you will have.

As long as they stick together, it is difficult to eliminate cellulite. Vacuum massage has exactly that role – to break these connections between fat cells. They are then ready to be expelled from the body. In fact, by reducing them, the skin will look much better.

There is another argument in favor of vacuum massage against cellulite. Fibroblasts in the subcutaneous layer are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. This stimulation of the subcutaneous tissue and deep massage additionally stimulate their activity. It also means stronger, firmer and toned skin.

How Does a Vacuum Massage Work?

The vacuum sucks in the part of the skin under the cup and draws those deeper layers of fat and cellulite towards the surface of the skin. At the same time, there is an increase in the activity of capillaries and it improves blood supply and surface circulation.

We have already said that cellulite is often a problem of circulatory arrest (of both blood and lymph). As a result, the skin on the surface does not receive enough nutrients and becomes less elastic.

Also, the lymphatic system does not remove toxins and waste retained in the body as it should. The role of vacuum massage against cellulite becomes clear – it stimulates the work of the lymphatic system and vertical circulation, and that leads to a better blood supply in those parts of the body.

The connective tissue then becomes more elastic, the skin is toned and tightened. Adipocytes and clusters are damaged, disintegrated and their elimination finally becomes feasible!

By the way, this type of vacuum massage therapy is nothing new, only its application in the fight against cellulite is new. Cupping or hijama has been known in Eastern medicine for centuries, but it is applied in a different way.

Most often, glass vessels that create a vacuum are placed on the back and heated to pull in the skin. Later, round seals remain in those places (similar to a love bite on your neck).

The color of these traces on the skin says a lot about the condition of the organism. Light red color indicates healthy circulation, while dark purple or blue color indicates stagnation of lymph and blood flow. These bruises disappear after a couple of weeks.

But don’t be afraid! Vacuum cellulite massage only originates from this method, but it does not have such drastic consequences if used properly.

If something similar happens without the intensive massage of that part of the body, treat that area additionally, because it indicates stagnation of blood and lymph and means that it really needs stimulation.

What Do Vacuum Massagers Look Like?

There are simpler and more complicated models.

Vacuum massagers used to fight cellulite at home are small, silicone cups that create a vacuum when used and pull the skin inside the cup. They do not require electricity or batteries – they work manually. They are called suction cups.

The sale of vacuum massagers of this type is done over the Internet, so you can find more information there. The price of such a manual vacuum massager is around $15 on average.

Slightly more complicated vacuum massagers are those that are powered by batteries or electricity. Those massagers are also manual. These are small devices that are easy to handle and fit in one hand.

Their disadvantage is that, unlike vacuum suction cups, they are not completely safe for use during the shower. The price of such vacuum massagers is around $30.

And also there is this!

Vacuum Therapy Bags Against Cellulite

When it comes to vacuum bags against cellulite, then it is a hit treatment called Vacuum body 65. The treatment is a modernized version of the slimming foil.

This kind of vacuum cellulite treatment gives great results that are immediately visible. However, the entire treatment is a bit more expensive and is mostly done professionally in salons and is not easy to apply at home.

How does Vacuum body 65 work?

The treatment itself consists of anti cellulite gel, anti cellulite oil, and a vacuum slimming bag. It takes about an hour. It starts with measuring the circumference of the body (those problematic parts where there is the most fat and which are targeted by the treatment) and measuring body weight.

After that, anti cellulite cream is applied and the body is packed in a  vacuum bag from which air is extracted. This way you stay wrapped for 45 minutes. After that, an anti cellulite oil massage is performed.

The results are fantastic, but not eternal! For a permanent solution, you need some permanent changes. This treatment stimulates the expulsion of liquids from the body.

How to Perform a Vacuum Massage Against Cellulite With Suction Cups?

It is best to do the massage with vacuum cups on wet skin. Therefore, first apply some anti cellulite massage oil or soap. It is ideal if you have an anti cellulite gel that is rich in ingredients that promote lipolysis because in that way you improve the result.

After applying the base, you start “vacuuming”. The cups are generally designed so that as soon as they rest on the skin, they do their job and pull in the part of the skin that is under them.

Since the skin is lubricated, the massager will slide smoothly over it without losing contact, constantly pulling in the part of the skin that is under it – similar to pulling the vacuum cleaner over the surface you are cleaning.

In this way, deformed connective tissue cells are broken down, fat layers are pulled towards the surface, circulation is improved and fat layers are broken down – the process of lipolysis. You can also get the treatment with this name in beauty salons.

How to Perform a Vacuum Massage Against Cellulite With Suction Cups

There are two basic rules that must be followed when performing a vacuum massage:

  • do not use a vacuum massager on dry skin.
  • do not suffer pain, because it should not hurt. Find the level of pressure you like.

When removing cellulite with a vacuum, three basic movements are used: Each is repeated at least 5 times:

  • rectilinear (when, say, you pull a cup along your leg)
  • circular (when making small circular movements on the leg with a cup)
  • zigzag (when you go up and down with a massager in short movements along the leg).

This video will make it clearer to you:

The Results of Anti Cellulite Vacuum Massage – What and When Can You Expect?

One treatment will certainly make both blood and lymph move, but it is not enough to break down large fat layers of cellulite. In other words, if you expect quick results after the first treatment, you are on the wrong path and in a great delusion. Cavitation won’t give you that either.

If you are looking for quick solutions, you should know that you will see them first after liposuction, but the treatment is painful and carries many risks. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons.

As for vacuum massage against cellulite, one study showed the following results after 6 weeks:

  • About 85% of the participants in that study noticed  that cellulite is less visible.
  • 72% of participants even noticed the effect of weight loss.

In order to achieve such results, it is necessary to do the vacuum massage treatment regularly. The recommendation is at least 3 times a week, or you can do it every day while taking a shower. 10 minutes a day will be enough.  

After a month and a half, your cellulite will be drastically reduced. You may notice this sooner, but you can easily attribute it to your desires.

An anti cellulite gel as a supplement to this therapy is more than desirable and in combination with this massage it gives stunning results.

After 6 weeks, you will make sure because it will be really, really visible. And if you really want some confirmation, take a photo before and after the treatment and then compare.

Vacuum Massage Experience

As we have said, vacuum massage against cellulite does not bring immediate results. You need to do it at least 3 times a week and be persistent. Make it a routine. It can take up to 14 weeks to achieve the desired results. That is why we recommend that you add some anti cellulite gel.

The advantage of this massage is that it is not a drastic treatment for which you need a day off or even a vacation! Liposuction, for example, requires you to follow some strict rules in order to recover and to keep the results of such an expensive and invasive treatment visible.

After the vacuum massage, you can continue with your normal daily activities.

Not only do you not need to rest strictly, but it is recommended that you exercise. Damaged fat cells need 24-48 hours to heal. The point is that the liquid, fat, toxins and ions extracted to the surface by vacuum massage are expelled from the body. Otherwise, the fat cells will reabsorb them!

To get rid of them, the best channels are the venous and lymphatic systems, as well as burning fat through exercise. So, if you want faster results, get active and try anti cellulite exercises.

Vacuum Massage Experience

Certainly, experience shows that the best results are when you follow an anti cellulite diet because you do not overwhelm your body with toxins and do yourself a disservice. Water is also very important because it accelerates the elimination of toxins, and our recommendation is to try anti cellulite teas! You will be delighted!

Experience with vacuum massage shows that too rough application of the vacuum cup can leave traces on the skin, such as redness or bruising.

That is not the rule, nor should it be. Find the level of pressure that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Best of all, these massagers do not require batteries, they are not big or complicated and you can easily pack them in a bag and carry them with you on the trip.

As always when we talk about cellulite, we will emphasize once again – be persistent and attack the problem from all sides. A good vacuum massage + anti cellulite gel can be your winning combination. With physical activity and proper nutrition, you will not fail. No, that’s not superfluous! That’s exactly what caused your cellulite!

Well, give it a try!


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